Aaliyah’s Family Vows To Block Production Of Lifetime Movie

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via TMZ:
Aaliyah’s family is on the attack against “Lifetime” … vowing to stop production on her biopic.

Lifetime plans to start filming this summer … chronicling the R&B singer’s life and tragic death. 17-year-old Disney actress Zendaya has been cast as Aaliyah — who died in 2001 in a plane crash.

Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, tells us the family is pissed that no one from the network contacted them about the movie.

Hankerson says the family will block any attempt on Lifetime’s part to use any of Aaliyah’s music. He says the family has hired a lawyer and will do everything they can to block release of the flick.

The family is not opposed to a big, theatrical film, but thinks a TV movie is too small for someone as big as Aaliyah.

We called Lifetime … so far no response.

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  • kj519

    No offense but that was bad casting to have her play Aaliyah when Aaliyah was a woman of color it just shows how they think black people aren’t good enough to play themselves. Smh.

    • lexy

      The girl is half black.

      • kj519

        Was aaliyah half black, no.

        • a black man

          She’s still black, regardless of being half black or all the way. Get over it.

          • kj519

            Still my opinion and shes half black, so you get over it.

            • kj519

              And I could really care less I don’t know either one of them.

    • SweetPea

      I agree. It don’t matter what Zendaya is mixed with. She looks nothing like Aaliyah. NOTHING. Lolita Price is a split image and has acting skills. She don’t even need make up and extra facial adaptions. So to pick Zendaya over her….i’m not even mad the family wants to cancel the movie. Ppl vote Zendaya bc they like her but point is she is not fit for the role. The movie was about a black woman so a black woman needs to play the role. Not a white-skinned person. How would ppl feel if Nicki Minaj played Marilyn Monroe in a movie?

  • senorita693

    I think they cast the wrong person to play her.. It should have been Isa Jallow or Lolita Price playing Aaliyah, both of them look just like her..

  • Shebrow

    Shaliah Holleman can play the young Aaliyah and she is 15 years old, turning 16 in July… on Instagram msliapaige

  • forklift jones

    I don’t even know why she’s getting a movie. :-/

    • pumkinheadfunfan

      So why are you here?

  • nanas

    She was not that big calm down

    • pumkinheadfunfan

      You’re an idiot. She was a very popular singer, who died a tragic death. Google is your friend

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