Is Apollo Nida Cheating On Phaedra Parks?

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Another day another piece of gossip, this time the cuddly, lovely felon Apollo Nida husband of entertainment lawyer and star of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta has allegedly been cheating on his wife at the illustrious Holiday Inn.

Via Rhymes With Snitch:

Hi, ..I am a 20yr.old college student and I was in town on leisure travel when I meet no other than (Apollo Nida) on Oct. 24,2012. In addition, he had just made his way back in town from LA from a modeling job. We meet at Twist resturant on Peachtree st. We began talkin and had a few drinks, then we decided to get a hotel an relax, but on the way to the hotel Apollo told me we was unhappyly married. I asked him why he didnt have on his ring but he informed me that him and his wife was separated and was very unhappy in the relationship. So by the end of the night we ended up at the Holiday Inn hotel, and enjoyed a night of hot passion, but adultery to most.
p.s I have also attached a copy of the receipt …

Of course this is all gossip. I do have a few comments. This of course cannot be validated. What college is this young woman going to that her English is so bad? Is Apollo that stupid to allow the young lady to keep the receipt and while Phaedra is pregnant? Remember this is gossip, probably to drum up ratings for Phaedra’s new reality show “Rich People’s Problems“.

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  • Stupid to leave a paper trail . You can tell they have issues but it still sad 2 children. come on Apollo I hope this isn’t true. Seems fishy really


  • kj

    Next…the way computers are and why would she have the receipt??most cheaters pay cash so there is no paper trail on the cc….

  • Racists not welcome.

    Looks and sounds like a bunch of wishful thinking and garbage to me.

  • fashioneris

    why would you sleep with someone after a few hours of knowing them. ewww

  • someprettybrowneyes

    I work for holiday inn and that is one of our receipts.

    • Denise

      Question is was Apollo there with this so called college student. I’m sure the receipt is legit but her story sounds like a bunch of crap.

  • look like a fake 2 me

  • Vericona

    Most people who live in Atlanta knows their marriage is just a facade. This is not surprising and Phaedra knows he cheats. He is with a different woman all the time, especially at the club.

    On Bravo, I was surprised they finally admitted that Apollo was always at the strip club and doesn’t come home at night. But Phaedra likes to keep a certain image on TV.

  • Blue

    This chick could work at the hotel for all we know. If this is true, little Ms. “College Student” needs to quit sleeping around and focus on her education. It just might improve her written communication skills.

  • DivafromVA2NC

    Hmm so why would a receipt from 10/24 have a date of 3/1/13(look right above the room number) Hmmm soooo he put the room in his name, used his credit card but sent you the receipt in March??GTFOH!! I aint saying its not possible but looking at her dialogue and her evidence, I am not buying it.

    • Shortmean1

      I don’t buy this neither, who is STUPID enough to give her the receipt. And if we all remember when the booty video came up Phadea say Kenya could talk all day to Apollo but she take care of ALL the money transaction

    • mg

      Maybe she called and requested a COPY of the receipt?? because the stay dates match….???

      • Kathy

        They wouldn’t give her a copy because the room isn’t in her name.

    • That is probably when it was printed out.IF its is real.. I don’t think he is happy at all, it’s pretty obvious on the show.

    • Reesie

      Look at the Arrival and Departure dates…

  • dayna

    Phaedra will know for sure bc she would know his cc #. But its fake. They would not print his receipt for her. Tge date shows its a reprint.

  • A man will say whatever he needs to say when there’s an agenda.

  • Denise

    She must work at thae hotel and made a copy of his receipt. I don’t believe this chick one bit. Try again trick!!

  • nissan50

    That’s sounds like some shit Kenya Moore would set up because ant no married man gone keep a receipt r pay cash trust me. They do a lot of things but them 2 ant 1 of them, and the way he said Pheadra nags(N MY PHAEDRA VOICE CHILD PLEASE)
    Pha Pha ant no fool

  • This might be a fake, but I really don’t see any real chemistry with them. I think their marriage was just to save face because Phadrea got knocked up, and Apollo is just going along for the ride and she pays his bills.

    • classelegance21

      I so agree with you. I don’t think any man is happy when his wife controls #everything.

  • Shortmean1

    If He Gave her The Receipt(Which would’ve been Stupid) on the 10-24-12 the why is the print out at the top has 01-10-13 No Way do I believe Holiday Inn Gave Her a copy. and no disrespect to Holiday Inn but as much money as his wife worth and appearing on the show I know he making some change, that the Best he could do for you, Honey that wasn’t passion that would have been a wham bam thank you mam, guess she want 15 mins of fame. and if the Punta when to a college it was standing on the corner of one hooking.

    • Shortmean1

      sorry I meant 03-01-13

    • I don’t put it past anyone but how would she have the power to print a receipt from a later date if she didn’t book the room… hmmm but hey you never know

  • torramj

    If I were going to cheat, he would have to take me to a nicer hotel versus the Holiday Inn. What does that say about you ‘girl?. You know he’s married….why degrade yourself if this is true?

  • Every hotel we have frequented has slipped the receipt under the door by dawn on check out day. You can go to their respective websites any day after to reprint a copy of said receipt with very minimal information (i e., credit card number, name or reservation number.) Not saying that it is true, just that it is plausible.

  • Only Pheadra will know if this is real because she will know if he husband did not come home on that night. When you are married you know the days your husband does not come home for a night. EVEN if you travel a lot! These 2 are always together. I think he is very unhappily married and I honestly do not see it lasting another year, UNLESS there is no pre-nup because we all know they live off HER money, not his!!


  • Well she could of find the receipt outside or she could have stole it from the front desk, It do not look good, but if he did Pheadra will get in that ass

  • Angelomin

    Twist is on Peachtree ROAD NW, which is over 2 HOURS away from the Holiday Inn on Peachtree STREET. someone’s lying….

  • me

    who cares?????? You can also modify text with ADOBE Pro. Waste of time

  • Tutt

    Anyone with Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc can fake any receipt – what’s telling to me is the “receipt” is not arrival time-stamped – but hotel receipts always are because room rate is based on check-in and check-out TIME – so there’s that. Another thing is what decent celebrity stalking jumpoff would “brag” about sleeping with another woman’s husband at a two-star hotel chain (no disrespect Holiday Inn) – wouldn’t that make it more of a “trick” than a “treat”? For that matter – I can produce a “receipt” that “confirms” I spent the weekend with JayZ at a Comfort Inn – in Cuba!

  • He’s on tv and took her to holiday inn lolololol. Stupid