Apple Employee Calls Cyclist A F*cking Cambodian N*gger

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Paula Nuguid says she was riding her bike with her 9-year-old daughter, attempting to make a legal left turn, when a man in a Nissan Altima started honking at her and calling her a “bitch.” She confronted the man, rolling up to his window and demanding, “How f****** dare you, you entitled white prick?”

“Oh, shut the f*ck up,” he responded.

When Paula told him, “I can tell you’re not from California,” the man responded, “You f*cking Cambodian n**ger, get out of here.”

Nuguid posted the video of the encounter on Facebook:

“I was traveling east in the bike lane on Evelyn Ave and the light was green as I turned right,” Nuguid posted on Facebook. I was signaling left and waiting for oncoming traffic to pass when this man began incessantly honking at me, calling me a bitch, and telling me to get out of his way. I was attempting to make a left the way the California DMV recommends. This white guy thought it would be okay to honk at me and repeatedly call me a bitch as I was making a legal left turn. When I confronted him about using his 2-ton vehicle to intimidate my 9-year-old daughter and me, he called me a Cambodian n-word. I hope his friends, family, and employer see this.”

Paula says that this wasn’t the first time she’s been racially harassed while riding on her bike, but this particular slur was a new one. She also said that her daughter cried a bit after the encounter and that she’s already had to talk with her children about the racism that they will encounter. That poor kid.

UPDATE: The Silicon Valley folks have identified the man as Evan Klinger, an employee at Apple. His social media accounts are, unsurprisingly, suddenly unavailable. Time to find a new job Evan.

Source: Raw Story

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  • Robin Coq Davis

    He needs to be JAILED, FIRED from Apple (if that is his employer) and DEPORTED from California! He doesn’t belong in this state!!

  • Erika Lindsay

    It’s okay for her to say rscist white prick but he can’t say something back to her…. right.. bc that’s real fair! Roads were meant for the 2 ton vehicle he was in, NOT the bicycle she was on!!

    • Paul Green

      Shut up prick, you f***** think you can say and do anything to people that don’t look like you.

  • martqbdlve

    She got off her bike and left her daughter in the road?
    The daughter looks like the only person with any sense.

  • Joseph Powell

    ‘Pot meet kettle’.



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