Asa Soltan Has Quit The Shahs Of Sunset

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Asa Soltan is not returning full time on the Shahs Of Sunset.

The reality star-bottled diamond water seller-turned kaftan entrepreneur, 41, made the announcement today that she wouldn’t be returning to the show as a fulltime cast member following the birth of her first child, Soltan Jackson with boyfriend Jermaine Jackson..

“You will only see me pop in briefly this season of Shahs. I’ll really miss sharing life with you this season. And I will miss the usual shenanigans with my crew. By the way as any new parent knows …I am dealing with a brand new set of shenanigans in this new Mami life,” she wrote.

The reality show, returns for its seventh season on the August 2, shows off the opulent lifestyle of friends who share a Persian heritage living in Los Angeles.

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Asa did not get along with many of her castmates last season, for keeping her journey with in vitro fertilization a secret, as cast member Mercedes “MJ” Javid was also going through the same process and was open about her struggle to conceive. Asa gave the impression that she had no idea what MJ was going throught.

Mike Shouhed was on Bravo’s talk show in October and said that the two no longer have a relationship.

“She is the biggest perpetrator I’ve ever met. If my best friend is going through … infertility, and you’re not going to help me through this journey that I’m going through and pretend that your life is perfect, making me feel worse — being MJ — that’s not cool and I can’t forgive that. MJ is the sweetest person, she doesn’t have much of a family, so she looks at us, her friends as family members and if you’re going to lie to her and keep it a secret, you don’t deserve any love from me, that’s not cool,” Mike said.

Asa doesn’t want her son to be featured on the show, so she has no storyline. People want to see relationships, marriage, babies, etc. Asa doesn’t want to share that aspect of her life, which is her right.

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