Bad Girls Club | Season 8, Episode 9

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by Josh Shonewolf

Things have gone from Bad (pun intended) to worse on the newest episode of the Bad Girls Club. This week’s episode was so violent and mean-spirited that I’ve given a side-eye to anyone with a tramp stamp, just because! I’m mad at the way these rebellious weave-wearing monsters behaved! It was like the other roommates were plotting this brutal beating of the Square Twins, a not-so-loving nickname, coined by red-headed ringleader, Erica.

The Square Twins headed for a nice day trip to Chipotle, and they came back to see all of their belongings were ruined, broken, and/or missing. To get the fierce five some back, Square Twin Dani, throws a big trash bag of old tampons and trash all over the bedrooms of the other girls, and then threw the empty can at Gia, prompting the big showdown. Hair was ripped out, blood was drawn, both twins were jumped by the other roommates who have grown to hate them so much, that they felt that they would bully them both out of the house.

Their masterful plan worked, oh and Mimi is back. Yawn. I cannot stand her phony delivery, nor do I believe that she’s a true Bad Girl. Mimi is simply and annoying clingy girl, not bad. The others are BAD. On the plus side of life, the girls can talk about something else, aside from their hatred of Gabi and Dani, the Twins with the Square bodies, oh I’m sorry…The Square Twins. And the Square Twins can go back to their life of luxury with their bad influence parents, who would feed them antagonistic advice, which truly led to their demise in the house.

Now for the fun part. Two new roommates will soon join the house. Will they also have square bodies? Will Mimi ever say anything interesting? Will Amy ever stop clapping? Will this show ever make sense?

Next episode: Bad Girl Players, Mon, Apr 2 10/9c
Two new women arrive, only to face a united faction of mansion veterans who peg one of the newbies as supremely weak. Meanwhile, Gia tries to choose between two men.

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