Baseball Wives | Episode 3 – Sneak Peek

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Cheri Knoblauch and Anna butt heads; Jordana finds a new paramour. Catch a new episode, Wednesday at 9/8c on VH1!

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  • Lulumcbeth

    Love Anna Benson..because she is real. Hilarious.  I haven’t watched the whole show because I really can’t stand stupid women. I actually got dumber the 2 minutes I watched it, but I loved Anna’s antics, so I just fast forward through the whole show and just watch when she is on. The rest of you ladies get a grip. Acting classes? really, what a joke. How about acting like a mature adult ladies..oh yeah and admit that you actually had affairs with your now husbands. They were never separated from their wives as you claim. Keep telling yourselves that. Ladies, and I did say “ladies”, (and I use the term loosely, oh loose.. like you and your whoring ways.) which is ironic ( I know it is a big word, look it up) because clearly you never acted like one when you were sleeping with married men. Which BTW if they weren’t pro-ball players, you would have never even looked their way. DISGUSTING!! You did pick up on the fact that although Anna has only called out only one on the show, there are more. (feeling nervous? yeah, it is you and your secret will come out) I am also disgusted because as a member of the community you have invaded, it makes me sick how the 20 people that watch the show think you actually live in AZ. Which you don’t. Lies, lies, lies. It is not reality TV, but “real lies” TV.

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