Basketball Wives | Episode 11 Sneak Peek

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Evelyn and Chad discuss their upcoming wedding while Royce and her father get into it over Royce’s relationship.

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  • EzDeee

    You are all butts!

  • EzDeee

    Fake ass Tammi!

  • Every time they show that tape they are insuring crazy Nia goes to jail. She is on tape admitting to her crime. Jen’s lawyer should include all of them for instigating the attacking her on. Including ratchet Shaunie, this Nia person would not be on the show if she did not permit it and she is there only for one reason. To do what none of the others can do without losing big money and going to jail in the process since Jen’s attorney sent out those letters. This is as about as bad as it gets for human interaction and in reference to portrayal of black women.

    Shaunie is low to set this kind of thing up. She is not slick, since Jen made sure they all knew if they touched her they would be paying. Shaunie tried to backdoor her
    with crazy Nia who she knew didn’t have anything to lose. For the rest of these nutcases to think she would or should just sit there and take it is insanity. As for Ev you need to keep your mouth closed, this bottom hoe EV probably is mad about that prenup Ocho has her signing since his own salary has been downgraded from 3 mil to 1 mil.  Ev has no retirement plan and can’t go back to cruisin social networks for athletes she hasn’t sleep with. The list is too freakin long and she put her own business out in the street already as a run-through. Her options are thin and Jen just walked away from a 5 year marriage with 25 million dollars. Yeah, she is mad. For $7,500 Shaunie gets this level of “bottom hoes” except Jen who is within her 25 million dollar neighborhood but didn’t have to pump out 4 kids to do it. Shaunie is hating on Jen too. Jen can walk off into the sunset and doesn’t have
    to deal with 4 or 5 kids or their daddy.


    The black community is not letting top “ratchet Shaunie” off the hook. People now know why she is friends with “psychopath walking” Tami who came on the
    show swinging, cursing and instigating. Who with good sense has friends like that?


    Tami has so many personalities and faces, she is a show all by herself. The dog whisperer, the lecturer, ghetto girl, mrs.anger management, fight promoter, delusional role model, half-azz friend and then miss dianna ross swinging her “now that I can afford a better one and am off food stamps” hair weave. Why would Jen want to be friends with her? On this show Bougie is the same as being educated, that’s why they don’t like Royce. For jen a black women to have 25 million dollars she lives humble, continues to work her businesses, when she can afford to just kick back and just watch sunrises and sunsets. They are all jealous because Jen has done what none of the rest could do. Stay classy Jen and keep laughing all the way to the bank. Keep throwing pieces of paper from your Attorney at them, every decent human being in the world sees it the same as you do.

  • moemoe

    i cant stand evelyn,she is gonna meet her match,she acts as if she cant get her ass wooped.i cant wait for her to get he ass kicked by a real bitch,and jen need to stand up for herself and stop being everyones beating stick,start kicking ass.

  • moemoe

    and i wish your marriage ends faster than kim kardashian’s,im talkin to you evelyn.

    • Cathytalmage

      i don’t favor her much either but u shouldn’t wish that on anyone.