Basketball Wives: Evelyn Lozada Sues Media Take Out

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Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives has sued the gossip website Media Take Out in a Miami-Dade County Court, she claims the website defamed her in an article “falsely stating that she had cheated on her fiancé, Chad Ochocinco, with his friend, Terrell Owens. A blog on VH1 her employers, even posted the same mess on their site. Why anyone believes any of the ‘exclusives’ from this site is beyond me, they print nothing but lies and garbage.

She claims the website defamed her in a posting on the 2nd September that ran under the headline:

“‘Evelyn Lozada from the Basketball Wives was CREEPING … with one of Chad’s BALLER FRIENDS!!!’ (Explosive Details).

She claims the website did it again 4 days later, in “a follow up article falsely stating that Lozada was ‘knocked up’ and was quitting the show ‘Basketball Wives,’ to become a ‘full-time mom.'”

Evelyn says none of those claims are true. She says Media Take Out rejected her request for a retraction. She adds that the defendant “boasts on its home page that it is ‘The Most Visited Urban Website in the World.” Evelyn claims the articles have been read by more than 250,000 people and republished on other websites.

“As a direct and proximate result of the publication of the aforementioned defamatory statements, Lozada suffered reputational and professional damage, damage to her business, and severe emotional distress,” she says. She seeks punitive damages of $15,000 plus lawyers costs and fees. She is represented by David Pollack.

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    • Missy

      ^I agree^ and if it is true, sue them anyway for being all up in ya business!

      • Reese

        i agree also.. i hate media takeout everyone that blogs on there are a majority of haters

  • foxyny

    shut the f*** up evelyn who cares, boo hoo hooo, your still a hoe.

    • Reese

      shut up rat..if u didn’t care u would not have gave your pennyless thought.. I can’t stand internet thugs.. You sound like a rat…Thats what is wrong with u black ppl .. a bunch of haters… nothing optimistic to say just an idiot.

      • Bobbi G

        Well Reese if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black, but u hafta be white trash. So by u responding u r just as ignorant huh? You need a life dont u now get ur pennyless ass off this website boo boo lol!

        • Shae

          I have to say that I agree with the others reese ….. How u say sum suppose to be so mature but you turn around and but race into the mix …. that is wrong ….. what if somebody called u a white hunky or white trailer park trash ?????? Then what …… keep the words black ppl or nigga out yo mouth and maybe one day a black person can save your life ………bitch

          • Philly1

            Ur comment is racist as-well u don’t address racism with more racism.

        • Philly1

          Bobbi G what u said 2 reese was also a racist remark. Can every1 rise above the madness!!

      • Philly1

        That last comment was 4 reese!! The other chick can just Stfu!!

    • Philly1

      Did u just say what I think u said foxyny?!?! REALLY!! U can tell by what u just said that ur not foxy or cute @all, ur a f****** racist!! Dumb ignorant ass!! takes 1 to know 1 so that makes u a hoe, a hater and a racist!! I see now why u so mad ur life must really suck…..

  • Jacqueline

    awww thats so wrom i never read anything off ofmedia take out its all GOSSIP AND TRASH the lies they post bout the celeb. BUT EVELYN KEEP YO HEAD YOU CAUSE They’re a NON FU@kin FACTOR

  • Kimberly

    They need to get they facts straight GET Thoso SOBs

  • sashagirl1

    @Evelyn – I’m sorry that you had to be yet another victim of media take-out (MTO) & all of their lies which of course they refer to as journalism and or stories. I log onto MTO at times & personally, I agree with you – all of the so called stories on MTO are all fabricated, made up lies that hurt people & ruin people’s lives! If you search for MTO’s Facebook page, you will see that I’ve stated that one day MTO is going to be sued for defamation of character for making up lies about people & destroying families & relationships just so they can print a story! I hope you sue MTO for every penny they have & then some because they need to be taught a lesson! I hope the judge in your case rewards you with the ownership of MTO – lol – because I’m very sure you can clean the site up & make it into something positive instead of the skank, dirty, dishonest, garbage it is now! Best wishes to you Evelyn with your lawsuit – I pray you win but, in the mean time – keep ya head up & keep doing you – your not alone, & you have a lot of love & support & fans out here who are on your side & really feel where you coming from about all this bs nonsense! Sincerely, forever always – Sashagirl1

  • HardKnocks

    U can hire me’ to fix your emotional distress!

  • Christine

    Knowing Evelyn she probably did sleep with terrell !

  • c.I baby

    If she did it she did it if she didn’t she didn’t it really does not matter what we think or say at the end of the day cause it means nothing all we doing is brining more fame to her name by saying anything at the end of the day and thiis topic has nothing to do with a race so for all the assholes that brung it up go read a book matter fact a bible you jerks grow up already

    • Philly1

      I addressed the issue about the race comment earlier, when ppl say stupid things obviously they don’t know how f****** dumb they are so I told her (reese) dumb ass and she’s a f****** racist & the other ppl that replied with a racist comment are just the same!! Next time u make a comment c.I baby, know who n what ur talking about asshole!! Maybe u should read a book as-well

  • olga nazario

    If she did well T.O. is hot so I do not blame her…

  • tiny

    I beilive you when you say that MTO published lies about you, all they want is for people to believe the garbage they publish but to be honest girl weather you did or not that is your buis…..get them for every dollar you can!!!!

  • Myoshi

    I guess you have to chase everybody that ever lied on you.. shouldnt mto be a nonmuthf**kn factor too??? Who cares what people say, worry abt what chad thinks.. unless thats the problem..

  • PR Diva

    ummm…..watching while eating popcorn and slipping Dr. Pepper to see how this movie will end.

  • Oh Well

    15,000 she is doing this for the Media Hype smart girl!

  • Mel

    You’re suing Media Take Out? Every one knows they lie. That’s not news, that creative writing. Waste of time Ev. May not be a fan, but didn’t think you cheated if it was on MTO!