Basketball Wives LA: JET Magazine Cover

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The cast of Basketball Wives: LA are on the cover of JET Magazine for the October 3rd issue.

Draya Michele on getting arrested for leaving her son home alone:
[The rumors about my son] get addressed on the show. I will say you can’t believe everything you hear. It is very hard being a mom in the industry. My mother is my support system. She lives in Pennsylvania with my son. We see each other almost every week. He stays with her while I’m here working.”

Laura Govan on her relationship with baby daddy, Gilbert Arenas:
A piece of paper saying you’re married doesn’t define [the relationship]. I’ve been with Gilbert for 10 years; we’re married— I don’t give a damn what he says. He’s the father of my four children. I don’t see any other man in the household with me.

Gloria on her relationship with Shaunie:
There is no relationship. She’s the show’s executive producer due to legalities. Obviously, when we see each other, we’re cordial. We don’t like each other, but we leave it there.


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The October 3 issue of JET, featuring Basketball Wives LA cast, is available now.

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  • Patrice lampkin

    Love the show….

  • pam

    Honestly, I don’t like the show…for one it’s ghetto antics, 2 it’s very ghetto, tacky and the old women dress like hoodrats, Jackie sorry about ur loss, but U need a total make over from head to toe..actually all U guys need a serious make over bad…tacky weaves, tacky clothes, tacky shoes, just plain tacky tacky tacky…where did Gloria get these hoodrats from??? well Gloria herself is tacky and tries to be classy..she got her nerves saying she’s not ghetto or tacky girl stop lyin to urself…and Draya ur the only one that has it going on..body wise, hair., clothes the entire 9 yards U look fresh and new..U put them all to shame..Imani stop fake and being jealous of Draya….and the girl from Compton is cool …she beat Laura’s ass…..LMAO!!!! Laura go beat that man that pumped U up with all the babies and bounced on ur ass..instead of taking all ur anger out on pretty Draya…I see Tanya’s class self left the tacky show…she didn’t want no BS from yall and she’s bounced as well… DAM JUST CANCEL THE ENTIRE TACKY SHOW….BE GONE!!!!

    • JAZZYJ

      You hit it all on the nail.. I AM WITH YA!! especially on the govan rat pack…ass beat down….lmoa wit cha.

      • Patricia Carroll

        You hit the nail on the head! Lmao!

    • Shugal74

      when I say these ladies in LA are a mess! I like the Miami cast, drama is too much but one thing you can’t take from most of them, they are always together. Shaunie has done a 360 and I have to give her props all day long, she looks amazing, as do Jenn & Eve! I have been impressed with no one on the LA show and someone, I believe Jackie had the nerve to say you have to step your game up in LA! Honey did you get your own memo? One episode they all got makeovers for her bachelor party and I’m thinking well who made them up Moms Mabley! She looked a mess, Laura looks like a drag queen with nice hair, Gloria looks ok, thank god for her hair, but that bird face and fake snob attitude toward Draya, honey your a jump off with a key stop playing! Draya love her or hate her is beautiful and young and as a 30 something woman who holds her own, I hate to see older woman hating because you let yourself go. And to call her a jump off she did what all of them did, slept with a ball player except a few of you managed to get a ring! She is young and trust some young ball player will wife her before Imani, Gloria or Laura ever get to say I do. Gilbert & Matt are doing the “cheaper to keep her” thing, period! Mylasia or however you spell it is very attractive, but she too is a bum. Have you seen the $5 outfits this chic wears and has the nerve to say I like nice things. No disrespect your from the hood, so you have no clue. Jimmy Choo wouldn’t want a bum like these ladies in his shoes. All of them mostly I would see in the streets of Baltimore and no one would notice them except Draya. So for the medicare crew stop hating, you make the other ones of us in our 30’s who unlike you all are fly, look bad! I love Miami, and I’m sure Evelyn is sitting back in tears laughing at these bum broads calling them all Non-Mothaf*cking factors!! LMAO!!

  • tracy

    Imani is a old heavy bitter judgmental bitch, no one owes u anything. Draya is young, fresh, and petty. She is 25 and she made mistakes that we dont know everything. I pretty sure it is worst mothers out here. That pimp their children for drug money. I heard Imani hid her first child from stephen. Imani get a new wig!!!

    • Patricia Carroll


  • nadine

    i cant believe Jet put these chicks on the cover

  • tierra

    Personally I think y’all are really picking on Draya why cause she is the youngest I mean she has done nothing wrong how can everyone wanna be friendas wit Laura and not Draya there really is no big difference between the two y’all feel like she is young and she has to be a slut cause she dates a lot and jus a bunch of bs but Laura talks about her pussy and f****** all the time y’all lay Draya out cause she thought the passion party was a sex party well guess who freaky ass also thought it was a sex party laura u old and freaky and she young and freaky so wat hell we all freaky but y’all jus attack that girl ohhh and Gloria u ain’t hood and u ain’t no fighter set your weak ass done bitch stop putting on u ain’t shit and so wat she was on the poll and your comment dats how she use to make het money so before u got wit your man how did u make your money or did mommy and daddy foot the bill…… u fake as hell u liked her and invited her to the old as hoe gang now u don’t like her bitch please I like Maylasha she cool Jackie its your wedding you have been married a hundred times yes tour wedding is special to u but damn it ain’t gotta be special to no one else so I mean calm down but other then that u ok and that other one bitch your marriage is over and just cause u wouldn’t take your clothes of for money and u feel stripping is so degrading cool don’t go to a strip club and u don’t have to do wat Draya does thank god to cause no one wants to see that maybe that is why your husband lef you probably should have taken up poll dancing or was he even your husband or were u jus wit him for along time for free now u are sad and lonely never judge a book by its cover for real and all this trying to save a hoe and Draya being a lost lil girl and all is sick did she ask y’all for your help and how u gonna help save somebody and all y’all got problems: Laura talk to shaq lately,Gloria when is your wedding is it on or off please hot messes

  • MsRoniJ

    I thought Basketball Wives Miami was bad! Good GAWD, the “ladies” in L.A. are a disgrace to ALL women. I don’t know who “Queen Jackie” thinks she is. She talked about Draya the worst, then going to get upset cause she didn’t attend her wedding. Draya owed that stuck up cow no kind of explanation or apology. And, Gloria…, GURL, I didn’t hear you say you would kick Shaunie’s A$$ like you did with Mylasia. And, I’m going to stop it with that, cause the rest of those over stuffed cows in mini dresses aren’t even worth discussing!

  • dede

    idon’t like draya or gloria. they shouldn’t be on the show. gloria is such a phoney with no personality. she’s got only her boyfriend, baby daddy, going for her. I can’t stand draya, she;s an undesireable with absolute No Class. Miami is so much better. I really like Maylasia and the others. draya and gloria should be replaced. I don’t believe the child would be w/ draya’s mother if there wasn’t something to the police report. she’s just a hood rat or lower. Who does that, it so low

  • Kween1

    Shame on you JET Magazine!!! Both shows (LA and Florida) are TRASH and a disgrace to black women and the NBA.  Money can’t buy class, either you are born with it or you are not. These chicks are washed up and used up (with their disgusting potty mouths), they need to get a life!!! Can these ladies do something more rewarding and beneficial to the human race… support an orphanage in Africa, raise Aids Awareness, raise money for the Sickle Cell Foundation, or just Be Better Role Models, etc, “Not all money is good money”, clean up your image and keep it clean for the Project Girls and other young people watching your show(otherwise your labor is in vain!). My children are banned from watching these shows (garbage in garbage out). I support a better tomorrow. Thank God for the Obama’s and people like them who are really trying to make a change and lift the image of the black race. “Jesus wept…my people will parish for ignorance.” Wake Up Black America!!