Basketball Wives LA: Ta’kari Lee Christie Evicted Illegally?

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Here is another blog by Jackie Christie’s eldest daughter 22 year old Ta’kari Lee Christie she posted this on 8/10/2011.

………..My mom kept calling trying to talk to me and all I could say was ……………….……..

“f*** that bitch I hate her why would I ever speak to her? – Look at what’s she’s doing! That bitch has hated me forever and she has done everything she possibly can to make me feel bad. f*** that evil bitch – I can believe you’re doing it to me but your own grandkids? I offered to pay you and you turned me down so your evil ass could do this to me! I have screenshots of every instant message I have sent you in the last 3 days and I told you to allow me to find somewhere for me and my kids and we would be gone! The hot water doesn’t work, the fridge doesn’t work, the ovens don’t work, the lights leak – when I moved in the ceiling was caving in, and there’s mold on the wood.”

I yelled into the phone trying to tell her what she was taking wasn’t just a house – it was a home to us and we were trying g as fast as we could to find a decent place to take our family. “You act like it’s something grand or like I’m trying to take over your house, or don’t want to leave, I told you days ago I would leave when I found a place and we would be gone in 2 weeks and you acted like it was all good, you just waited for any chance you get to prove you hate me and have control over everyone, well I’m going to tell the world what kind of narcissistic monster you are”.

I yelled from across the room into the speaker phone. “Just watch and see – I’m telling who you really are, you won’t pay to keep me quiet and you can have that toy car you gave me back – whatever- take it all Jackie”.


On Feb. 22, 2011 – my mom sent two of my aunts and one of my aunts’ husbands to my door with a u- haul and some boxes – It was about 5 or 6 pm. I was getting my kids ready for bed when they showed up saying that they were there to help me get my stuff out of the house because I had to be out by 8 am when the bank came by to see the house.

My one aunt was crying because she didn’t know I was being bamboozled and took by surprise – she just got offered a job. My other aunt was acting like a dramatic drama queen – putting on a show acting like she wasn’t paid to fly from LA specifically to do this.

She kept hiding the phone talking about she didn’t want us to say something we didn’t mean, like I gave a damn at this point. Then the bitch had the nerve to look at me and scream ” you need to stop this, you’re the reason my mom is dying”. My blood ran cold – the first thing I wanted to say was ‘You f****** crack head get out” but instead I looked at her and I said one of the most evilest things I could think of to cut her like she had cut me, – ” if I’m the reason Grandma’s Dying, then you’re the one that pushed your son over the bridge”. I looked at my other aunt who seemed kind of stunned and told her “’Get this bitch out of here I will pack my own shit”.

I was shaking so bad and crying I couldn’t even see in front of me -where was I going to go? What about all my furniture? Sure it was hand me downs from MY MOM that she didn’t care about and couldn’t sell at the swap meet – BUT IT WAS MINE.

At one point my aunt came back in and said if she wants you out she is going to have to come up here and do it herself. My aunts husband came in and said “this is f***** up I can’t believe they doing you like this”.

All of them stood around outside while my mom called everybody’s phone and started saying “if they didn’t get her out right now everybody had to get out their houses too..” She started calling my younger cousin telling her to call the police, but my cousin refused. My mom had my grandma call and say “you’re going to make your mom and brothers lose their home you know Jackie will take care of Kari”. When my aunt came in and put the phone up to my head she was on the phone saying “ok. Somebody call the police”.

I got up and started to try and dress my baby’s and fill their diaper bags with as much of my stuff as I could and told them to keep all the stuff in the house but if she’s going to try to call the police on me – I’m leaving because she was obviously set in her ways.

They brought in like 5 or 6 big boxes and a bunch of trash bags and started swiping.

They each attacked a different room and were throwing all my kids’ stuff out their playroom and bedroom around – stuff we spent hours decorating and with a blink of an eye it was gone. I was devastated I could not believe my 2 year old son and my 2 month old baby and I were homeless and all because my mom wanted to prove something.

When I finally got on speaker phone with her she was trying to apologize with this weak story about how she forgot to tell me and we were going to stay in my cousin’s apartment. My phone was off – but i used my Gmail account to call her off my computer and she was like nobody asked me about that. I’M BEGGING MY MOM “can I pack my stuff by myself – you have these people in here going through all my stuff, I will leave by 8 am, please?”

She said “No, Kar I can’t – if you don’t leave the sheriff will be there in the morning… Kar I have given you everything you ever asked for.”

“What have I ever asked you for? When you send me money you call me out the blue and say ‘Kar I sent you some change’ – in fact that’s the only time you call me.” I said through tears

-“Your right, Kar.” She said

“All I ever asked you for is the same amount of love you have for your other kids or even if you just care for me the same – you don’t give me the same opportunity. I used to tell you guys growing up i wanted a RANGE ROVER you got me a FORD FOCUS and Chani the RANGE, promising to put me in the studio and waiting until you ran me from home and started Chani a music career?, accusing me of wanting your husband and even trying to fight me about him? ” what, mom? What have I asked you for besides the same opportunity you give Chani and Dougie?” I continued………..

“Your right, Kari you haven’t asked me for anything.” She said-

She hung up and called back a few times while everyone packed and grabbed my stuff out the house with the quickness. At one point she called, and said, “Kari – I know what Ii want your first career move to be!” She said excitedly.

“What?’ I asked

“I want you to write a book!’. She said

“Okay”, I said, knowing she had heard me say earlier I was going to tell the story finally and tell what HELL she made of not just my life but so many others including my grandma.

“And I’m going to publish it for you, and also I’m doing this big fashion show and they have me designing 6 sets and I want you to design the last two, I have already designed the other four.” She continued.

I would later find out on the internet after buying all the equipment to design my set with – money I really didn’t have to begin with – I read on the internet about a month later that the fashion show had been done already….

Alllllllllll I could think was………………………. “THIS BITCH!!!”

Ta’kari’s Blog

If this is all true, what could Ta’kari have done for her mother to think she deserved being evicted with 2 young children including a 2 month old! I hope these questions get asked at the Basketball Wives LA reunion. Email VH1 your questions to

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  • Londa

    Jackie, you seem to be the most harsh and evil BITCH out of the entire cast. Are there some underlining insecurities as to why you are such A BITCH.

  • tana

    Wow nut they have so much to say about draya and her issues mind you business and be a friend to other and dont judge them based on they pass when your present is basically shitted it on as of now…. Draya two wrong dont make it right but I hope your getting the last laugh on these high class bitches

    • Rita

      My my how we all have our secrets. You guys sat there and dogged Draya oout and yet you are doing the same to your own. Thats Fuc…d up. You have no room to talk about anyone hell you just as worse. Just cause you married money don’t make u the shit. Cause if it wasn’t for your hubby you wouldn’t be nothing but a Jackie not a BASKETBALL WIFE Jackie. to me I think you all have no place to talk about anyone cause you all may have dirty little secrets. Now your shit out there for everyone to GOOGLE.

  • TLisa

    I believe it because Jackie is such a bitch, and for no reason…one day she will NEED her daughter and she will turn her back on Jackie just like Jackie did to her. What rude, mean ass mothers forget is that one day your children will have to make the decision to put you in a nursing home or let you live with them. In this case, its looking like Jackie is going to the home to live!

  • smh

    Jackie Christy, I pray to God that this story isn’t true because if it is….GOD WILL RECKON WITH YOU!!!

  • Alexandra Lilly

    If this is true she is a f***** up ass bipolar “mother”. Well she’s either bipolar or really loves being evil it must tickle her damn fancy.

  • pam

    I believe half of what I read on these blogs, and I do believe some of this about Jackie, only bcus she clearly displayed this same attitude on BBWLA….she is a bitch and she is a insercured bitch…not to mention how she bullied Draya…so I do believe this about Jackie…

  • Myoshi

    You can tell that she has control issues.. people with money, dont know how to treat people..wise man once said if you spent more time focused on your relationship, you wouldnt have time planning a wedding every year.. where they do that at??

  • Tiyah Clymer

    As a grown ass woman with a child of my own and a f***** up mother, I am pumping my fist for this young woman. Not every mommy is a mommy and not every daddy is a daddy. I do not know if it’s all true but dam it I believe it. f*** Jackie, stuck up, insecure, bitter bitch.

  • Reality TV Lover

    Clearly their is a lot of animosity between mother and daughter. The key part of this story that struck me was TaKari’s comments about Jackie accusing her of going after her husband. That said volumes and their is probably some clear insecurity and jealousy going on. Jackie said she has been married 4 times, where is TaKari’s father in the picture to help protect her from this vindictive process.

    No mother worth a grain of salt would ever evict her two baby grandkids and put them on the street homeless no matter what you think or feel about their mother, your daughter, your flesh and blood.

    Watching Jackies aggressive behavior with Tonya and Draya not surprised at all.

  • Sheshe

    How could you accuse your daughter of wanting your husband???OMG YOUR THE WORST Jackie Christie!!

  • That is one sad mother…what I hate most is when a mother dogs their children it doesn’t matter how old they’re you shouldn’t do that…Jackie treats her daughter that because she may be what Jackie used to be and she cant accept it. The money is what she chose and if her husband was broke I wonder how she would’ve treated her then…UGH DISGRACE!!!

  • LaTrenda

    I believe every word. Jackie appears to be a jealous hearted person on the show. She’s so jealous of Draya it’ s pitiful! She’s even mentioned on the show she didn’ t want Draya around her husband. Can we say INSECURE! She has no class or style! Somebody please hire her a stylist please!!! I’ve never seen anyone get a makeover & still look the same! Homely as hell! She is really bi-polar acting lol!! It’s a shame to waste money on getting married to the same homely looking woman every year Doug! Please help your wife & get her some much needed help- mentally & cosmetically!

  • Shantel

    It is a sad shame to see some of the things posted by Takari. She obviously has some deep rooted emotional and mental trauma that her Mom has subjected her to for many years. I don’t know if all her statements are true but I doubt she would embellish the truth like this. Jackie seemingly has forgotten her eldest child and her grandchildren as evident in an episode of BBWLA. I pray these questions and issues are addressed and that mother and daughter can genuinely heal.

  • slady

    I knew she was crazy as hell. When she with the girls on basketball wives she acts nice, but one on one she understands . I hate to timing Bitches…
    Karma is a Badder Bitch then you. Say Hi when you meet her

  • LaTrenda

    Write the book Takari! It’s time to get something for you & your kids!! Call it : Mommy’s far from dearest!

  • nadine

    i think its true, and i think the uinderlining of this is she might think her daughter might take her man. Since he is not her father and she is old enough to be with him.. Jackie is so fake its not even funny.. she is evil i can tell. you kick your grand children out. that is so f**up

  • Dionne

    It’s funny how people jump to conclusions when they’ve only heard one side of the story. Let’s not judge Jackie too early. I’m sure she’s not perfect, but his kid is also very disrespectful and sounds spoilt. I would like to hear both sides.

  • MarvetteFryar

    I love Jackieon BBWLA but this is f***** up.

  • Dee Schex

    This is a sad situation, i feel so bad for the daughter at this point. By me watching the show you can tell that jackie had some kind of anger issue or something that eating her on the inside. At this point i dont like jackie, really didnt like her from the jump, and you want to get on draya google her and trying to dig dirt but at the same time you have dirt on ur own. I cant stand a bitch like you if you doing this out of hate then you need to be shot.



  • my question is why the people she working for placing her daughters blog on here against her. I believe it but just wanted to know what the motivation is behind this, her employer throwing her under the bus. The trugh will come out and I believer her daughter when she says jackie thought she wanted her husband, she goes nuts over that man but her own daughter, come on now.

    • ShaylaBrown

      Guess what it’s about time someone throw Jackie under the bus. Ta’Kari believe me when I tell you I may not be rich and came from the same type of lifestyle you came from but I can relate to this story. My mom is Jackie all over listening to this brought me to tears. I have two other younger sisters from my mom’s marriage of 18years now she is divorced. I was verbally, mentally, and physically abused as a child. I just didn’t understand why my mom treated me so bad.It wasn’t just her , my step dad was absolutely horrible, but I grew up and made a life of my own. I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and I’m on my own. At least you did get a Ford Focus, not saying that was right but my parents didn’t ever get me anything—not even a car. I was a real life cinderella, always an outcast to the family. My parents were so bad they had my siblings talking about me trying to fight me. I grew up in a family that didn’t want me. Truly don’t give up and don’t give in, you can overcome adversities. I am actually thinking about writing a book myself. This type of family abuse needs to be exposed, I’m so sorry you went through that, I know it must have been hard. If you ever want to talk to someone email me- As for your mom – stay away from her and pray. You have to build a life on your own without her, I definitely feel you on how hard it would be but in the end God will take care of you. Look what happen to my mom she lost her husband of 18 years. You know why? From putting me through hell growing up making my life so miserable I almost ended it. Now she is miserable, doesn’t have any money, lost the business she owned with her husband. I’m telling you God is alive and well. I know it may seem far from victory but it’s coming. Keep pressing on and tell your story. The truth will set you free.

  • Earlene

    I think Jackie is doing that to her oldest daughter bcuz she have some hate toward Ta’kari father,and she can’t take it out on him so she takes it out on her. It seems like she’s mad she had her and tthat child father is not a NBA player. Jackie is money hungry and a power freak. And thinks she’s cute. Smfh

    • juicy mami


  • Thomasene

    I knew there was something “false” about Jackie! If what her daughter alleges is true, then there is absolutely no respect I’d give to Jackie, and to think, she talked very badly to Draya about her issues. Do you all remember her crying when talking about her Mother? She placed her hands over her face because there weren’t any visible tears, and the next moment she resumed talking as if she had no feelings at all. Getting married every year is very cool, but why? She’s been married 3 times before, and divorced, why? Ta’Kari, your Mom will get what she deserves, just watch!

  • “If Jackie is a narcissistic person she doesn’t love anyone and really don’t know what it is to love”. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness, they are envy of people and are considered to be a con’s and very manipulative”. “They marry and have relationships for statue reasons only, but in their sick mind they are playing a role”. “They think,they are superior to everyone like they are some god or something”.”They wear masks to fool people, but underneath that mask they are evil and angry peoples”. “Now I can put my finger on why she is so against Draya because she is pretty with a nice shape and the viewers like her so she’s envy of her”.”Shame on you Jackie for doing your daughter the way you are doing her”! “Remember Karma, it will come back around and bite you in your azz”!!! “What kind of mother can do that to her child”?

    • AJ

      The way you just defined narcissism in detail, that completely describes Jackie’s personality as we have come to know it. On your 4th marriage for 16 years, yet the need to renew your vows every year is ridiculous. As if she’s trying to prove to him how much HE really loves her. Quite frankly, he seems henpecked. If you’ve ever experienced watching someone dying of cancer, any other battle is non existent. If she did in fact call her mother, who was terminally ill with this foolishness then that says it all. I know there’s two sides to every story, but she does display sociopathic tendencies.

  • Felycia

    This is disgraceful and that is an under statement!! Draya said that people call Jackie crazy when it comes to her husband, but to think your daughter wants your man? Come on darlin are you really THAT INSECURE and have such LOW self esteem? To throw your child and grandchildren out is something GOD will deal with you for. So if you did do this….I suggest you make it right…GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY AND ISNT TOO CRAZY ABOUT THE CUTE MOST OF THE TIME!!

    • juicy mami


  • liz williams

    l like jackie l dont believe she would do anything to hurt one of her children. l think sometimes people jump to conculsions and they dont know the situation. you cant believe everything you hear ROGER THAT

    • juicy mami

      well she just not anyone that is her daughet ,why on earth would a daughter say all those things if it was not true something happen and she just sick of it, there so much someone can take cmon your daughter your grandkids i’m not god and i dont like to judge but that girl is hurting like hell and i did hear jackie on the radio the same day her mom die and they ask her was everything alright between her and her daughter and she said yes she upset from something i said but we are ok now looks how she treat her other daughter ,why was she crying when her daughter said she kiss a boy, she acted like it was the end of the world HELLO she is 18, something just aint right.the turth will be told, she gonna break down . you watch and see.

      • I can’t wait she is a demon u people see it on the show she is going to run into the RIGHT ONE   HELLO!!!

  • crazy1

    Crazy she wants to talk bout Draya but look what she did smh at these phony dumb weak ass bitches that use there mans fame!!

  • judy


    • juicy mami

      YES HE IS

  • Da Boss B of Real TV Shows

    Alll f*** Basketball wives of LA,This show is boring I like Basketball wives of miami, they r more alive then these hoes, and y da f*** they have these hoes on here who is not marry to da basketball players but was they girl friends well Mz. shanie u need to put ppl who was marry or is still marry to them and wat happen to da fat girl who say” u ack like yo shit dont stank” and da blond dread head lady y they not on da show. wives of LA is dull , boring and old B****es on there…please bring sum real bitches on and younger women and more mature women, who didnt just have kids by players but also marry to them who go papers on tem ,,,,thank u inprove da show…miami was better

    • That is not nice just dont’ say nothing if u can’t say something  nice keep it moving !!!

  • Mrs.Tanya Gibbs

    Jackie is so worried about how Draya is treating her child but what kind of mother or better yet grandmother that she would put her daughter and grandkids out. She needs to worry about herself and stay out or other people business. She truly acts like she is all that.

  • beatrice james joiner

    I love draya,and malayasa however draya malaysa is the hottest chick on that show,and laura, needs a real sister to really kick her ass,and let her find her a white man since she saying white is right ,to late now missie no white man wantsyou not with 4 black youngans,no offinse to the for you jackie if you are 45years,why would you
    want to hang around with those young girls,and by the way why don”t you admit that you have grandchildren,if you paraded your other two you can parade kari and her kids on the showand let her make some money,thats what its all about isn’tit,as for that gloria,she looks like a fool withthose fuc up botox lips please. a shout out to the beautiful malasaya.i dig your style and i am 59yrs old.

  • msflamepop

    look whos tlkin @ downin draya..ya shit not far from the toliet i see………bitch u need a makeova insecure ass……….

  • divamama

    jackie is a selfish insecure bi***h that thinks everyone wants her husband=

  • Princess

    I have a whack job for a mother as well. It’s hard because you always want your mother. Ta’kari, just move on and sever all ties. She will tear you down every chance she gets I don’t know it’s like a sport to them…let’s see how I can terrorize my daughter today. You will go on to do great things, you’re a great writer do your thing. They only get worse as time goes on, they are already crazy and if your mom has issues with aging like my mom does it just makes them even more evil and miserable, as if that were even possible. They hate to see you happy, I don’t know what made them this way but they are not going to change. Take your power back from her, go on and do great things and let her be miserable. They look normal but they really are walking mental patients and there is just no reasoning with them.

    • LH

      Amen..You told her right,My heart goes out to her daughter.My mother has always been overbearing.And, a bit much when she didn’t get her way in my life, my GROWN life.Has broken up my family…etc….But, I depend on GOD he is my provider.And, that’s whose going to be her (Ta’Kari’s  provider..I will lift her up in prayer….God Bles.Her mother has a lot of insecurites about her life. That’s why she renews her vows..That ‘s insecurity…God help her ,and her innocent ,tortured husband.You can tell..

  • CMOB

    Wow, this is really sad. I can see Jackie not wanting her daughter around her husband b/c you can tell from the show that she had issues. She is so scared of loosing that man. To put your own daughter and grand kids out is sad. Specially with all the money you have. How do u buy one child a Ford & the other a Range. Ummmmm Sad.
    for the daughter sweet heart its more to light than having babies. Stopppppppp a women with a bunch of kids will never have anything.

  • teenikka


  • cthunda

    OMG, and she had the never to question Draya’s mothering skills, are you serious…and she dug deep about that mess too, I can’t wait to see what the other girls have to say about this one…well then again, they may just believe her daughter because NOW they know how evil and crazed she is…I hope somebody asks her about this at the reunion…I can’t wait to hear her response..

  • it’s sad but i say leave everything in the hands of God he is not sleeping

  • She is evil and shows difference in her kids so what kind of mother is she and her young grand kids.I dont’ have an about her y respect for her anymore she is showing she doesn’t care about her  child and her beautiful grands .I think she kind of crazy any way she such a DRAMA QUEEN!!

  • Natachia74

    Who cares grow up u have to kids and expect some one to take care of u….. No