Basketball Wives: Meeka And Tami Talk About Their Lawsuit

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VH1 chatted with Meeka & Tami about the lawsuit

Can you talk about the lawsuit you’re bringing against Tami?

Meeka: It’s pretty much just to let her know there are consequences to actions. And that’s pretty much it.

You’re going to go full steam ahead with it?

Meeka: Yeah, absolutely.

What if Tami apologizes at the reunion, how will you feel?

Meeka: I don’t foresee an apology from Tami because this isn’t the first time she’s hit someone on camera. She thinks violence is cool and I’m not with that at all. It’s not something I’m teaching my girls.

Tami on the other hand, doesn’t see their fight as lawsuit material. When we spoke, she acknowledged their altercation, but reasoned that this sort of thing happens, and shouldn’t be a matter of the law.

Meeka is planning to sue you, how do you feel about that situation?

Tami: I wasn’t aware of the lawsuit. I found out about it from my publicist and apparently it ended up on a lot of social media websites and stuff, so for me, I was a little taken aback because it was absurd. The fact that she has a lawsuit threw me for a loop because it’s like, we had an altercation. Period, point blank. People have those all the time. It was a situation where we were in a club environment and all I see is somebody, you know, raising up against me, and it’s like, I have a right to defend myself. So I’m just wondering where she gets that she has a lawsuit when it was a clear defense mechanism and it was just an altercation that happened. It happens all the time, you know?

Tami: Like, I would never sue Evelyn because we had a fight. We had one of the biggest brawls of season two and in that instance, she had a lawsuit. It was like, you said something, it hurt my feelings, and I punched you in the face. You’ve got a lawsuit. This girl, Meeka, does not have a lawsuit.

So you’re not worried at all?

Tami: No.

Source: VH1 Blog
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