Basketball Wives | Royce Reed Is Single Again

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Royce & Dezmon Have Split

Basketball Wives, Royce Reed and Dezmon Briscoe are no longer an item. Royce declared her love for Dezmon to the world, her son, her father and America. But it appears her father was right, she loves to jump in and out of relationships and definitely picks the wrong ones. She and Dezmon a wide reciever for the NFL team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have split. Dezmon a few months ago was caught sexting her baby momma.

Royce stated on the reunion, “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things he did right, not the one thing he did wrong. Yes, it was wrong. Yes, I was hurt. Yes, I was humiliated, but I’m not gonna sit here and base my relationship off of what the world says I should do.”

My advice Ms Reed, do not introduce your son to any other man until at least six months have passed. I believe you are a lovely young lady, but this is the fourth man that we know of, that your son has been exposed to. It isn’t healthy.

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  • Smh , she needs to cool it – she’s a really nice chick I can tell but she’s feening for love when she should just let if come to her

  • cuz

    No one cares…lol

  • MZ. $corpio


  • Royce APPEARS to be the kind of girl that needs a man to compete her, a lot of females go through this faze ,she likes to make her romance public and thats whr she’s going wrong , everybody is going frown upon her dating even if she is dating the pope because she has a young child.

    • Loving my life

      Yes I do agree!

    • Jungle

      No most women go through the phase of feeling that they need a man to complete them when they are 16 or so. Royce I’m sure is in her early 30s and needs to get a grip…

  • Ladii Divine

    Damn really Royce he fine af… he seemed to be the perfect gentleman ugh get it together Royce..

  • Pauline

    Royce, Sometimes parents do kno wats best for their kids….Good girl focus on ur career & ur son….take ur tyme in finding true love!!

  • Everyone has their own opinion…Royce is a big girl so everyone needs to stop worrying about what she is doing because she damn sure ain’t worried about what you’re doing…what she does with her son while I do agree is unhealthy its none of our business…that’s HER call bc its HER son

    • MsJackson1

      Genell, the problem comes when people like Royce or other reality stars take a dollar to air their dirty laundry to to the world. So, since she, like the others chose to live and share in the public eye, she opens herself up for public opinion and ridicule. No, she doesn’t care about you or anyone else, because you are not on TV telling all your business. As long as reality shows continue, so will public opinion.

      • SeeingitAll

        Oh my god MsJackson1, I’m glad you said it…nothing but the truth. Well, you told Genell what it really is, she can’t be mad about what people making the statements they make. As you’ve said so well, Royce take a dollar to air her dirty laundry to the world, so if she share it in the public eye…there it is. Oh, and Genell ain’t getting paid to air hers…I assume, therefore, until then-you know the deal Genell Brown. Thanks MsJackson1, you couldn;t of said it any better than that.

  • Neicy

    Dwight Howard has to be pissed knowing that his kid is around different dudes all the time. With all the court drama they have going on, she needs to be careful.

  • Royce stole that comment about staying with him for all the things he did RIGHT and not the this he did wrong from the movieTHE VOW….bravo SOOOO DRAMATIC!

  • How many woman has he been exposed 2 thru his father. I hate double standards.

  • I have two ideologies on this Royce issue. 1. If Royce were a man, we wouldn’t be judging her so harshly on being so amorous when it comes to romantic relationships, so why are we, as a whole, being so damn hypocritical and 2. I believe Royce is the type of person who needs to be involved with a man, and there are many of us out there like this. We are afraid of being alone and therefore, cling to the first guy that comes a sniffing. It’s not right, and maybe should could use some support instead of judgment. She needs to find it in herself that she is worth more and find the love for herself within herself. I also agree with another poster the notion that she should realize …”People in glasse houses should not throw stones.” She has not been linked to 2 or 3 men and yet she calls Evelyn a “:ho.”

    • We r speaking of men they have shown on show but Evelyn has been thru a lot of men period.

  • Mocha1

    Royce, please stop doing this to yourself. You are a beautiful girl who does not need a man to complete you. You have a son to focus on and you don’t need men running in and out of your life or his. Give yourself some time to be by yourself and do some self reflection. Being in the public eye and being seen with different men is not a good look and you are giving Dwight Howard a reason to take your son away from you. Don’t load the gun for him, stay out of the public eye for a while and just take care of you and your son. What is meant for you will be for you,stop falling for these guys so hard because it will only hurt you in the end. When true love comes you will know it. If a man tells you that you are crowding him more than likely he will not be around very long. Do you boo and give yourself time to find that special man.

  • Bentley

    A hoe gon be ah hoe! No disrespect, cause I’m trying my hardest not to be hoe anynore!

  • Bentley

    But when it comes to the children…that’s ah horse of a different…yam…keep them busters from around yo baby!!! Middle fingers to them niggas…you got money! Nah go 1st (class)

  • Bentley

    You shoulda stabbed with athe pin a lil while recording it…if 1dtyou person he swing @is yo baby…then, yam! Yah aint mine!

  • Royce is one of those people that just doesn’t get it. The problem is the people who don’t get it, don’t get that they don’t get it.

  • Loving my life

    As a wife & mother I think it is best. That u take some time to get to really know your self spen more time with those who really loves u & know you best! @ the beginning & end of each day that u are a mother & everything you do your son see good & bad keep that in mind.

  • Shannie

    People get me…so quick to say what someone else should do. Worry about your own life. Anyone who has been in love and it always turned out as planned please speak up……waiting…I didnt think so! We live and we learn, simple as that. No one is perfect..

    • my 2 sons

      I met Royce and she’s the sweetest person…she takes care of her son and loves him…you can see the love by being around her to witness it. So don’t throw stones cuz you never know whats really going on…give her some credit and support. So she falls in love easily…who hasn’t…so she’s had a few flings….Im sure she knows the guys she brings around her son more than what the media claims and its not our biz anyway…She has her own money and doing her on thing…If your paying her bills raise your hand….didn’t think so. Stop being negative…focus on the positive!! No One is perfect thats true!!!

  • boogie

    i agree its her business but her son needs to stay away from these men

  • Bitch, you don’t know what’s healthy you write a blog about other people’s lives. Weak ass no life having fake bitch.

  • Who the F***k is Royce does anybody know hahahahaha i watched the show and only know Evelyn, Tamy, Shaunie and i think suzie or maybe sucia something like that.

  • TYNA


  • poppytyler

    There is no right and wrong on any of the threads,but enough is enough and too much is too much.In Royce defense,shit happens. Serial dater or Or Serveral dates at once..Your chdn should be introduced when you know the relationship has foundation and a future and that time frame is different for everyone.

  • walker

    Yes Royce please stop doing that to your Son, not Healthy. Wait until u know fa sure what is gonna happen, maybe like 6 months to a year, you think.. IJS

  • Shay

    Royce, u are a very beautiful girl and theres no dout in my mind that u r not gonna find a man thats right for u. Dnt look for for him, let him find you!! Pray and ask God to bless u and leave it alone. U r doing great for ur self and I no sometimes u feel u need a man but honey I rather see u without the hurt then to go through the hurt, as far as your father, I think he is a great man that wants great things for his daughter which will come in dew time cause it somebody for every body and hes gonna love u for u and except lil man!! May the Lord bless u, keep u in perfect peace and allow u to enjoy ur life to the fullest, life is to short!!!

  • Sorry yall but i saw this one coming, Royce seems to be a sweet kind loving mother friend & daughter, This guy just got into the NFL and if I was his Mom i would tell him to shop around have fun date. You dont get married in your twenties, you have fun build relationships. They just met at the wrong time. Royce try dating owners who are not married and leave these young buck ass players to the girls in thier twenties.