Basketball Wives | Season 4, Episode 10 – Recap

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The racetrack fiasco continues with Jennifer and Nia fighting. Evelyn gets upset when Jennifer mentions Nia doesn’t have money to sue anyway. Evelyn bursts into tears and is emotional. What would have happened if both Evelyn and Nia stomped Jennifer? They would both be in jail. Nia wants to know when Jennifer is going to wake up and both Nia and Evelyn want to fight Jennifer and claim she lived in Nia’s house. Jennifer leaves and is visibly shaken and Evelyn gets emotional because she feels Jennifer thinks she is better than everyone.

Both Shaunie and Tami are loving the drama, Tami didn’t want the drama to turn into all of this. Right. Why is Nia so upset with Jennifer to merit a slap to the head?

Jennifer and Single Black Female Stalker Kenya have drinks, Kenya is loving this, now that Jennifer isn’t in the circle anymore, she has someone to commiserate with. Jennifer states over her recent fallout, that she did everything with her former friend, including getting baptized. Baptized where and in what? Cosmo’s?

Evelyn and Tami laugh it up over the fight. Tami kept Jennifer’s earring as souvenir. Now you know if someone did that to Tami, Tami would be screaming threats to everyone with ears and then come out swinging.

Kesha fills Royce in on what happened at the racetrack. They also plan to meet up at Dave & Busters, a sponsor of Basketball Wives to meet Royce’s new boyfriend.

Evelyn is at a photo shoot for her book, The Inner Circle. Cash Money’s Birdman, I refuse to call him Baby, is along to see his latest cash venture. Tami stops by and they discuss, Jennifer filing a police report. Tami thinks it’s ridiculous for Jennifer to file a report. “You take your a** whooping and keep it moving”. Is Tami serious? You know Tami would have fought back and then sued. Evelyn claims that Jennifer has only 4 colors on her lucid lip line. According to Lucid’s website they have 5 colors.

Kenya takes Jennifer to a kickboxing class, Jennifer states she wants to kick some a**. Poor Jennifer couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bad. Although earlier she said she does what the white people do and sue.

Kesha, Evelyn and Suzie go shopping, they discuss the Jennifer, Nia blow up. Evelyn announces Shaunie is planning a trip to Tahiti, you know where Tami takes Kesha’s handbag, because Tami doesn’t like drama, yeah that trip. Evelyn wants Jennifer to come on the trip, I wonder why.

Royce warns Suzie the drunk to be on her best behavior. Kesha and Suzie meet Dezmon, Royce’s boyfriend and they have fun.

Later during Evelyn’s birthday, mani-pedi date, Shaunie and Tami arrive, they both cannot make Evelyn’s party; Shaunie because of her children and Tami as her mother was in the hospital. She appreciates the gesture of them making time to see her before they left.

Evelyn’s birthday was full of surprises, a party with friends and dancers, didn’t Evelyn have a problem with Royce when Fantashique danced for her last birthday? A Maserati and Birkin bag from fiance Chad. Suzie shows off her limber talents on the pole.

Just know if the puppet-master Shaunie, didn’t allow her cast to behave that way, they wouldn’t.

Next week
Royce shows us how not to cry on national television.

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  • Evelyn is a hot mess so ghetto. I would had sued too , They need to grow up n they give black women a bad rap

    • mslune88

      Evelyn is not Black nor Susie

  • Lac81060

    these women are a disgrace. shame on shaunie oneil for letting this go on.thought she was better then that.

  • Impervious

    Why is Evelyn so concerned with Jennifer thinking she is better than everyone? So what she supposed to think high of herself…. Evelyn cant talk anyway…. The comments she’s made, “None Mutha F(beep) Factor” , ” You aint about this life” Isn’t that some form of judging or thinking that you are above the person that you are talking to…..  IJS…. Trust me I understand it’s Reality and TV ratings but come on do you always have to show your ass to show your character?  I guess so.  Thank you for the Monday night entertainment. 

  • it’s funny how Tammi seems to be kissing Evelyn’s ass. Evelyn talks about how Jennifer talks about people beneath her or she thinks she better than everybody, BUT she does the same thing. I am mad at Jennifer. She can fix her mouth to say she helped a friend while they were going through two different break ups, but couldnt admit to them being  there for her at times. Shaunie is weird to me, I mean Evelyns going t break all her shit and she aint never going to tell her to stop acting like a WILD ANIMAL! Oh and Evelyn BETTER leave KENYA alone before Kenya WHOP THAT ASS! I am getting bored of the DRAMA. I mean how long are they going to be mad that Jen, is choosing to change. Plus I can see why Jen distance herself from Tammie and Shaunie also. Every time Evelyn and Jen gets into it Shaunie and Tammi under Evelyns ass just a SUCKING. So I would be distant also. Honestly I feel Everybody keeps saying ” now you see the real Jen.” obviously you didnt have a problem with her before being however you trying to get people to see  she is so whats the problem now? These bitches are confused and they all act like animals. (oh I forgot it’s entertainment)

  • this chick Evelyn done lost her damn mind!!! I know she didn’t say, how can you judge or look down or whatever she said, at a chick that doesn’t have what you have? Chick are you retarded…you do the shit everyday!!! Talk pure trash about chicks that don’t have what she got…ain’t that right Royce? Laugh, Joke them and everything else! Look at her shoes, look at her hair…if that ain’t talking bout somebody because of what they don’t have then what the hell is?! She used to talk about Tami! Talking bout Kenya right now! Listen if you gonna be a bitch, be a good one and admit when you do dumb shit! It looks better on you than fake tears!

  • Mzkandy09

    this happens when yo mouth write checks that yo ass cant cash…..i love the show!!! word of advice if u dont like them dont watch or blog about them ….nuff said!!!

  • Mssweetdaisy1

    +what Piss  me off is Evelyn and Tammi and the girl that slap Jen can say whatevery they want  but when Jen say something ugly to them they jumping on table and crying cause they feeling got hurt  throw a knife with a knife these girls cant take it but they can dish it .they Know Jen not a fighter,  and Shunie always acting like she so dame surprize when something happen she sit there with that look on her face even when a WINE BOTTLE about to bust her head.