Basketball Wives | Season 4, Episode 11 – Recap

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Tami, Evelyn and Nia go for drinks and actually verbalize and believe that Jennifer is making the situation worse between them because Jennifer is talking to the media about the assault from Nia. Are they serious? Let Jennifer or someone else smack them and it would be the apocalypse. Have we forgotten season 3? Evelyn asks Tami to look out for her so she doesn’t get arrested in Tahiti and she wants to sting Jennifer every time she her. Let’s just say Evelyn does hit her, then what, Evelyn will be arrested, period. Evelyn, Nia, Tami and especially Shaunie need help. Trying to stay relevant shouldn’t mean you have to resort to violence, cattiness or animalistic behavior. You all look ridiculous, stupid, immature and ghetto/trailer. What was once an enjoyable show has turned into a freak show.

Royce teaches Tami and her daughters Jasmine and Lyric some dance moves.

Chad asks his fiance Evelyn to come out in the rain so they can chat, he wants to wear a red suit for the wedding, Evelyn is not having that.

Suzie, Kesha and Royce meet on the beach and discuss what happened when Nia assaulted Jennifer.

Observation: Kesha and Royce have no waists

Royce tells the ladies that her dad is coming into town but she is apprehensive about his visit. Royce also states that Dezmon has asked about her ring size, but she doesn’t know when he will ask her to marry him.

Jennifer is casting for her Lucid Cosmetics commercial. Has anyone seen a Lucid ad yet? Kenya comes to visit her. Kenya states that Jennifer is now her girl, since when? Jennifer informs Kenya that Eric, her ex-husband called her and apologised and owned that he was the one to blame for their marital break down. Wow, why wasn’t this phone call aired? Eric will probably announce a completely different conversation he had with Jennifer. But if her did apologize that was mighty big of him.

Tami and Jennifer get mammograms; finally VH1 is showing something that is important and not about fighting and is a serious health issue for us all. Women and men, check your boobs.

Royce and her father take a walk on the beach and he is adamant on his feelings about what she is exposing her son to, in regards to how many men her son is seeing her with. All Royce could say that she was happy. Her father states she has said that on many occasions. Yes being a single mother is difficult, but when you made a child, you had to grow up and your responsibility for that child is number one. So whether you are happy or not, your child shouldn’t be around multiple men. She has been in relationships with 4 or 5 men since the beginning of the show.

What were your thoughts?

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  • Leanderson_73701


  • Alicialovett14


    • She act like she like Like Jen I mean for real who get mad if somebody does not hang with them no more. She trying to be a bully but she did not go that hard when her and Tami got into it. she was not loud than

  • I think the show needs to be re-tooled…get these crazy fools off and put on some women that are ..married to basketball men ?

  • Luv

    i agree with all that is said. This show was a show I enjoyed watching. But now the women have gotten getto. There is nothing good to say about any of them. I am shock that Chad still want to marry Evelyn. I am shock that his family is not telling him to back out. I am sure Evelyn should realize that his family also watch the show. An that is the kind of woman coming into the family that will disgreace them. All the other woman is nothing to talk about. It’s just childesh and ugly behavior on all of their part. The show is not worth watching anymore. An the show is called Basketball wives. None of them is a basket ball wife. Only Shaunie was married to a basketball player. The other either have a kid or dated a basket ball player. It dosent count. Jennifer yes she was married to on and is getting divorce. She does count as a basket ball wives. Not the others. Evelyn should not even be in the show anymore she is marrying a NFL hello its not NBA. An they are all using the media to gain fame. Now Evelyn has her own show with Chad………… please give me a break. I am sorry but the world is suffering and this country is as well. These television ppl has money to waste on shows like this they should put their money to good use. These people are not helping anyone. I don’t support any of the reality TV shows. I have better things to do with my time. I am giving myopenion on this show because I used to watch it. Wake up Cbad you can do way better than Evelyn. She will disgrace your family.Is that the kind of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. She has no class. None of these woman are ladies NONE OF THEM. They all are out for money and jumping from men to men.

  • Kcdazon

    Evelyn is ghetto and so is Tami.  Shauni is an instigator – she puts wood in the fire to keep it burning.  Chad and Evelyn will never get married – he is a whoremonger. Evelyn needs to remember that she is the mother of a teenager daughter.  They are all acting like project people.  I forget that Evelyn is from the Bronx projects. Oh! I could go on and on but I just do not have the time.  If they continue acting like whores/gangsters then I think the show should come to an end.

  • Guest

    I use to really like the show but not so sure about that anymore. Too much drama. I agree with Jennifer. Nia was showing off for the other girls and Jennifer is gonna have the last laugh. Like Jennifer said ” who are you and why are you even here”. Maybe Evelyn will pay her attorney fees and any judgement she gets against her. Can somebody tell me why Evelyn always trying to act like she so bad and wait for security to grab her. When Tami was ready to tap that ass Evelyn was quiet as a mouse. Tammi was gonna beat that ass. How Evelyn gonna get mad at what Jennifer said about Nia when last season she was the main one talking about Royce and what she had. 

  • Gigi Corleone933

    Royce is still a little girl, Jen didn’t see anything wrong with bulling in previous seasons, Evelyn & Tami are still the same (like it or not), Kenya is crazy, Kesha is alright so far and you can’t blame Shaunie for how grown women act.

  • Sexyhsortis

    Correction is Tami an Evelyn went for mammograms. 

  • things are really crazy….I have to admit that out da gate I never really cared for Jen,only bcuz she is a follower…she started out as a follower (Everything Ev did or said was the definte answr)-then she became a hater… no matter how much ov a hoe ur bf’s dude is,u tell her-u dont tell other ppl cuz even tho u r talkn about him,ur shitn on ur girl discussin her business with others especially when u were goin thru wut u & ur husband were she ddnt bad mouth him,she jus said things to build u up-so its almost as if she secretly wants them to fail bcuz hers did//…&now she is this “better than everybody,smart mouthed tuf/scary chick”….she is too much ov a chameleon,her shade changes with da days change…stop putting urself in fuqd up positions girl…if they dont like u& ur still friends with a few ov them;only meet up when the ones u do still deal with are around-&if by chance u do see them around-stop sayn shit that u knw u cant back up.B SCARY & QUIET.or TAWK DAT SHIT &GET IT ON….BUT DONT TAWK DAT SHIT THEN CALL 911….also-when bitches that u knw are still around the other ones come to u tawkn about it tell they ass u dont wanna tawk about it cuz they are only gunna take that shit baq…this is not rocket science ppl-….& 4 every1 who was mad @ Eric 4 throwin da drink back (f*** DOUBLE STANDARDS) he thru the drink BACK-which means she thru the drink 1st-if she didnt wanna get dashed,she shouldnt have dashed him-so kudos2 dat man cuz she was showing out for tv& got shown the fuq up…#dropx mic

  • LiL Mama

    Royce is definately a little girl in her 30s…Epic fail…She needs to grow up and stop looking for validation. I like Royce don’t get me wrong, but it is hard to take her serious with any relationship. Especially after seeing her arrogant boyfriend(hoefriend), all on MTO from twitter regarding his BM. Evelyn is very insecure and all her bitterness and foolish ways makes it very hard to respect her. She is a hypocrit and so full of sh*t. Tami ain’t sh*t in my opinion. Now she was one I use to have the up most respect for, when It came to keeping it real. Hopefully by next season, that stroke would have gotten her on the up and up. Shaunie O’neal all I can say is SMH…You have no leadership or stand out qualities, ur just the ex- wife of a baller with a few ideas…So disappointed that ur friends with all of these ladies and can not bring some type of respectable, mutual truce. And have the nerve to pick sides…You funny style b*tch, no wonder Shaq cheated. Put them kids on a diet…Don’t you see the first lady trying to spread world wide obseity. That 11 year old of urs is a cheeseburger away…So sad, Chad is funny a** and he is simply getting his 15mins of fame..Chad don’t do the spin off, it’s a reality tv curse..Ev is an attention whore, so r you…but u will regret the reality show. Kesha is a simple minded mix breed under cover weak hoe..Why is she being casted?..So boring…boooo..Simply Nooooo personality…Kenya words can not describe her hot mess. Hair wack, clothes wack, dance wack, voice wack, character wack…but i guess we all have to do what we have to do to pay the bills….Suzi, when is somebody gonna slap that mut in her damn mouth…Two faced, messy, mouthy b*tch is not even enough words to describe her..YUCK..Plz get ur vampire teeth fixed, ur on TV…Save the best for last…Ms.Jennifer Williams, Now you see it doesn’t to tag behind a b**ch a** like a puppy, because sooner or later the b**ch was gonna snap on you. Hopefully from this you have learned and become stronger. Make your own judge of character in people without the influence of other ie; Evelyn(Messy)Lozado…What u did with Nia was right on, that pizza face hoe should learn to keep her hands to herself, this is not damn elementary, Now if u would of cut that hoe straight cross her face with a fork, it would of been self-defense…If I was an assisant, u best believe I’d look like something… I guess Evelyn hang with ugg mugs so she can feel pretty…hehehaha….Lmao..Let me tell u what real class/hard core/respectable reality wives are…Now maybe someone will read this and take note…Tiny, Kandi, Toya, NeeNee(b**ch and all), LaLa, Chrissy, Kimbella, Marlo, Shaunie, Jennifer, Lisa, Monica….Stir a few of these women up and I’m sure you will get class, hood, laughter and respect…Some cat fights, but hands will stay to themselves…Black women have a little more respect for yoursemves…That’s it and that’s all;-)

  • Karen

    I agree with Royce’s dad. Why is it that women think that it is ok to expose their children to different men. Why do you think men act the way they do. It’s because single mothers expose their young boys to that lifestyle. If they see a different man in their mothers life while growing up chances are that they believe that that’s what men are supposed to do, be in a relationship for a little while and then move on to the next woman. I was a single parent and I personally refused to expose my kids to any man that wasn’t their father. If I dated it was on the outside of my home. It was a respect thing for me. 

  • Jamila_vargas

    I use to love watching basketball wives. Now they just sad and getto!!! It’s a shame how they let tv change them. Black women need to stand up and make some changes bout themself. It’s sad how the show ended up. I don’t like seeing black women act like this. Vh1 should be ashamed of themselves and so should the women. No one on the show is married to a basketball player so on that note the show should be called ex basketball wives. Lol.

  • Me_2010

    All I can say is that everyone needs to stop blaming Shaunie for their problems. She is a grown woman making money. All she can do is show viewers what they want to see. No one had a problem when Jennifer was talking crap to Royce on the reunion show nor any other time before that. Just because Jennifer has came across some women that are not going to take her crap everyone wants to be on her side. Jennifer shouldn’t be running her mouth if she cant back it up. I’m not saying that the way Nia and Evelyn acted was right because it was very childish, but I’m not saying Jennifer didnt deserve the slap either. It is what it is. Jennifer needs to watch what she says next time because she can be sued for talking crap also. As far as Tamie, I think she’s a nice person and she’s just speaking what she knows. Kenya is a nutcase and no one can tell me different. Keisha is a cool person she just need to watch what she says around certain people. Suzie is a freak. Nothing else needs to be said.