Basketball Wives | Season 4, Episode 13 – Recap

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Tahiti Terror

I watch most reality shows. Watching this episode made me angry, or should I say, I felt pity for Tami and sorry for Kesha. Pity for Tami as she is obviously in need of an intense 365 day therapy session at Passages in Malibu and sorry for Kesha, because she doesn’t have a degree in handling people with a mental condition and she shouldn’t have said anything about Tami in front of the Miami Herald, New York Post, The National Enquirer – Suzie “Water Mouth, Gossip Monger” Ketcham. Tami continues with her verbal assault on Kesha and grabs her bag and states the only way she is going to get her bag back, is if she asks Tami for it. Kesha leaves and get’s as far away from Tami as humanly possible. Tami tells Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn that Kesha will not get her bag back until Kesha asks her for her own bag. What?

Suzie: FOR THE RECORD…I had NO parts in saying anything about what Kesha said to Tami!!

There was only two people there, so Suzie is saying it’s Royce that blabbed? Hmmm Right.

On the way back to the hotel, Tami goes through Kesha’s bag, wears her sunglasses and goes through her phone. Evelyn helps her look through the phone too. Shaunie in her side interview and on the bus is laughing about everything that happened. Tami thinks Suzie did the right thing in blabbing to her. Tami explaining her actions was like watching Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mom), Sheneneh, Drita D’Avanzo and I love New York all rolled up into one – a terrible combination of nonsense. Tami wants an apology from Kesha and to ask her for her own purse back, the one that Tami grabbed.

Back at the hotel, Tami pretends she is Kenya and gets her room key, they plan where they are going to place the dead fish as a prank/hazing.

Suzie visits Kesha and states that Kesha should apologize to Tami. Is Suzie higher that normal? Kesha obviously is not going to apologize. Suzie runs back and blabs to Tami.

Tami: She’s thirty something years old and still operating like a child.

Of course Tami is acting like a mature adult and mother of two. Tami decides to go over to Kesha’s hut. Evelyn and Shaunie stand in her way, Kesha does not answer the door. Tami leaves and Kesha lets Evelyn and Shaunie in the room. Kesha is a mess and is physically shaken due to Tami’s bull like behavior.

Tami are you on any meds, your view on reality is warped? Kesha then wants to call the cops. Suzie thinks she is stupid for doing so. Kesha goes to the front desk to report her bag stolen. Suzie tries to stop her as that will escalate the situation. Suzie doesn’t want to get in the middle of everything. Suzie, then piece of advice, shut your mouth, you flap your lips too damn much. You are always in the middle of all the drama, because you like to talk too much.

Tami comes back and states she is going to give Kesha back her belongings. Tami with all her might and glory says she doesn’t respect Kesha as she went to the front desk to report Tami. Kesha according to Tami isn’t decent as she didn’t come and talk to Tami, who as your know is so reasonable and so very approachable. Tami leaves. Shaunie and Evelyn don’t want Kesha to leave – are they serious? They didn’t stand up for her but they want her to be around Tami. As Kesha explains her pain, as being a child of mixed parentage and being bullied. They do not understand her struggles. Evelyn starts to cry, because she well and knows that Tami was beyond wrong, but she didn’t stand up for her.

Shaunie and Evelyn chat with Tami about her behavior, (sort of), no one came out and said Tami was wrong. They are both afraid of Tami and her bi-polar behavior. Shaunie doesn’t do a very good job of explaining anything to Tami. Tami states that no malice or negative intention was involved when she said Kesha didn’t look like a Kesha, but instead looked like a Lisa. Tami you don’t get to define what is offensive, if you offend someone and they say they are offended, apologize. You don’t know the history of Kesha’s reasons, neither do I, but if someone is offended be the bigger, sensible and mature person apologize and say you didn’t mean to hurt her.

On the way to swim with the dolphins Evelyn starts to cry again as they talk about Kesha’s verbal assault, she says it’s not because Tami was wrong. Evelyn you know Tami was wrong, that’s why you’re crying, you can’t even you can’t lie about that anymore.

Shaunie: We did feel so bad (smirks) but the day must go on

Suzie, Evelyn and Shaunie go swimming with the dolphins, Evelyn asks the trainer for some dead fish for their Kenya hazing. They have fun in the ocean and later at back at the hotel, Evelyn and Suzie place the dead fish, squid etc all around Kenya’s room. Shaunie kept her hands clean and hid behind the curtain, as if she had nothing to do with it, we can see you Shaunie, the curtain is see through, you may not have touched the fish but you too are an accomplice as well as the creator and executive producer of Basketball Wives.

Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn chat with Kesha on the beach. Suzie asks if she is ok. Why the hell is Suzie asking such a stupid and late question like that. Are you ok? You weren’t concerned when Tami went off and you sure weren’t concerned when Tami wouldn’t give Kesha her purse? Shut up Suzie.

Kesha leaves the island.

Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami go on a sunset cruise. Suzie decides to stay and wait for Jennifer who is on her way to the island and have dinner with her.

Jennifer and Kenya arrive.

After the show aired Tami released this statement:
I just landed in NYC, but I did catch 2nites episode on the plane. As I said earlier, this was BAD, wrong & immature-I apologize… I’m not proud of my behavior, but I own up to it and face it. I do apologizee 2my family, my friends, my kids & 2 my cast members. The supporters who have been there, I’m sorry I let U down-this was not handled properly & I felt bad THEN and now. I simply ask that U b respectful 2my kids-they R NOT on BBW & do not control my actions on the show. Don’t become what U criticze. I would have blogged this but I wanted 2 address it as soon as I landed. Accept it or not, I acknowledge & apologize to ALL involved.

Sorry Tami, your apologies mean nothing. When you hit Meeka last season, everyone thought it was funny, because no-one liked Meeka. Now that you have berated Kesha who is likeable, now there is an issue. You apologized to your family and all involved. Apologize to Kesha and better yet don’t act like a fool on national television. You are role model to many people and you have two impressionable daughters. You can never rationalize your disgusting behavior ever. So think before you speak, don’t lash out and DO better next time.

Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie & Suzie you are all NON Factors, bullies, cowards and irrelevant.

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  • I think all of the fighting is getting old I dont even wanna watch it no more

    • Amy_hall6483

      I saw that they are going to do Season 5, and I’m really not even interested in seeing it!! I used to love seeing what all the ladies are involved in professionally and their dating lives, etc., but now all the show is about is drama, cat fights and straight up bullying!! Total nonsense!

      • Lilymaey2k

        only way i will watch again…if they change some of the people…..this show is out of control…these (girls not women) are embrassing

  • Crystal

    I dont think anyone should leave if they knew better they will do better!!!!

  • Pmh1978

    The problem is that a Tami hit Meeca last season and that was wrong and no one called her on it… Tami is only sorry because of the backlash, and the fans are turning on her. I refuse to support them and give them ratings Shaunie is the worst

  • I can not believe that Tami big and grown had the nerve to call someone childish, like what she is doing to that poor girl is not childish and immature. They need to be ashamed of themselves, all of them 

  • ladys1

    No wonder why you had that “mild heart attack”-calm down-life is too short “boo-boo”-not worth it at all-watching the show-I was so embarrassed for you…damn…

  • Luv_or_leev

     Tami: Bitch, if you want your purse?  Lucky I got it, u left it.  PLEASE……U threatened the woman and kept running your flap…..I would have called the POLICE.  WTH….Tami, should have threatened her EX-husband, hell fought him…..How GHETTO.  THEN Shaunie and Evelyn “tried” to assist PLEASE!

  • Ken_coat

    That’s why your health is not good bc of the wrong you are doing. I have lost all respect for you. Apologize now but you were dead wrong…u easily forgave Evelyn and she was the one that screwed your husband… drunk a**elsewhere bully

  • ladys1

    p.s can we say BULLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • ImJustSaying

    need to swell up Suzie lips so she can’t separate them. She don’t need
    to tell nothing until she can’t tell it correctly anyway and she know
    Tami take stuff way out of proportion and she runs around talking about
    everyone else behind they back but when
    she think someone said something about her then he yelling Respect me
    don’t talk about me I got issues things happen to me… Dumb ass shut up
    cause those are punk ass excuses. Everyone has had things happen to them. To treat an individual like a dog is awful. And Kesha didn’t put herself in no position she didn’t say she was gone go off on Tami or that she wanted to. So should she say she said that just to make Tami happy. Kesha don’t have to baby Tami. Kesha said “if” she would have wanted too. And plus it was a while ago. Tami screw you. The race thing offended her just like it offended you that someone may have talked behind your back. Everyone aint gone say stuff the way Tami want so everyone dont have to cater to Tami and why everyone always got to listen to Tami but Tami big mouth cant listen to no one else and why she want everyone to care about Tami when she “dont give a f*** about Kesha” or anyone else for that matter.

  • Charleszettajl

    I love Tami as well, but tonight…SMH SMH, never in a million years would I have thought that I would have seen anything worse than Evelyn acting all monkeyish by jumping over the table and throwing bottles, but tonight just outdone it all, in my opinion, the girl was in tears everything that Evelyn has ever done added up to this one thing that Tami has done, I’m so outdone and in disbelief, Tami how could you be so mean, even Evelyn was in tears, wow

  • she’s got to go….

    Tami apology not accepted…you just know you are not liked and will soon be off BBW. I see why your x is an ex..if he had to deal with that stufff on a daily basis..i see why he turned his back..pure mental crazy person he could not deal with…sorry for the kids that have to deal with her mental issues.  Tami please seek help and say you are sorry to the one that you should be saying it Keisha….Keisha I am sorry for Tami’s action and glad you did not jump on that “MEAN GIRL BAD LANUAGE BAND WAGON”.  YOU ARE A CLASS ACT KEISHA….

  • She’s got to go

    Can we get two new ladies for season 5…some with class.Shaunie just stay behind the scence if you are going to kiss the bullies ass.

  • Jyvonne32

    Aww Tami, your name and character proceeds you…they way you acted on REAL WORLD…FIGHTING A DUDE!!! AND NOW ON BBW…this is past ridiculous!!! PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GROW UP!

  • bigfan…1

    suzie talks too damn much dats wats up!!!!! cant stand d bitch n like these other bitches dont get dat,not to trust suzzie any at all!!!! damnnnnnn

  • tiffany79


  • Brown Sugar

     wish I could seclect 3 to be booted off the show Suzi( the shit starter) & Tami (for listening to the shit starter).  I would not tell Suzi nothing!!!

  • Inflight99

    Tami is out of control and Shaunie needs to put a stop tp all the drama..this last episode was totally ridiculous and straight Bullying by Tami…This is totally ridiculous with all the cussing and all the threating that Tami is getting away with..If I was Keshia I would sue the hell out of Shaunie & Tami..this show is a joke because in real life some woman would be slapping the shit out of Tami right about now! She is A straight BULLY and Shaunie should be ashame of herself for allowing it.



  • This is a learning experience, and hope that one day Tami and Kesha will be in that place were both can talk with confidence to one another and put whatever the issue is behind them. I love awtching basketball wives because every woman on there including tami and the rest of the ladies are beautiful and have strong insight to pursue further, We all have issues and demons that are hard to get rid of, thats why therapy is so important. I can say Im happy that Tami did not hit Kesha, but what was disturbing was what was said after wards. To the ladies congratulations on the comeback, but be aware you have male viewers that find this shit very entertaining, especially black males that are all the more will consider other races because of this,,

  • Tammy

    It’s all about ratings and Shauni is the puppet master. These ladies do so much more in the community but unfortunetly people don’t want to see you doing positive things. They want the arguing and fighting. Face it, a lot of people watch it for the drama that’s involved. Granted, I think Ev and Tami have been excessive this year but they trying to keep a job. And the producers gonna edit out the good and get their high ratings with the arguing, fighting and foolery. #myopinion



  • Tyler D

    Wow is all I got to say.  You know you over did it when you cause Ev to cry because she felt so bad for Kesha.  Suzy is such a snake in the grass, I felt bad when Ev went all crazy on her about running her mouth but damm if Ev was not 100% correct about that.  All Suzy does is cause fights becasue she can’t hold water.  Glad Kesha didn’t give Tammy the satisfaction of a fight, and made Shaunie and Ev reflect on the crazy behavior.  I really hope Ev reflects on that because although she is really upset about how her freindship turned with Jenn, she did the same thing do Jenn, only Jenn will not let any of the women see how hurt she was.  Last watching this episode made me feel bad for Tammy too, she is really damaged inside and lashes out at people and projects such a hard shell, but she really needs some love and understanding.  Not everyone is out to get you Tammy and anger is just a mask for hurt and it’s okay to tell someone they hurt your feelings, you did it with Suzy and worked through things without violence and yelling and it worked.  Don’t be afraid to try that with others, no wonder she had a mild heart attack Tammy holds everything inside.

  • Melanie

    Tami said on twitter a while back that a producer for the show told her about what was said.  So if the producers are stirring up mess, how can we expecting them to show anything positive that is done?

  • jazzy♥

    This was really sad, the whole episode I was shaking my head. I said to myself “Tami you know you are so wrong on this show, all that Anger Management out the door”. Tami needs to do a personal apology to Kesha on the show so everyone can see it. None of this blogging S***.  To the rest, shame on you for not standing up to Tami. You guys can sit there and pick on the new girl but when it comes down to standing up for them, you act like a bunch scardy cats.

  • reattha

    Ok so Tami has a problem with ppl talking about her behind her back… did I not just see Evelyn & Shaunie talking about her in this episode? Lets see what the big bad wolf gonna say to them about “disrespecting” her. Tami need some serious help, she need to check in a 120 days program, come out, then go back in then do 120 days more. She need several AA meetings, & a good back on the street ass whooping! After Tami taken care of grab Evelyn by the back of her neck & smack the sh*t out of her 7 times cus we all know she cant fight forreal. Last but not least get a needle & thread & sew Susie’s lip 2gether after her teeth is knocked out. Sit all on a couch 2gether & let them think about what it feels like to be bullied.

  • Per4lif

    Tami needs to leave the show she’s acting to ghetto for a grown ass women.You forgave evelyn for screwing your husband and that was worse.You pick on the weak pick on the right bitch that will hold they own.Im really starting not to like all this drama with grown ass women.Suzie is a big mouth she tells everything she scared or just an ass kisses..

  • Ionce’

    OK, Tami can JUSTIFY her NO MALICE on the race thing and THINK Kesha should NOT have been offended, WELL Tami you should NOT have been offended about something that was carried 2nd handed to you and by someone you don’t trust.  You waited to confront Kesha and had to do it after having your liquid courage. YES you are a bully and should seek help IMMEDIATELY and not just sitting on someone’s couch.  You need MEDICINE along with that couch. Don’t be offended because people are referencing your two daughters because REMEMBER, Kesha is someone’s daughter as well!!!

  • HotPink91

    everyone get off tami she is a boss f*** what yall saying that other bitch need to stop talking shit f*** yall TEAMTAMI 


       Clearly you’re cut from the same Dumbass cloth as TAMI, if you think by any stretch what TRIFLING-TAMI did was okay…”BOSS”? chile please put down the stupid juice!! Good luck in life should you ever cross paths with someone like Tami and she treats/punks you as Tami did Kisha!  Spin that how you like….its obvious that you have a Ph.d in Stupidity!!! GETCHA MIND RIGHT, when you know betta, you do betta!!

  • Roshallf

    tami you are a disgrace to black woman. get a book and read. Learn something worth using other than your stupidity and foul mouth. 

  • Jachanibo

    on the question above who should be voted off the island? there should be an a,b,c, and d option……….

  • Jbella20

    This was so well said it was so wrong poor kesha why would she wanna fit in with those women is beyong me and its all SHAUNIES fault she produced this show and its pretty much grown women acting a fool not to mention they ARE MOTHERS .. Set positive examples shaunie that makes money too .. Shaq took it all from her even her brain

  • nicole

    boo on you tami

  • Larababx

    Tami u make me sick. U need to be off the show cause u say u keep it real but u are very fake.

  • deanna

    suzie is a damn liar!! tami already said in tonights episode and last weeks episode that suzie was the one who told her what kesha said!!!

  • Tammiclay99

    Well well well once again Suzie has ran her dam mouth again, she still haven’t learned her lesson after almost getting he ass whooped herself. I kept wondering how did Tami find out what she said, then I realized Kesha did tell that to Royce and Suzie. Then I thought SUZIE!!!! She has ran her mouth once again and started some mess AGAIN. Then she has the nerve to wanna talk all calm to Kesha and ask if she was ok. Ummm No Bitch I’m Not Ok Cause Once Again You Went And Ran Yo Mouth. Tami is too old to be acting the way she is acting, but then again I remember her on the Real World and she acted the same way.  She was wrong for the things that she said, why do you think you can keep someone’s belongings and depend on them kissing yo ass to get it back and not call the police? What planet are you from Tami? When a person like you take over something that belongs to a person like Kesha who doesn’t want to fight you that’s what they do call the police, cause people like you Tami are scared to go to jail, that’s why you fight or try to fight everybody else.  I’m really getting sick of this show the more I watch it. Then all of them just sat there and let Tami attack Kesha, NOBODY SAID OR DID NOTHING. If I was Kesha I would never talk to any of them cause you didn’t even try to help me. Shaunie is the dam producer and she didn’t even try to step in. I don’t blame Kesha for leaving cause I would have too, nobody deserves to be treated that way and with people who call them self your friends watching you get attack. They talk alot of shit about Royce, but one thing about Royce is if she was there she would have stepped in rather she is Kesha’s friend or Tami’s.

  • Bhosslady

    Shaunie never says anything and she is the biggest bully. Shaunie is a non-factor because she always gets involved then takes a back seat. never has she revealed anything about herself but she always pushes for drama. Bitch needs to sit!

  • Twinkie2

    Tami & Evelyn have become bffs because neither one of them would back down when they were in a confrontation. Now the two ladies have formed an alliance to be two grown ass bullies to the rest of the cast with the exception of Shaunie (the ring leader), Shaunie instigates & keeps her hands clean, never speaks up when the “wrong” is being done, but always seems to try to come along to be the “peace maker” after the fact. The ONLY reason why none of the ladies ever argue or fight Shaunie is because she has a say as to whether they get a check or not. These women are a disgrace to all women. I would never want to be “about that life” or “in their circle”

  • Cheriangelface

    Susie stated to Keisha that she didn’t want to be in the middle. You already were when you blabbed your mouth to tamie. I think she set Keisha up just like she did jenn.

  • Billyhartman
  • Jen

    Tami’s Anger Management Therapist needs to be fired lol bc it isn’t working! Also Tami needs a major a$$ whoopin! Not Funny, cute, or classy…

  • Karen Stewart

    This show is so out of hand it needs to be cancelled.  I’m so glad I don’t know Tami, because right now I would be in jail. Tami is a bad person, bad mother and nobody wants to see her on TV

  • Tami is a bully.  You will get yours one day from someone who is just like you but worst.

  • Lilymaey2k

    Suzie u need your butt beat down….i love to come across you….your mouth run to much….for no reason….that stuff you told on kesha was right after tami and kesha had the first fight and after they made up…kesha didnt say anything….u just want to start trouble for somebody else so it wont be on your punk ass…..

  • Calasnow22

    will yall pt sumone on bbw 2 fuk tami crazy as up

  • Carlasnow22

    tami eve no how ur husband fuk n u hur bbf

  • Mrsnmcclendon

    Where is the “all of the above” button?

  • Helen Thompson109

    This is probably the reason why Tami had a heart attack, because she so damn angry. The way Tami bullied Keisha was completely sad and I think how all of them(Shaunie,Evelyn, and Suzie) sat there and didnt tell her to chill out they just as guilty. Tami anger management “IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU”. You need some meds to calm your ass all the way down.

  • Supa

    I am calling my CABLE provider to Cancel BRAVO….

    Such Disrespectful DUMB BLACK Women ….. You make all black women look bad….

    You argue OVER NOTHING…. Get jobs, and stop living all of FAKE reality shows…… if this is your reality … I feel sorry for EACH and EVERY one of you….UGH…. such a TURN OFF…

    When i get to MIAMI, i hope i see one of yall so i can SPIT in YOUR FACE….

    Stupid bitches…

  • Tami is a bully and her actions have serious consequences she acts as if she is still in the hood.  Shaunie needs to take more responsibility for her show before a very bad situation happens she produces the show so she has control on what should and shouldn’t happen… Evelyn is full of shit all that mouth she is also scared of Tami.. no one should stand by and watch a bully abuse someone like that.  That makes you a bully also shame on you Shaunie , Evelyn. Suzie you need your ASS KICK….

  • tabitha

    I think Tami is the most childish woman I’ve ever seen on TV, clearly she has lots of issues that have nothing to do with Kisha, get some help Tami;o/

  • It pains me to this this bcuase I really liked the show, but I think its time to cancel the show. Last night I watched in shock….I had said after this season I would stop watching the show but after last night I am done watching the show. I can be a part of rewarding this….

  • Enough

    Tami needs somebody to whoop her ass one good time! Eve, Shaunie and Suzie should have told Tami to sit her drunk ass down. They all make me sick, and we wonder why our children behave like idiots…

  • Wandaf1225

    Win lose or draw I would’ve fought that birch Tami fir my purse. Tami I have no respect for and Suzi is a shit starter with her weak ass. THEY NEED SOMEOND ON THIS SHOW THATS GONE STAND UP TO TAMI.

  • ralphpolo

    Believe it or not…Shaunie starts a lot of that mess…She not funny lookn for nothn….Suzie they will get you next….Tami i have no words for your triflon ass…That’s probably why your hubbie left u

  • haters

    shit personally kesha needed to get cussed the f*** out shit! f*** that bitch, she shouldnt have talked behind her back, tami from the streets not a tea party so that is exactly how she handled it… #TEAM TAMI

  • Shaunie, has a lot of control on what happens on that show. Last season they protected Tammi and never air on  the reunion show what Tammi  actual said. Tammi (She) represents  a number of New Yorkers in a negative manner and I am sick of it.

  • guest

    why is ppl hating on tami, SHE WAS THE ONE TALKED ABOUT!!!!

  • Shawntajacks

    I just cannot believe how Tami acted on tonights show. She is a bully indeed! Kesha was so scared she probably pissed on herself! If I was Kesha I wouldnt f*** with NONE of them, at all! Evelyn and Shaunie did not stand up for her at all. Ok Kesha said it, and what! Tami you are a grown ass over 40 year old woman still bullying people. EVERY EPISODE THAT INVOLVES ALCOHOL: Tami Wilds out! I would never want to drink with her ass! That episode shows just how much we as black woman need to do better. I wanted to go through the TV and whoop Tami’s ass for Kesha! Yea Tami hit Meeka but she aint bout what she be talking about. Alot of people are from the “hood” or “projects” that dont mean you gotta act like it. The saying holds true to Tami, you can take the bitch out the hood but you cant take the hood out of her. LASTLY, I PERSONALLY WANT TO WHOOP SUZIE’S ASS TOO, WHY DO HER ASS GO BACK AND TELL EVERYTHING?!?! BITCH YOU ARE NOT LOYAL! That does not show Loyalty that shows weakness and a sucka! She yearn for friendship and will do anything to get it, including running her mouth. And wtf is a “circle” f*** they circle, the only person I like is Royce. She is the realest one to me. Evelyn cool but she knew Tami was wrong and failed to defend Kesha, than she want to cry. Trick keep your “crocodile tears”….and IM OUT TILL NEXT WEEK

  • Davajo222

    I think kesha should be voted out only because she doest fit in with this group of people and because she didn’t stand up for herself.


    Dear Miami Glitzy Gutter Rats,
    I am NOT surprised by your foolishness and/or bullsh*t….Tami, you need help and yo azz whooped!! You are damn near 42 years old, OMG I am thoroughly disgusted by your actions last night.  How dare you bully the weak, You may have gotten that ish off on TV, but i’d bet everything that if they cast CHRISSY LAMPKIN or MARLO HAMPTON or NENE LEAKES…..shiddddddd, oh but miss hunty, they would have shut yo ass the fukk down long time ago.  You test the weak, but if they put your equal on the show its a wrap!!! Evelyn is a certified punk for not stepping in/up  to check TAMI on her bs. I can’t believe you just sat back and watched this ish go down, Im amazed and clearly you saw that it was wrong, b’c it was written all ova ya face!!!  Shaunie, you are worse than TAMI because you’re the producer of this show, and you had rights to edit this BS out, but for *RATINGS* you kept and showed the world; you’re built quite fukked up!!! You’re making money off this foolishness at any cost.  You are sad and pathetic, as much as we say Tami needs therapy, SO DO YOU!!!

  • Speciallone

    Tami…why is it that you always ACT before you Think….that is just down right childish, my heart goes out to Kesha and i really feel sorry for you because if think what you are doing on national TV makes any since then you are sadly mistaken @ Susan you are just so two-faced,  I have never seen a GROWN WOMAN act like they need a friend as bad as you….You are just SAD! I will definitly keep you all in my prayers because you need it.

  • Injones2005

    This episode was the most offensive episode yet Tami needs some medication, it’s really sad that a so called woman at her age would act like a fool on national tv. Tami it doesn’t make you look good to bully someone that is clearly not confrontational, and who is trying to avoid any issues it makes you look like a old fool, and stop hiding behind your past you have control over your actions. And to the others who stood by and watched her get attacked by this fool, you are cowards!!! A bunch of sad chicks.

  • Ntabron758

    Any woman who had class and respect for herself and others would not act like Tami, Evelyn, Suzie and Shaunie.  The only women who have some sense and respect for themselves is Jennifer, Kesha, and Royce.  This show has become tasteless and stereo-typical.  Shame on you women.  Take some of that money and buy you some Class!

  • Avalle79

    Tami needs to control her anger and just chill………….stop acting like a damn fool on television…you know what you do to others turns around and bites you in the ass later on in life and if not you , you do have children and Karma is a bitch….

  • Mslovie7714

    Last night show was so crazy, you have a lot of bully’s and the way these suppose to be lady’s are really crazy. The show has turn me off from watching there behavior is not acceptable. It start’s from the producer of the show “Shaunie”, she sit’s back and try to keep her hands clean, but is the main person with the drama. Evleyn, is another one that want to make her self look big, then you have a dummy like Suzie that still has not learn her lesson on running her mouth, But most of all Tami, this over the top drama queen has not meet her match….only on television.

  • Mzqueene

    Tami only pick on people she knows she can punk bring her throwed off ass to Baton Rouge she will be the one crying begging to get he purse!!!! Ijs

  • VivaciousV

    Tami is a bully and everyone else on this show is afraid to tell her so. I couldn’t even stomach the entire show. BBW’s has been permanently deleted from my tv radar. It’s just too damn whack.

  • Cori

    Ok Tami may have took it too far but Keisha needs to stop running her mouth point blank period… She knows how Tami is so why continue to pop off about? I feel sorry for the innocent not someone who is well aware of what their saying and how the person is their saying it about… Kesha is not innocent if she was she wouldn’t have had nothing for Tami to approach her about… Just because your crying doesnt change the situation we all can cry!

  • sherry

    This show has showed bullying at it’s best, grown ass women i think some are mothers, i thought the show would get better dont ask me why, that was it for me, can’t watch my sisters act like they are in need of meds.

  • Longlegged

    Suzie ass would have gotten her ass beat so much by now from where I am from – she wouldn’t open her mouth even to suck a dick. Tami actions are just disgusting. And ever since Tami beat Eve ass all she does is kiss it now. Shaunie is the ringleader in the bad representation of colored woman.

  • MZSEXY730

    TAMMY YOU F….K UP!!!!!!!

  • Mrsglass2u

    Was the very first time I watched an episode..I felt physically sick seeing a grown woman abuse another human being so horribly. It was torture..then to try and manipultae the situation saying you did her favor by picking up her purse since she left it. I was scared as hell of Tami too,but I would have taken a beating and stood up for Kesha even if I was not in her group of friends. How do you sleep at night Tami? You say you don’t respect shouldn’t respect any of those women …not one of them did the right thing. I am disgusted by you and your castmates and I actually never want to visit Tahiti at this point. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what you did…it was evil and cruel. You are a hood rat and $ will never chnage how harsh you are. I don’t know what you experienced as a child..I went through difficult and abusive times myself …ythast why I could never allow anyone to be bullied. I think thats why this episode hurt me so badly. Appauled and disgusted. I will NEVER watch this show again

  • Fearless_47

    I respect ppl that speak their minds when there is an issue to discuss… Tami has no real issue with Kesha, she just wants to have meaning on the show. Kesha is the only cast member that is an easy scapegoat and that’s why Tami is pouncing all over her…. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself because she just sat there and allowed Tami to embarrass Kesha. Suzie should be beat for running her mouth.

  • Mikeandme23

    Tami you really need help. You are very mental. Shaunie is a scared ass bitch. She is way wrong as a producer to even let you bully someone like that. You are so childish for going through her purse and he stuff. You need to check yourself into a mental hospital because you need serious help. They really should not let you back on the show. I feel sorry for your daughters. You set such a bad example. You beyond a bitch your CRaZY!!!!!!!

  • Monicalivery

    And by the way who died and left her ass in charge of that cant nobody say anything about her but she can do all the talking about kesha and everyone else, for real I was so piss at her for that, cause I felt like Tami was putting on a show for shaunie and Evelyn, she just didn’t know when to quit, enough was enough she got the point. Everyone has anger management but only you can control it, I felt like Tami knew what she was doing and knew what she was saying, don’t blame it on the alcohol. Now Suzi is soooo f****** too face and she sat there like a big as bully telling her not to go to the police or you wont get you bag back, only you making it worse, like really, for real Suzi you is a grown ass women grow the f*** up and stop acting like a f****** 5 year old going back and telling everything that is being said. You are the reason why Tami went off on kesha, you are the reason why that girl trip came out to be a nightmare, if she would have been hurt physical you would have been blame for it cause your mouth is too got damn big, shut up sometimes. now the Kenya issue I just don’ know what to say on that the girl is not bothering yall so why are you harassing her, cause that is what that is.

  • Monicalivery

    Suzi has diarrhea at the mouth, there aint no medicine that can control that

  • nesstea

    This entire show needs to be revamped because Suzie is simple, rude and talks too much and keeps stuff up (me and her would never get along), Tami has been on a TV reality show before so you would think she would have learned about her behavior and how the things you say do affect people, Evelyn needs some anger management desperately or she needs to go (just don’t go to Tami’s doctor, it doesn’t seem to be working at all), my favorites are Kesha and Royce, and it’s doesn’t make a difference if Jennifer stays but she’s way better than the former listed. Kenya is weird and i don’t think she anything to add to the show, and lastly Shaunie is all out WRONG for ALL the behavior, period, on the show. She allowed Jennifer to get hit, TWICE, she allowed Kesha to fear for her life (remember Kesha don’t know any of these girls from adam). You should have more respect for yourself and your friends to not allow them to go there. Just because you’re not doing the act directly doesn’t mean anything, you’re just like a maestro in an orchestra or a ringer master in a circus. You are allowing your “friends” to look like fools and foolish.

    • Cherisse

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Especially about Suzie, she is nothing more than an ole’ noc-kneed instigator…and she is very sad. I really hope that between Suzie and Tami they really get some serious help. Ms. O’Neal, please revamp your show.

  • nesstea

    I’ll believe if Tami is sincere if she can say that to Kesha directly. Other than that, it’s just PR. 

  • Roshallf

    yes i think Shaunie is a little scarey, and she should no better. kick her as off and shut down the whole dam shoot. They are portraying black women in a negative way

  • Lewispatricia85

    Tami you should be ashame of yourself, i dont think this is just about things that happened to  you in your pass ithink this is how you feel right now about your mistakes you made in your pass and you are taking it out on other people(weak people)I dont think you are as selfconfident as you want people to believe, You are a Bully you and your friend Evenly and i think THEY SHOULD HAVE LOCKED YOUR ASS UP SHE DID THE RIGHT THING BY CALLING THE POLICE I THINK YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MADE A BITCH AS MOVE BY BULLING THAT GIRL AND TAKING HER BELONGINGS KNOWING SHE WAS AFRAID OF YOU YOU LUCKY SHE DIDNT JUST PICK UP SOMTHING AND JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU , JUST BECAUSE SHE IS NOT WHERE YOU COME FROM DOSENT  GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BULLY HER YOU WERE AND STILL IS WRONG FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THAT GIRL WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG………………….

  • Cuetojess

    Tami is NO role model only for the real non classy ghetto chicks with her eyes rolling, lip popping, neck rolling, and finger snapping thinking she somebody mother. I wanna she her get it popping with  CHRISSY LAMPKIN or MARLO HAMPTON or NENE LEAKES like mention before. Bullies always pick someone who is scared and/or smaller. She is a big fat animal that needs to go back in her cage with the rest of the beast that don’t know how to act. And what is up with her hair is she bald headed cause all she has is these micro braids that she either have wet and wavy or straighten out get a new duo DUDE. 

  • butterfly2128

    Somebody give Suzi some pepto she has diarrhea at the mouth maybe that will help her shut the hell up

    • Brumfield_amanda

      MyThing is why do the disgrace have to step in disgrace to our black women, is it all about the rating….why can’t we see some mature sosipcated women who’have money an making a better life for themselves.. setting examples for all women out there letting them know that’s there’s a life after a fail relationship…why all the bulling, and the drama show us that y’all are women who are business women. also that y’all have pick up the peice’s for yourself yr, children Shaunta why throw a brick an hide yr hand.Evenlyn why beening a bully and cursing so much make you feel like you on top of the world be yrsellf,,TAMIE YOU HAVE CAME ALONE WAY STOP BULLING PEOPLE.. you have two teenage daugthers think about  its not worth it suzie know yr place leave the drama alone… Keisha keep being you keep yr Intergity..Ross thanking you for changing this season…Kenya keep working hard and find out what make’s kenya happy. I really  didnt watch this season ‘

  • A MOM!

    I am disgusted with that episode last nite, so what she said she could’ve gone off you looked ridiculous last nite, they all contradict themselves, only they r allowed to say or do what they think & god forbid anyone else does. I really liked Tami & Ev, but watching them this season is above surreal…Shaunie is just there, does nothing either way shes a punk, Suzie is the biggest ahole I ever saw, shes a flip flopper, doesn’t want problems but opens her diarrhea mouth, Tami is a bully, bully & more bully this season & her sidekick Ev, who also gotta get liquored up to start shit, c’mon girls you have children & especially daughters, what if a bitch talked to them the way Tami spoke to Kesha…All I’m gonna say is if I was there doing shots with that going on I as a friend, Suzie 2faced, I would have gotten that bag back…I don’t care if she would have beat me but I would have gotten the bag back and she would have had to kill me.  But in the end thats my anger talking cause i have girls (3) & would never let them see me like that!!! I hope Tami is getting help & I will not watch Ev & Ocho, w.e. non factors they r ridiculous, if I see they start to be examples than maybe I will return to watch, we all like “watching drama, he said she said shit” but last nite was about bullying & hazing, now next week poor Kenya gotta deal with it! Sucky!!!

  • Mscricket00

    Keshia is weak and need to be off the show. By the way she’s a mess starter aswell as a coward…


    Well…I see why the ball players dumped these ho’s! Just gold digging round the way chicks! Shannie? OMG. Kudos to Shaq for dumping her..Then again he didnt do no better with Hoops. TAKE THIS DAMN SHOW OFF THR AIR

  • Dat Diva

    I really thought Shaunie was better than what I saw.  I thought Shaunie has always portrayed herself as a mother and classy, but last night I saw her as a bully and trying to entertain pubescent, immature and basic bully behavior.  I stopped watching the show because of Tami and Evelyn’s nonsense.  I do occasionally watch Jen, Royce and Kesha.  All I have to say is DO YOU FEMALES KNOW HOW OLD YOU ARE?  I think the only reason Tami picks on people is because she has low self esteem and bullying makes her feel relevant becasue the things that come out of her mouth are just plain ignorant and made you look even more of a bully and stupid. 

  • Chamillionbaby

    WHY IS NOBODY ADDRESSING THE FACT THAT KESHA IS A THIRTY SOMETHING WHO HAS ISSUES FROM CHILDHOOD ABOUT BEING A MIXED RACE CHILD AND HAS DIVULGED HER MISTAKES INTO BEING ABOUT HER BEING BULLIED BECAUSE SHES NOT BLACK ENOUGH??? I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SINCE SEASON 1. SINCE TAMMY CAME ON THE SHOW. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG IN SAYIN KEISHA LOOKS LIKE A LISA I KNOW PLENTY OF BLACK GIRLS NAMED LISA. AND SHE LOOKS WEIRD AND SHE KNOWS THIS SO Y NOT OWN IT???? ARE YOU EXPECTING PPL WILL NOT ASK U OF UR ETHNICITY? SHE WENT TO EVELYN ABOUT IT WHEN TAMMY SIMPLY ASKED IF U HAVE ANY ISSUE PLEASE COME TO ME DIRECTLY KEISHA NEVER OWNED UP TO GOIN TO EVELYN AT THE TABLE NEVER APOLOGIZED FOR HER STATEMENTS AT THE CANCER EVENT WHO DOES SHE THINKS SHE IS. IM SORRY I CANT STAND GROWN ASS WOMEN WHO HAVE DELAYED GRATIFICATION AND CHILDHOOD ISSUES AND CONSTANTLY PLAY THE VICTIM WITH TEARS BECAUSE THEY HAVE POOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS. AFTER BEIN CONFRONTED BOUT THE ERROR OF HER WAYS SHE GOES BACK N TALKS MORE SHIT ABOUT TAMMY AS THOUGH ROYCE N SUZIE WOULD NOT RUN THEIR MOUTH N STILL CAN NOT OWN UP TO WHAT SHE SAYS?? OMG. Tammy i understand being in this light is tough.. the apology is fine its a testament to the kind of person u truly are but please TAMMY dont think that there r not ppl out here who f*ck with u and f*ck with what u stand for. and we understand u tried to say it as clearly and politely as u could u would think the b*tch watched wat happened to meeka, YEA KESHA I SED BITCH there r ppl in this world who use that word believe it or not. U hav lived a sheltered life where all them white ppl was sensitive to every little tear because u were black n wanted to make u feel amongst but u r grown n in the real world now u better as a 30sumthin know how to handle urslf cuz no one is goin to be kissing ur ass. Evelyn is just a flake man u have no loyalty u stand back n watch ur assistant slap jen friend for over 10yrs over not hangin out anymore when she cud have simply asked for her keys back but then sit there n cry with keisha cuz she dint have big enuff balls to admit to tammy she went a 2nd time to talk sh*t. I really shud sign that petition for ur show not to be aired. U slept with this womans husband n she still forgave u n befriended u. U cud have interfered by jus takin the purse to kesha for tammy but tellin kesha she needs to leave if she cant b a woman about her sh*t. WE HAVE ALL GONE THRU SH*t N KEISHA AINT THE ONLY MIXED RACE GIRL. IT SHUD NOT B THE REASON SHES SEEKIN PUBLIC SYMPATHY BLOGGIN BOUT BULLYIN JUS CUZA ALL THE CRAZY SH*T GOIN ON IN AMERICA WITH THESE KIDS IN SCHOOL. BEIN ON TV IS A RESPONSIBILITY IF U AINT READY SIT THE F*CK DOWN SOMEWHERE LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD

  • Webbie922

    Tami is a Bully… and everyone on the show is afraid of her, not sure what kind of medication she takes, but they should ensure that she takes it (or at least not drink since it seems to alter her personality)  I can only say that couldn’t have happen to anyone that I know… We would have just had to take that fight on, because you just can’t take others belongings… I wish it would have been mine… they should let them tape in DC next year “I promise you” someone would tax that ass… (Evelyn could get it too)…

  • Nolaw33

    Everyone saying Tami needs meds, what she need is a real ass kicking, straight from the streets. Where she from. Right? When she say her apology to all involved, I missed where it said Kesha. She want others to think about her kids, but she was not thinking about them. This girl is full of it. Her and Susie should be cast off. Evelyn should go too, jumping on top of tables and throwing bottles, what kind of women are they. It’s true what they say; $ can’t buy class.


    The “Basketball Wives” reality show is losing support among major brand sponsors.



  • Lovemeonly_111

    When you don’t speak for someone as helpless as Keisha YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY WHEN YOU WATCH SOMEONE TREAT THEM LIKE YOUR FRIEND TAMI…..

  • Lovely_dollface

    Cancel the show. They are bad examples of human beings. None of these women are even wives. They’re shit!

  • Pcreyes1965

    That wild animal is a miserable DAMAGED, fat, old, bi-polar bully that needs to tranquilized and put in an institution.  She should be fired and spend 3 years working on herself, going through AA and taking some serious medication AND the US gov’t should revoke her passport ’cause everytime that wild animal leaves the country she acts a dang-fool.  The other 3 worthless cows should be ashamed of themselves of letting that wild animal attack Kesha.  Gloria Govan had it right: shaunie and her wolf pack – a bunch of wild animals.  They sat there and did NOTHING and then tried to defend that animal and her wild behavior.  Shaunie, you can’t use that excuse: “she’s a grown woman, I can’t tell her not to drink”, you know what Shaunie, YES YOU CAN!  You say, if you take a drink and act a fool, no more pay checks for you!  I’d bet she’ll stop drinking in that moment.  That wild animal sold her soul for a pay check and she won’t jeopardize it.  No wonder Kenny Anderson divorced her and let her with nothing… she’s a mouthy, nasty, angry, wild animal with mental issues.  He’s so turned off by that nasty bi-polar behavior that he went straight to a white woman.

    RESPECT IS EARNED, not demanded wild animal.  Apologize to Kesha, leave the show, go to AA and find a new therapist to deal with your damaged abused past and check yourself into an institution/insane assylum for at least 3 years ’cause you aren’t fit to be around normal acting human beings.

  • Soy Sauce

    Point blank. Kesha needs to go, the only reason I say this is because the Bitch knew what she was signing up for. That was not Tami’s first season, now was it? I know Kesha looks sooo helpless, but she keeps on tellin Suzie ole ugly azz shit bout these women knowing Suzie buck tooth azz gone run and tell. Shit she has been confronted by Tami 2x’s Evelyn 2x’s  & Kenya was gonna so say wax that azz too one time. She wanna be so bad but can’t back up the shit she keeps on saying. First of all you ain’t been there long enough to call none of them Hoes yo friends. She should not have trusted any of them with shit she thought, esp after the first time Suzie ran back and told some shit. She is gluton for the punishment the BBW are dishing out. I do not Condone what Tami did, but she is not wrong by herself, Suzie ran back with the shit, and Kesha is the one that keeps on talkin in front of Suzie loose mouth Ketcham. I wouldn’t tell that Hoe my foot hurt, she’d probably say I said I don’t like someones shoes, backwards Bitch done got all this drama started. Every since The BBWs made peace with that crow, she been steadily makin mess to keep shit off her. See how fast she kissed Tami azz when Tami went off on her at Shaunie bday party. She rather put heat on someone else. Bet you she tell Jennifer and Kenya what happened instead of letting that shit die down. Im disapointed with this last episode, cause true enough Shaunie had all rites to edit that shit out. And Yes Chrissy would have broke Tami up in that situation lmao, but I also think they would have gotten along because they both speak they mind and that’s where the respect comes in at. 

  • Soy Sauce

    team Tami all day

  • Graciebupu

    So Tami didn’t care that Kesha was offended by the racial comment…..but wasn’t Tami the same one that was offended by the food stamp comment a few seasons ago?? Hmmm… Selective memory at it’s finest. I’m a nonviolent person but would like to have it out with Tami.

  • Tammy is a bad example of a mom and so-called mature woman.  I can’t believe that at her age, she’s still a acting like a teen-aged bully.  What she did to Keisha was a shame and it really showed that this childish chick ain’t about nothing.  I used to somewhat like Tammy because I thought she had her own mind, but in Season 4 Tammy has proven to be nothing but a two-faced troublemaker, bully and a follower.