Basketball Wives | Season 4, Episode 9 – Full Episode

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A trip to the races turns explosive when Evelyn’s friend and assistant Nia challenges Jen’s recent behavior.

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  • kellz

    Ev need to grow up and now she is letting her helper do her fights now…Get it together…grow the hell up.

  • liz

     Eve an’t you paying your assistant well? wiz up with the wack wig and where the hell did she get that dress!!!!!???? girl if you’re trying to get some camera time you need to get your shit together, come on Nia REALLYYY!!!??

  • Sut63

    I think this show is one of many that will put anything on TV to make a buck and get rating. These are NOT women and I use that word loosely when it comes them, that young women should look to. Evelyn looks like an old fool running across a table. Most of these women have children and Evelyn has a daughter that I’m sure loves her but can’t be proud of the way she portraits herself. I also think Shaunie who has many childred herself can honestly think this show is of good taste. I realize this is just another sleazy reality show, and I do change the channel. The point is it would have been nice to have a show about strong women of all color without the fighting.           All Shaunie has done is proven to all that watches is that you can dress them up but don’t let them loose animals will be animals. It’s ashame we have a President that is fighting for women, and then we look on TV and have a show of all women which we should be proud of but can’t be. I remember a show called Girlfriend that showed women being strong. And I don’t watch your show, I have but once I saw the direction the show was going in I stopped!! A show of poor taste    

    • kutena vaughn


    • Kenmayes13

      As long as a black person is making money, that all that matters. It always about the money. Shaunie is a bither divorce women, that try to make another way except for sleeping with a NBA star. She useing her brain to give the public what they want to see. Most ghetto women every where love this show.

      • BiancaGirl89

        I like the show and I don’t live in the ghetto.  Racist much?  Also everybody loves making money, not just black people dumbs.  Look at Donald Trump.  He loves to make money and is he black?  No , so take your comments and shove them up your ass.

  • Jmonique5690

    what is wrong with Nia’s hair? and where did that nightgown Nia had come from? #epicfailure

    • Jmonique5690

      had on*

  • B4781sd

    That show is the pits…Evelyn is crazy and if I was that guy I would not marry her crazy ass…The show has no class with all the money they have it is ashame….That girl that hit Jen…If she would have tried me that would have been the end of that show….I would sue all there asses…..Tami and Shunie like to push things to happen…Suzie and all the rest are just as crazy….I do like Royce and Jennifer…I pray that they will find a better show  for them in the future……Please end that show…too stupid…

    • Kenmayes13

      But you watch it so see it the pits. That all tv is. Make that money shaunie. Keep showing America how black women will act after one of those NBA men dump them. You are my hero I wish I came up with this idea.

      • Simfanatic74

        First of all, your comments sound racist and ignorant.  This show has what 5 black women on it and your totally generalizing the whole situation making it seem like all black woman act this way.  
        As you said this is TV.  Real mature black women don’t act like this so you need to get your f’n facts straight before you shoot off your stupid mouth.  Have a nice day. :)

  • Nia is a little muskrat in a wig!

  • Sharma Jackson

    I wonder if tammy can hang with nia’s ass????lol

  • lady first

    Ev should be put off the show I don’t enjoy it any more. All that fighting is not good at all. She should be a lady not a wild animal . Also I don’t know why that man of her want to merry her very low class.

  • Denise

    I bet when the cameras stop rolling, they all hug and say ! wow, that was close. I hope I didn’t hurt you . There is no way women of this age could really be ready to fight all the time ! I’m sure they have some real moments of hurt feelings and anger But not to the fighting level, I hope anyway , that it’s mostly putting on a show !