Basketball Wives | Season 5, Episode 6 Preview “Tami Gives Evelyn Advice”

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On the next episode of Basketball Wives, while at her photo shoot for Vibe Vixen magazine, Tami talks to Evelyn on the phone about Tasha’s comment and advices Evelyn to tell Tasha how she feels.

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  • Ms.E

    Grow up and let shit go Tammi DAMN!!

  • Pretty_Tatted

    Tasha needs to be replaced.. She’s boring and no one cares her husband fu$ked their chef.

  • mzmurray32

    Tammi is really starting to work on my last nerve…she’s always in her damn feelings! Gurl!, let them talk! Damn!

  • Dorothy

    Evelyn !!!!! Are you really taking advise from TAMI ? This show is getting TIRED !!!! What Happened …..?are you guys not finding ding anything to film about?

  • CAliQueen

    Lol @ how everyone is going in on Tami at the advice she was ASKED to GIVE.

  • Pam vereene

    Even though Tami is a little coo coo I thought it was goo advice for her to just let her know what she said just wasn’t cool it’s the mature thing to do..ijs!

  • arlene

    Tami gave some good advice period wht did she say that was wrong.. if something someone said hurt u address it with that person.. tami said if it was her she thinjs she would have gone to blows over it because she thibks that simple minded sometimes.. and told evelyn to talk it out.. good advice..

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