Basketball Wives Spinoff | Ocho & Ev

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Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco will have their spin-off titled “Ocho & Ev,” filming starts this spring and will document Evelyn and Chad’s upcoming wedding and new life together.

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  1. avatar
    Alleshablair Reply
    Eve is to much this time around!
  2. avatar
    Cocoabeige Reply
    I wonder will they have a Threesome? 
    • avatar
      Bmsjackson Reply
      I’m sure they will both are hoes anyway
  3. avatar
    Chocolatyro Reply
    Ocho and Ev . . . . i like the two 2gether. Go head EVe . . ..  get that man!!!! Happy for you both . . . . i wish you both the best and surely wil be watchin the show.
  4. avatar
    Bmsjackson4 Reply
    I don’t think they will last one cuz eve is ghetto and chad is a whore this is all for tv chad u better get a prenup eve is gonna look stupid becuz he will never stop testing the waters HELL he don’t even look interested in her on the show It’s like he just say things to make it look good on the show well good luck to the both #ifchadcanturnahoeintoahousewifemorepowertohim
  5. avatar
    Vicki Lynn C. Reply
    Hell no, I won’t be watching those fake, drama queens that looks like made-up men with hair weaves.  Please put some decent shows on TV.  The women on Basketball wives are phony and full of shit, especially Tammy!!  I would love to whip her ass!!!Those shows are not reality (real).  Those people are as fake as you get and will do anything for the right amount of money.  Get rid of all the “so-called” reality shows, except for shows that features people with real talent such as Amerian Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, So You Think you Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Face-Off, and Project Runway etc. 
  6. avatar
    Auguillards Reply
    she thinks she is somthing else bitch aint nobody but f****** athles
  7. avatar
    Stootsie733 Reply
    How stupid and desperate could Eve get,are u serious . Lets pretend Ocho don’t cheat and let me know when  u do please. Eve ur as dum as u look and just for being a dum cunt i wish he does cause ur after him for his money anyways. I hate bitches dat think there better than everyone else u fake ass bitch. Hope u get what ur dum ass deserves lmao. I would had luved to see Tammy beat ur ass too bad she didn’t cause she would had messed you up. Someone needs to show u what’s up u GOLD DIGGER…
    • avatar
      Syriamyers83 Reply
      me too girl she deserves it kicked with all of that nasty mouth
  8. avatar
    Tew4378 Reply
    Chad is such a media whore i was waiting for something like this to happen. That’s why he’s with Evelyn. His career is all washed up. I can’t stand Evelyn. I’m glad she’s puerto rican and not black because her behavior is disgusting and we don’t need anymore people making us look bad. She’s an old a## woman with a child. I dont understand why she wants to fight all the time. As long as Ocho can stay in the media he’ll stay with Evelyn but we all know this will not last. If you have to have threesomes and allow your man to cheat to keep him your already starting out wrong. I give it 2 months if it happens at all.
    • avatar
      Syriamyers83 Reply
      Thank you and what gets me is how he only married her because she is puerto rican.
      • avatar
        Pfntucker Reply
        Yall some hatin ass bitches
        • avatar
          Memyselfni Reply
          Dude or whoever you are, nobody is hating. When a person keeps it real, people can’t except. You one of them Dum Ass Bastards who like to be lied to, aren’t you.

          Freedom of expression and my thoughts. And trust me, I own my own business, I’m successful and have a Hubby  
          No hating in my life.

          It is what it is, Reality show.. What you see is what you get and it’s all about rating.  Ocho Loves him some White woman and Eve is not light enough.

          • avatar
            Dro370 G1
            he may have sex with white women but all his kids are black
    • avatar
      Memyselfni Reply
      I love your post, because it is REAL and TRUTH  Evelyn is loud, rude, immature and needs to grow up with her old a>>  And she always throwing things, and only challenge those she can punk
    • avatar
      Ashleyr Howze Reply
      puerto rican people are mixed with black just like the millions of people that are “african americans” they arent pure black people. learn your history. evelyn clearly has black i her? nose, lips, body… theres no denying that she is black.
      • avatar
        Tande Reply
        The dumbest Shit ever written… I blame the Public School System.
  9. avatar
    Neatnee Reply
    All these bitches on here hating on ev and ocho. Get a f****** life and let those people do there thing. So much hate, is you all life so f****** perfect where you haven’t never been f***** over? Besides the media lie a lot also. Don’t watch to show, who cares. Ev and Chad beautiful couple, make it happen.
    • avatar
      Mzbettiboop88 Reply
      shut up u sound ignorant
    • avatar
      Pfntucker Reply
      I kno rite they talkn all type of mess hatin cuz she doin sumthin wit herself and wut they doin absolutely nutn i cnt stand haters who always commentating on somebody elses life yall need 2 get a life of yo own
      • avatar
        Memyselfni Reply
        Nobody is hating on Evelyn, she a hoe… what to hate on. Ocho is a hoe to, so are we hating on his ass.
        Evelyn isn’t light enough, he likes white women, and as long as she has stooped to his level and agreed to sleep with other women she STUPID. She doesn’t have anything, her store makes no money. And there are so many successful women out there including myself. With businesses that pull in money were we don’t need anyone else’s
        Evelyn is loud, immature, old and washed up, what she needs is some etiquette classes on how to be a lady, mother and friend.
  10. avatar
    tee Reply
    Never ONCE have she said she loved him…Did I miss it or did she?
  11. avatar
    Pfntucker Reply
    All these negative and nosey ass ppl need 2 mind the own business they dnt kno about yall relationship do yall thing hope it last bc it looks real 2 me i love wen celebs find real love #kudos 2 u guys
    • avatar
      Imatalent Scout Reply
      lol they on tv for millions to see n judge n u telln others to mind they own business wow thats priceless…lol…
      • avatar
        Memyselfni Reply
        My words exactly, Is Pfntucker mining his own business right now posting.  lmao

        Its all about the money, and you talking about the love look real. Smh  we know you haven’t had love.

  12. avatar
    Imatalent Scout Reply
    deep down in her heart she knows the real but all women love to believe in love and the fantasy of blissful happiness so let her fall down n get up on her own it’ll make her stronger n hopefully wiser if not oh well the world still
  13. avatar
    Phyllis Faberge Johnson Reply
    I cannot predict the future for anyone….blessings.
  14. avatar
    Phyllis Faberge Johnson Reply
    You finally made it into the circle….But, you and that mouth…smh Don’t say Jennifer isn’t in the circle becasue of her divorce or soon to be final divorce. Who do you think you are? That’s why I don’t like you…you talk too damn much.
  15. avatar
    Ms. Johnson Reply
    I am a reality freak and I will be watching… Chad is fine as f***!!! If Ev play her position team Chad will be a winner… She knew what she was getting into before she got into it. Though u talk hella shit and think you hard, Get your money bitch!!! Dick come a dime a dozen if it don’t work atleast you’ll have a dollar… #dothemath
  16. avatar
    Memyselfni Reply
    I don’t think she is light enough for him, and I don’t think she is his type. i give there marriage a couple of months. But he better protect himself, she might try to get pregnant so she have some income. But she is to ghetto, loud and not a lady at all. He has women friends all over, and his personality seem to be so out going and free spirited were she will pose problems.
    Evelyn needs some classes on how to be a woman, or she will definitely loose him very quickly.
  17. avatar
    Mspolli Reply
    Ocho’s the only person besides Tammi, who Eveline… yes I said it right Eveline cows down to!
      I just wish Jen had a little Tammi in her when it came to Eveline! I really hope Ocho does’nt deviate from
    the man he is . Eveline deserves just what he is made of. A whole lot of Bulls–t!

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