Basketball Wives | Tami Roman & Meeka Claxton Fight

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Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton got into a fight while in Rome, Italy. Tami punched Meeka right in the face. This must be the season finale.

No one was seriously injured in the fight but the two were promptly escorted out of the club by security. Clearly, Italy is the hot place for reality stars to behave badly.

Tami Roman

Meeka Claxton

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  • Melanie

    So when is Tami going to let Evalyn have it!!!!!!!!

    • tisha

      that’s what up

    • LisaS

      YES…!!!!!!! that is whats up………….lol

    • Lanae


    • millie velazquez

      wen is tami goin 2 let evelyn hav it u asked why, wood u ask dat stupid ass question u know dey friends now & i like dem 2 remain friends cause i feel dey both hav da same attitude & dey r soo good 2gether!!!

      • DeShawn A.

        besides they were friends before the altercation, but that bitch meeka statred shit from the beginning…..STRAIGHT FROM THE DOE…So she need her ass beat

    • Jenifer

      @Melanie – she’s never going to fight Evelyn because she knows that will be the end of her reality career. Tami is the real groupie. She jealous that she doesn’t have it as the other ladies. I wish someone would be her ghetto ass.

      • Dee

        if your not team tammi that u got to be fake cause she is the realist on the show and thats real…..your just a hater ewww your wack u nee to shut up

    • LOL

  • carolyn

    Tami is always trynna fight and stare up some shit

    • Ladytee

      stare???? lol at least she can spell…lmao#Ifyouleaveapostusespellcheckdumbass

      • aliciavasquez

        Hahahaha that’s was nice ima have to cop that but Tami my b&%$& meka deserved to get that ass whoop but Tami ita time for us to stop being mean to the lames hahaha NOT…

        • Brittany

          I know right. Meeka deserved to get punched out because she’s a troublemaker. It’s bad enough they all act immature but what I don’t understand is why is Meeka so adamant about trying to em in the “circle” this isn’t high school.

      • DeShawn A.

        lol right !!!!

    • unforgettalble

      I am disappointed with the ladies behavior. I believe as professional women there is no need for us to behave like we are still in high school. I am surprised at Tami and Meeka for allowing there ego and pride get the best of them. Shauny is having them act like fools on t.v so their family can watch with embarrassement and disgrace. They are not role models for their own children. It is unfair how Shauny makes sure while the camera is on her, she presents herself very well. She is clever with manipulating the ladies to argue and fight. It would be very interesting for someone to push Shauny to the point she lowers herself just like the other ladies.

      • velensia

        yes i totally agree wit u…shaunie is jus lookin at dem n laughin…she isnt real…like the rest of dem…she jus cheerin on in da background “yes tami is in another fight, more money 4 me” Shaunie give us viewers the REAL YOU!!! cuz i knw 4 sure ur a lil bitch inside..n its ok…we only human…STOP PRETENDING

      • Jay Dub

        That’s the thing…Tami is NOT a “professional woman”. She’s a tacky ass trick who nobody cared about til she got on this show. She was married and divorced from Kenny Anderson ages ago. All she really got out of the deal was 2 beautiful daughters. Other than that, she was of no consequence. She talks about Meeka but, for real, she’s just happy to have a place at the table. That’s why she’s always ready to start arguments and fights whereever she goes.


    • CoCo

      Meeka seems like a shady bitch and talks too much. I hope Tami whips her crispy black ass. Why is she on the show anyway she
      ain’t nothin but a refined hood rat.

      • mack

        Meeka is just trying to fit in she not doing nothing they all are doing the same ish they just let Tami fly off the handle and don’t tell her when she wrong so she won’t get mad at them..Yall need to watch the show again because Tami mugged Meeka and she won’t do that again Meeka kicked the ish out of her and they were handing Tami her weave after it was all over and Meeka’s weave was still in tact. So that kind of proves Meeka right about what she said about she has a better weave than Tami

        • Jay Dub

          First thing, how old are some of the people saying “Meeka needs her ass whupped” and “Tami keeps it real”?? You all must be in high school or junior high cause you sound really stupid and really young. The only thing i can say about Meeka is that she doesn’t know how to explain herself well. She’s probably just non-confrontational. She’s classy and knows how to act i public. She didn’t get her ass beat. She held her own. The other girls refuse to tell Tami the truth and that’s cause most of them are tacky, classless hoes too. Shaunie is the only other one with some sense. At least, she’s the producer.

    • DeShawn A.

      yes bye girl!!!


    Tami punk @$$…. Broke drunk she don’t have a life …. She did real world now she needs rehab… take a AA CLASS TRICK

    • Ms.Love

      Dang, do you know her personally? Because that is a hell of alot of anger for a brod that is on a show.

      • Gofigure

        yeah that is so true…sounds like to me your hating on the girl…putting to much energy and focusing on a reality star

      • Ladytee

        hmmm…a AA class? You need a grammar 101 class, I think you mean “an” AA class… Did you even read your post out loud just to see if it made sense?#IbetTamicanstompyourass

      • Marie

        U don’t have to know her to see that she acts like a ghetto rat! Makin it bad 4 sisters, actin all out of control. Its disgusting.

        • chubbybunny

          They ALL are an embarrassment to women in general. All they are is good tv drama for me to watch on my days off.

        • Chellie Chelle

          Ok ladies. Some of you need to enroll in etiquette school. Drinking beer, Starting fights and talking loud in public places just ain’t cute no matter how u look at it. Tammi is a rat with jealousy issues and why is it she can put her hand in someones face but doesn’t want noone putting their hand in her face? You have to give respect to get it! Also, Why is it ok for her to make little comments about Royce but no one else can? Isn’t that suppose to be her friend? Meeka made it clear she had issues with Royce from the jump. They all are messy and need to get their priorities straight. Making black women look bad and full of drama! Not a good look!

        • Kay

          Makin it bad for sisters… Yea ok! They only represent themselves & others that act like them, NOT ME! It’s entertainment & some people just can’t/won’t tame themselves or play for the cameras… Too much Realness I guess lol! I’m glad my kids don’t look for ‘Role Models’ on TV IJS…

          • Jenifer

            In actuality they represent all black women. Think about it, how many black people did you see walking around in Rome? Then trust me, they represent all black women, I don’t care what black women say about they don’t represent me and all that other BS. Why do you think other people that never met a black perosn in their live have a negative opinion of black? It’s the media, fool.

  • joey

    Meeka and tami are one in the same…what you guys fail to realize they both tell people mainly the other girls how they feel and they keep it real with everyone…and if they start shit that’s not there intentions they are just saying how they feel and they leave it at that…and you people are juding both tami and meeka because of what???their realness (if that is even a word) many people would die to have friends like that…in fact that’s all I hang around cool ass (pardon the language) dudes and chicks…I can’t stand fake people

    • MOGIE


      • Gofigure

        meeka doesnt keep it real…she talk so damn much she dong kniw what she said..or even if she said it…say what u mean and mean what u say…if u say it one time u should be able to repeat it…especially if someone is quoting what it is that u said…she is just tryin to hard if u ask me…she should have just come on the show with a open mind..and got to know everyone…im sure eveyone was gonna talk shit and try to influence her about the way she though about certain ladies but she should have had enough since to sit back and be quiet….hopefully after tami got done with her she play it safe….LOL!!!!

    • Ms.Love

      I agree with you 100%… I think people get a little to involved in the things they watch.

    • NolaGurl

      Dude, you must not have been watching the whole season. Meka? Real? You must be smoking. Comment when you’ve watched more then one 2 episodes. Now that’s real.

      • Eric

        People should really lay off Meeka. She’s kind of grew on me. I can kind of see why tami doesnt like her but why are the other girls so judgmnental of her. She really didnt do anything to them. Tami is the only 1 she did something to & tami needs to get over it. Plus tami is being a bully now. U cant live life thinking u can beat up anybody.

        • Josti

          Tami is a hood-rat envious of Meeka life point blank period. Meeka has her man and a life apart from the group Tami is just trying to hold on to any little fame that she can get, examples: she started off this season with a bad comment about Shauna and using Meeka for some info and when Meeka don’t comply Tami gets angry, her girls tossed her out (because they didn’t want crazy rep. them), she is alway drinking, still pissed at Ev for sleeping with her ex-allsoinlovehubby. Baby Beerdinking Girl gots problems and she is not to be trusted. Now she ACTING like she is Ev and Jen’s best bud Tami just love MESS. ~BAD REPRESENTATION OF THE BLACK WOMAN~

          • Shai

            Why would she want Meek’s life? I can bet it is not as good as it seems. Meeka is trying to pretend it is all good. Meeka came in the “circle” all wrong from jump. She don’t know them and judging Royce because she danced. So what you can’t make a man do anything he doesn’t want to. She must know her man will go for a woman like Royce and is hating on her. Tami is the truth, she is being herself.

      • luvmesumme

        Well I’ve watched everyone Meka has been on and I agree that she is fake. And it’s not. 1 episodes, it’s 1 episode.

  • Shaunte Dunkentell

    Ain’t shit real about that bitch meeka…you go Tami!!!Evelyn you next bitch…….

  • dmckin

    I just dont like people that hated on real people tami is real off top idc what she did i rides for her just cuz she is real so all da negative comments i laugh lol. broke lol are you on basketball wives lolol

    • @Dmckin, I’m laughing at you cause you’re not on Basketball Wives either so whats your point???? I’m never broke!!!! I’m a CNA been on my job 15 years and make good money!!!! My husband is a high paid lawyer..Once again NEVER BROKE!!! Nobody’s hating on Tami cause she real!!! I admit she’s the realest one on the show but she still drama and jealous of anyone thats doing better than her!!! I’m just saying she need to get a life and stop bullying the wrong people!!!!! She want try that shit on Shaunie cause she know her drunkass will probably be off the show!! I bet she want run up on a real bitch thats more real than her!!!! Before you go calling people broke you need to know their status first!!!! I WANTS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tpain

        If ur husband was a lawyer u wouldnt b a cna

        • Ladytee

          T pain I say DITTO!!!!!

        • Yes I would be!!!! There’s no if to it!!! You can’t live anywhere free..I don’t believe in using the system and stay the hell out of my business..Some people have to work for a living…I got a promotion last Thursday I’m head nurse now!!! Do you need a job???

        • Bullshit..My husband has been a lawyer since 1997 and I got a nice promotion last Thursday to head nurse I’ve been a nurse since 2000..So please talk what you know.I don’t believe in using the system!!! If you need a job come to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and if you qualify I may give you a job!!!! Smooches

      • Tiesha and Rachael

        @Wanda how in the f*** you gone talk about Tami and Royce when bitch they got more money then yo ass you just a CNA for 15 yrs where they do that shit at?? you should have been a RN or Nurse by now so girl i laugh at yo dumb. and if your husband a lawyer he should have encourage yo dumb ass to go back to nursing school why you on facebook braggin about that shit…show whos the dumb slutty bitch now??

        • @Tiesha and Rachael, First of all BITCH..I was working in a nursing home for 4 years.Ive been working at the hospital for 11 years..So when I say 15 years BITCH,I mean 15 years!!! I went from helping people in the nursing home, to working in the emergency room as Cna then finally working on floors..I left out the part when I became a Rna now head nurse BITCH so talk what the hell you know!!!!! I have no reason to lie about what I do for a living!! Could you be upset cause you’re one of them BITCHES that sit home and get a check once a month??? Ummmm!!! You and the animal that you rode in on maybe slutty bitches but I’ll never be one!!! You’re the dumbass cause you on here talking your shit to somebody who will f*** you up!!! PLAYING PUSSY WILL GET YOUR NO EDUCATED, BUMASS, STANKASS MESSED UP!!!! As for Tami and Royce I say what the f*** I want thats my opinion of them as well as your opinion of me!!! The difference between you and me I have a terrific job and yes me and my husband are making money!! As for you who knows and I damn sure don’t give a f*** about you or what you do for a living!!! I see you as a BUM BITCH!!!! I have 4 degrees BITCH..Do you even have a diploma?? Laughing like hell at your dumb ass!!!!! I’ve said enough for now, I have a jo to go to..My hours are from 3p.m. til 11:30 p.m. but we can continue this conversation in person or on here I really don’t care how we continue it!!!! Smooches SLUTS and BITCHES!!!

      • angie

        CNA REALLY!!! the word is WONT not WANT..

        • SHAN

          actually she had it right. WONT means will not, were as WANT means to feel a need or desire something. If you are going to correct someone make sure you are correct!

          • Shan, Thankyou!!!

        • I can say get a dictionary unless you don’t know the meaning of that!!

      • carolyn

        You go girl!!! I hear ya!!! Oh, and I totally agree with you. Tami is a bully. She won’t run up on no one who is more real than she is. As far as any of them being real…I don’t see it. Royce comes closer than any of them. Meeka brought a lot of it on herself where Tami and she is concerned, BUT, Tami started with her from day one. One thing I know is Meeka won’t back down from her, and I hope when Tami see the video taping of the show, she will see just how “ghetto” she really is. “You can take ‘em out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of em.”

  • Tami was drama when she first came on the show!!!! She likes to pick on people who she think can’t fight!! She need to mess with someone who will beat her down like she deserves!! Okay she couldn’t keep her husband..I wonder why!!! He finally woke up and said this is one drunkin, trashy, dumbass, man looking bitch!! I gotta go!!!!! If Evelyn’s a hoe then Royce is a SLUTTTTTT!!!! Royce go through men every 3 to 6 months!!! Tami mad cause she wants what Evelyn has, a man, her own business, looks and lets not forget Evelyn has never been on food stamps!!

    • Tiesha and Rachael

      umm if you recall evelyn was 16 and pregnant so she admit on being on food stamps, if you knew that you wouldn have posted this. go back work and make this your 16 yr of CNA

      • Tiesha and Rachael, I know she had help from the government but look at her now..She owns her own business!!! Damn is it me or is it alot of haters floating around???? One thing about me is I’m happy for anyone who does something with their life!!! If there’s anyway I can help them get on there feet, I’ll help even if it is ignorant ass BITCHES like yall..Have a good day I know I am!!!

    • purely cuteness

      @ wanda bye girl you think evelyn has never been on foodstamps when she had a baby when she was a teenager girl please and she even said it and why are you bragging about being a cna whiping ass all day for 15 years lol you trippin…… I can see if you said an RN or something but you said cna rotfl….. royce is young and if she chooses to date she can at least she’s not putting her shit out there like evelyn did f****** on the first date …..

      • @Purely cuteness, I was typing so fast to be honest I left out RN..I was on my break when I was writing. I really didn’t realize I left it out!!! I never trip..I’m always me..Haven’t you type things and forgot to add stuff?? I’m quite sure you have afterall NOBODY’S PERFECT!!! I KNOW I’M NOT!!! I admit Evelyn shoudn’t have done that but thats on her!!!! Smooches!!

    • entertained

      Wow maybe u need to watch the show before stating an opinion first off evelyn never made the comment about foodstamps it was Jen

      • @entertained, AMENNNNNNN!!!!!

    • luvmesumme

      Sorry, but if I can remember it was Jennifer that said she was never on food stamps…… I’m just saying

      • @luvmesumme, Well said!!!

    • carolyn

      …and we all know she had to have surgery because she was fat!!! At least, she thinks so. SHE SHOULD LAY OFF OF MEEKA!!!! Let Royce fight her own battles. Whatever is going on between Meeka and Royce should be worked out between the two of them. It doesn’t concern Tami. In all honestly, I hope after this, Meeka and Royce will work out their problems (and they probably could if Tami stays out it) and get together and beat Tami’s a$$…..

  • Suzie you done the right thing by not getting in the fight between Evelyn and Dog face Royce!!! There’s nothing wrong with you being both of their friends just know your place!!! Stay out the bullshit and don’t comment on anything negative!!!! You and Evelyn just got yalls friendship back on track so don’t let a jealous bitch like Tami and Royce mess up that friendship again!!!! As for Ashley who the hell is that fatass bitch to say anything.Her man finally proposed to her dumbass..I remember Ashley bitched up on Evelyn and Jennifer at an event she was having!!! LMAO!!!! Meeka, I just don’t like you!! You’re so FAKE!!!!!! If Royce was smart as she claim to be she’d know HELL YES YOU WAS TALKING SHIT ABOUT HER!!!!!! I know I want the only one who heard it, you were saying the shit on T.V. You talk shit and can’t even bag it up!!!! If thats not fake what is!!! I don’t like Tami cause she think she can beat everybody, she just ain’t met her match yet which is me!!! But I do want her to beat the mess out of Meeka!! Evelyn, true you don’t comment back when your fans comment on your page but thats o.k. with me as long as you know I’m team Evelyn all the way and I’M DEFINITELY A RIDE OR DIE BITCH!!!!! WHO YOU WIT!!!!! Tami, DID YOU HEAR ME BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to admit, I’m happy as hell Tami and Evelyn are becoming friends again!!!! Tami kinda touched my heart on this episode!!!!! I think its was so WRONG how her cousin just took control of her daughters!!! Thats some bullshit!!!!!

    • Tiesha and Rachael

      do you like tami or do you not. so whos really the fake bitch Tami or @Wanda….hmmm i think its Wanda, and Tami will dog walk the shit out of you… nd not that you said Royce was ugly girl what basketball player did you pull umm not one so get off their nuts

      • @Tiesha and Rachael, BITCHES THERE’S NOTHING FAKE ABOU T WANDA PERIOD!!! I don’t like Tami at all but that scene with her and Evelyn touched my heart!!! The scene with her cousin and daughters got to me also..I can still dislike a person and care!!! I’m around people everyday at work I don’t like but I still care what happens to them!!! Evidently you wasn’t raise to care!!! I see why you’re so ignorant!!! As for Tami whipping my ass NEVER BITCH!!!!! If you think you can come see me!!!! I guarantee you I’ll put a ass whipping on your BITCHASS!!!!!! Peace BITCHES!!!!!!

  • BossLady1

    Wanda….SERIOUSLY….get a life. Why so many LONG ass comments!!! Uuggh!

    • Bosslady1, Don’t worry about my comments and you get a life!!! I say what the hell I want and if you were in front of me I ‘d say it in your face!!!! Now Uuggh that!!!!!!

      • Tpain

        go tami!

        • DIAMOND


          • KENYA HAYES

            You got that right she needs to whoop Evelyn’s ASS next

    • Ms.Love

      lmmfao, I was just saying the same thing

  • i say get the f*** of tami back meeka deserve it


      Meeka came on stiring up trouble!!! Good for her ASS!!!

  • Chocolate

    That’s what meeka’s ass get ….can’t stand her

  • Blakbeautyisme

    Wanda, what is your problem?!! Jeez you act like they paying you! Get a grip!!

    • Tiesha and Rachael


    • @Blakbeautyisme, I have no probem just stating my opinion just like you did to me!!!! Get a life!!!

  • LeShonia Jefferson

    This shit here better than the actual show. I am laughing my ass off……please, continue to go fed on one another. This reality right hurrr!!!! Lol

    • angie

      LOL.. i know right.. they bout to jump Wanda.. but seriously. Meeka needed to be taken down a notch, she came on picking sides not realizing they werent feeling her. she is a mess. Shaunie is an instigator, I kind of like Jen but she follows Evelyn too much, Royce is trouble with her short self but she is OK. Tami keeps it real and says whats on her mind. is it a bit over the top YES but hey love her or hate her and i love her!! Evelyn is a groupie plain and simple.


  • ladieew

    Don’t know body really know these women &&meeka is fake ass they come she jus tryna fit in&tami yea she is about it and talk to much but she real and she only fukk wit the ones that wanna be bout that &&ha meeka need tha b ah women an talk like ah real women an keep otha ppl name out her mouth!!

  • After watching more episodes of Basketball Wives I can honestly say I get were Tami is coming from!!!!! Yes, Meeka do need her ass whipped and so does Royce!!!! I didn’t care for Tami at first but there’s one thing I’ve learned get to know a person first before you judge them!!!

    • Tiesha and Rachael

      I AM SO DAMN SICK OF YOU, get offf Tami back she dnt need nobody like you jumping bandwagon ass, her fanbase solid so stay over there wit Evelyn

      • @Tiesha and Rachael, Come to were I work at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital..I’ll give you something to get rid of your sickness, I may even give you something that will take your ass out of here!!!! Get it BITCHES!!!!

  • Mrs. Parker

    Dis shit is hilarious. Tami is my girl. She keeps it real. Meeka has been a fake ass bitch from day one. Ugh I can’t stand Meeka. She deserves to get her ass whooped!

  • l.cruz

    Omg. I can’t wait. I like them both but meeka needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut.I think she just likes the drama.



  • Qui

    Wanda, your all over the place with all your comments lol… I adore Tami and Meeka needs to be put in her place. She runs around in circles without being completely honest which isn’t a good look because it makes her look like shes scared and all about lies. Tami needs to whoop that ass one good time! Team Tami all the way because that’s how a real woman is suppose too be. I do feel that she can tone it down a little but I’m glad she speaks her mind and tells it like it needs to be told… Ya’ll take care..

    • @Qui, I feel you!!

  • Qui

    And can we ALL remember that it is just a show! After reading some of the comments that you guys post, some are getting too wrapped up in a reality show…

  • kisha

    I’m glad Tamil got in meeka ass! She need it….trying to fit in so badly!!!



    • carolyn

      @ Tenika… TRUE….ROTFLMBO!!!

  • Jolie

    Meeka was the worst edition to this show! She is so wack. Fake, ugly, two faced, and a damn liar who is trying way to hard to crawl up Evelyn & Jenns ass….Seriously girl get a life!

    • J.J.

      Its funny even Shaunie apologized for bringing her on the show…..WOW!!!! We know who won’t be back next season: Like Tami said to Meeka @ the Polo Event when Meeka gone she still gonna be in the Circle…..LOL….I love this Show.. they are so drama’d out.

  • blk beauty

    Hello this is only 4 our entertainment. Ur comment is just what it is true enough but dont get mad when u get feedback from it. And also who cares about ur personal life we really didnt need 2 no that. We dont no u from a can of paint so get over urself…smh

  • sandra

    Thank you Tammi, Meeka deserved to be hit in the face….Can’t stand fake ass hoes!!!

    • jada janel

      yup i agree with you. she be acting like she all innocent but in reality that girl be stirring up stuff.

  • I love it when people say we are too wrapped up in a reality show…but yet…watches it

  • Dee

    Tami is real, Meeka is full of sh*t. By now they all know if you talking a bunch of crap or being fake, Tami is gonna get you. In the real world, not the world of reality TV, if you had a friend who was always putting your business out there, you would do the same thing (unless you a punk). Tami is real, Suzie is a punk, Meeka is a wanna-be, Evelyn is just a slut but she is real, Jenn is fake, Royce is ok, Shaunie is the one stirring the pot full of the stank sh*t and sit around and act all suprised when it hits the fan…she fake as hell too.

    • jada janel

      dammm that was nicely put.. lmao i couldnt of said it any better..

  • LisaS

    TAMMI IS GHETTO…….! girl u to old to b Fightn over some she say …she say B.S. ……thats so high school……..! O and Tammi u can’t beat everyones ass….!

  • jada janel

    i love Tami . i think she can handle her own , and as far as Meeka is concerned that girl came to the show being wishy washy from the jump. i cant stand a bitch who talks behind your back but when its time to repeat it she pussy foots around it .. thats not cool. shit be a woman and say it to the girls face, now who who im so confused about is Evelyn ass, that girl be trying to be all up in Tami”s assss… i think she trying to win her as a friend.

  • jada janel

    shoot i wanna see the full clip of meeka getting that ass whipping..shoot im searching all over the web. no when to keep your mouth shut! better yet how about if your scary just shut your mouth completely cause at some point in time you gonna have to fight for what you saying or doing..

  • Ignorant

    Meeka is so fake trying to follow in Jen and Evelyn foot steps she is nothing but a shadow hope Tami really knock her lights out. Meeka want tark shit bout Tami and aint even get to know her.

  • millie velazquez

    i just think dey all r good woman specially shauntie i really like her & i like evelyv 2 shes a beautiful woman & she dont take shit from nobody plus shes from newyork & i know shes been threw alot & i feel her her & shaunie r da best in da group tami i like tami she says it like she c it royce shes a freakin freak she looks like a f***** 10yr old girl u know dose lil girls dat r 2 grown 4 dey age i c royce like 1 of dose grown ass lil girls she aint got no body & no sence shes all boca!!!!

  • Mzdelow


  • mz.numbaonefan

    ha ha ha so meeka dun finally gat her ass wooped na dats was sup….tami did what was needed to be dun……meeka runs her mouth then want to syt and look dumb when asked what she had said… she needed whateva tami gave to her…..meeka just gat in the group and she just gat her ass wooped….lol…..i thank the trip would have went betta if royce would have went but then again who knows cause she sumthing else to but evelyn…..tami…shauni….and jen….na thats definiton of real…..watchem wrk….

  • Tina

    dumb asses arguing over people you don’t even know, and they couldn’t care less what the f*** any of you think!!!!

    • @Tina, you’re right!!! I can admit when I’m acting dumb and I am!!! I got caught up in the moment with them ignorant BITCHES!!!! Well said, thanks for reality check!!!!

  • Korri872

    It’s a shame because I liked Meeka but she runs her mouth too much. I’d rather it be Tami to give it to her before anyone else. I like them all except Royce & Ashley

  • papabx161

    I didnt think Meeka was good for the show she is not cute and when she came on the show she talk to much.And she didnt like Tami from jump why did she come on the show anyway they had other female that was on there anyway.She cant dress and she is very ugle I think she needs to not come back on take her off Tami keep it real and not fake so all you ppl that hate on Tami who cares she is making money and Meeka and her K mart Gear need to be out of here

  • lion7

    I just don’t get it, it’s like watching a high school show, it appears that this show is scripted. Why do grown women act like this, what is the big deal, none of them are wives, except Meeka. maybe it is a scripted show.

  • Abound

    Once again ladies, calm down. This is just a TV show and it is as fake as WWE (wrestling).

  • Meeka just wanted 2 fit in tooo bad n she went about it the wrong way……#team Royce f*** hoes

  • Hazeleyes

    Let me say this, you suppose to be classy women is a hot mess. I’m suprised that any man would want his women to act like this. You all have families that one day will look at this, not to mention if you fall in love and meet his family. What do you think they will think about you? Tami get a real job and stop all the drama, you had to good life, you had the bad, straighten your self up and act like a lady so maybe a phone call will come alone and just maybe you can start in a movie or sumthing. You want fight Evelyn cause she just might whoop your ass. And you wonder why the “Brothers” go for the white women. because they will straight say “you black women is full of BS” and thats soooooo true….. Shaunie is making the big bucks and she is making a fool out of all of you..:(

  • Michelle

    What is truly sad is that most of the conflict between Tammy and Meeka could have been resolved. I am sure Meeka needed someone to vent to during her conflict with Tammy. Speaking to Susie wasnot the answer. The women lack maturity and more conflicts will follow. I really like Tammy but I believe she was in the wrong this time. I believe Tammy did say that Evelyn and Jennifer were faked. Susie is dangerous and immature. She lacks judgement and she will create more conflict among the women. This was not the women finest hour.