Basketball Wives | Tami Roman Settles Lawsuit

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“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman finally settled the hair lawsuit filed against her and TMZ has learned the show will NOT be disappointing its “millions” of fans … and will air as originally planned.

As TMZ previously reported Tami Roman was sued by Crème de la Crème beauty products who claimed she breached her endorsement contract with them by promoting her own hair-product line instead of theirs on the show and they asked a judge to prevent that footage from airing.

Roman fought back against Crème de la Crème and the two parties officially settled privately out of court this past week but the specific terms were not released.

We are told that Roman is no longer affiliated with Crème de la Crème and, as part of the deal, the reality TV show will NOT be cutting any clips due to the lawsuit which, according to Roman, will keep “millions” of fans happy.

A judge officially dismissed the case Monday – TMZ

Was there any doubt?

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  • Suchaflyldy

    Good 4 her

  • Stevi1123

    who cares

  • Jen

    Shut up, Stevi1123:

  • boobookitty

    yeah who cares… her weaves are horrible anyway…next

  • Youthcamp2

    Really! She looks disgusting by the head anyway so does it really matter

  • Billyhartman
  • Chamillionbaby

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    • boobookitty

      bottom line is that tami is a grown ass bully ….she thinks its cute to call women all kinds of bitches, steal their purses, and go through their belongings… but as soon as u mention a FOOD STAMP she loses her damn mind. she is truly discusting. if i was Kesha she would have been laid out puttin’ hands on my bag…#pointblankperiod

      • Chamillionbaby

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      • Amandamorris95

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    • Norwanda42

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      That is why I had to stop reading your post at the 2nd sentence. I could tell it was ish from that.

  • Adm34moss

    Am praying that the ladies of this show get their attitudes & egos in check. Tami Evelyn you ladies need to address the issues of which you are dealing with before passing blame or pointing fingers at others. Focus on changing for the good you all are parents so what does that say about you as a parent. You ladies don’t have to belittle yourselves in order to accomplish you goals. So I say to all you ladies Susie, Tami, Jen, Evelyn, Royce, Kesha, Kenya, & Shaunie its time out for all this foolishness stop bad-mouthing each other, being bullies, and concentrate on what brought you all together to do the show. I am praying for you all.

  • Norwanda42

    Oh and about the orig story who gives a darn. About Tami or anything that she does.

  • David Amonett