Before Divorce Filing, Police Were Called To Investigate Kevin Hunter Poisoning Wendy Williams

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Prior to Wendy Williams divorce filing, police did a welfare check on her. An unknown caller alleged her husband was poisoning the talk show host.

According to the police report the call was made in January, and the person claimed to work for Wendy’s production company. The caller believed Kevin was giving Wendy a harmful substance, and the caller wanted police to check up on her.

The report says two poloce officers went to Wendy’s New Jersey home and Kevin answered the door, who hesitant to let them in for the welfare check, he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem.

Police explained to Kevin that they were required to speak with Wendy due to the anonymous call. When he allowed them to enter, they found Wendy in bed “with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”

According to the report one of the police officers asked Kevin to leave the bedroom so they could talk to Wendy alone, but he didn’t want to leave her side. As for the health problem, Wendy told the officers she was recovering from a broken shoulder.

An officer asked her if there was any truth to the anonymous tip she was being poisoned, and Wendy responded with something like, “Well, I’m very popular.” When the officer repeated the question, the report says she became tearful, but denied there was any truth to it.

The police left after Wendy told them once more she was okay.

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin this month amid him cheating on her and his mistress giving birth to their daughter, and just weeks after she returned to her show and announced she was living in a sober home and getting treatment for addiction.

Wendy was on hiatus from her show at the time police performed the welfare check. Kevin who was also an executive producer of the Wendy Williams Show has now been removed from the show.

Source: TMZ USA, LLC

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