Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 10 – Recap

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by Pam Dryburgh

Mexico here we come! Cabo San Lucas Mexico looks beautiful. The Hoppy’s are being shown around the resort and brought into their room. How awesome, they have a private infinity pool with their suite. SWEET. Jason tells how this is an important vacation, after 9 months of bickering hopefully this trip will get them rejuvenated.

First night dinner, Jason in the interview is being so open and honest and says how they haven’t been communicating. At dinner Bethenny tells Jason that he has to trust her more. Jason says that he loves Bethenny but wants to kill her sometimes. We have a saying at our house; I always love you I just don’t like you today. Jason and Bethenny agree that they want to let things go and be happy from this point forward.

The conversation moves onto Jason and Bethenny discussing that if they die they are going to leave Bryn to Veronica the’ Glammy.’ Doesn’t Bryn go to Julie the God Mother? Bethenny and Jason argue and then they laugh and then we are back to the arguing again. It’s these conversations that I wished that Bethenny would let it go. Like the Doc says, learn to live in the present.

Next we see Bethenny the bargain hunter, she sees a vendor on the beach and the bartering begins. Bethenny loves the game and loves the hunt for the bargain. Reminds me of when we are on vacation. She gets the deal. Remember my economics class in college. The Professor said a “bargain” is what the customer perceives it to be.

The rest of the Skinny Girl team arrives for the Bethenny birthday celebration/vacation. This year Bethenny wants her birthday to be lighter and happier. On a side note; I could listen to Bryn say “ola” all night long. Our weekly fix of Bryn comes with her finding a little boy playmate. She is the cutest baby going, ok except for my granddaughter. Love how Jackie the newly promoted assistant arrives in a tank top that says I heart Bethenny Frankel.

Jason, Bethenny and Veronica are going to go to lunch and chaos ensues. Jason and Bethenny were apparently arguing when Veronica came to meet for lunch. Bethenny comes clean and says that they are having issues about money and family. There are trust issues. With all of these problems as they are working through them Bethenny feels like it is still all her fault. Bethenny states how they both say the meanest things to each other. Jason tells his side of the arguments and says that he doesn’t listen to her the way he should. He admits that he says things out of anger. Bethenny wants Jason to take care of her emotionally and she admits that he is not doing that. If this trip was about Jason and Bethenny reconnecting, why is the rest of the Skinny Girl team there? It has to be stressful for them also as they have to listen and witness the constant bickering between Jason and Bethenny.

Jason comes in with the interview at this point and says that when he gets angry he just wants to attack and he needs to back down more. Veronica and Bethenny start lunch and Veronica gives her some good advice about they need to work together and move forward. Bethenny wants to have Jason come down for lunch and she has the waiter call the room and he doesn’t want any part of her tactics at this time. He hangs up on her. When Jason finally comes down to lunch he asks “why are we doing this?” Jason says we have everything positive in our lives and we are fighting. Bethenny says that we have been married for two years and we can’t do this anymore. You can see that that they both are hurt and want to make this marriage work. Jason says you have to repair this one step at a time. They both truly love each other, and I’ve said before I want this relationship to work out.

Jason and Bethenny go to get a couple’s massage and Jason asks “can I get a happy ending?” Oh Jason, oh how I love you. They go through what they think is entertaining to the viewers and I understand that they did it to show us that they do have good moments, however I’m not going to go into detail on this part, I felt like I was invading on their privacy during this segment. We then see a cute snippet of the gang paddle boarding. Loved how you could see the cameras placed on the paddle boards.

As Jason and Bethenny relax after the massages, she talks about how it is also her mother’s birthday and it makes her sad. I know Bethenny is sad and I get that; now you have had your moment, time to move on. You can see Jason is really supporting her through this moment and letting her get her sadness out so that they can move forward and let the celebration begin.

Bethenny and Jason have a quiet moment with Bryn to start the birthday celebration and Jason gives Bethenny her birthday present. He got her the necklace with the sharp edge that we saw him look at in an earlier episode. Then the Skinny Girl team joins them to have dinner on the beach together. Bethenny says that this is the best birthday EVER! It is at this point that I realize why the Skinny Girl team is with Jason and Bethenny on this holiday. Bethenny truly feels that they are more than employees; they are family to her. I tend to agree with her. Julie gives Bethenny a memory photo book of the last three years and it is so touching. Bethenny can’t get through the personal notes from the girls as she is so emotionally touched by them. Julie will be missed.

Most of the comments I received during the episode tonight were saying how Bethenny and Jason can put all of their problems out there for us to see. My opinion of this is that want to not only share the good things in their life they want to share the journey of getting there. Sharing the journey means you absolutely must show the good, bad and ugly. I commend them for having the strength to do this. As always, please comment below and keep the conversation going.

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  • Flemminghs

    I am sick to death of Bethenny,why doesn’t she just shut up once an awhile.She is the bad guy and Jason is the good guy,and no matter how much she would like to change that perception that’s just the way it is.I don’t blame Jason for the things he says to her.It must be HELL living with her,what a pain in the ass she is.I perdict this marriage is NEVER going to last,I don’t think anyone could put up with her for very long.No wonder she couldn’t maintain a relationship before,even that last geek she was with whose name was also a Jason didn’t want her and he was divorced with 4 kids and he was a jerk..even he dumped her.

  • Nolongerajasonfan

    Jason was a total ASS last night.  I for the first time started seeing what Bethney has been saying.  He does these passive agressive diggs at her all the time and when she gives it back to him he cant take it. Even her birthday present was a passive agressive dig.  When he was shopping for it he said he liked it because it was sharp just like Bethney’s tounge.  I would not be wearing that neckless after hearing what he said. You cant buy her a present with it being a symbol of a dig at out your wife?

     I really think he is jealous of her sucess and wants to put her down so she knows that she is not all that just because of her business sucess.  I really think if he had his own gig that he was proud of he would be less of a jerk to his wife.  I think he needs to go see a therapist and spend some time figuring out if he really has what it takes to be married to someone who is more sucessful in business.

      He cant enjoy all the perks of her sucess and keep tearing her down and calling her damaged.  And for her part she has to stop believing the crap he says.  She has taking on his crap and believeing it and that is not healthy.  She needs to learn not to let that stuff get into her head and keep it out of her own slef image.