Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

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Maternal Instincts

by Pam Dryburgh

As we the viewers settle into the couch for this new episode we see the Skinny Girl Team going into Salinas Restaurant for a working dinner. The working dinner is a discussion about Jason and Bethenny’s boat therapy trip and what they got out of it. Julie as always is the voice of reason and one of the other Team members states that you will learn something new all the time about your man. The Team continues to be supportive of Bethenny and Jason, but you really do see that they are a little on edge about discussing the relationship. I believe what Bethenny got out of the boat therapy trip is that she not only wants the relationship to work she has to work on it continually to make it work.

We meet Paolo the dog walker at Bethenny’s condo and the ensuing discussion about Cookie’s behavior takes over. Julie says lets go and spy on Paolo and Cookie at the dog park. Of course Julie and Bethenny go to see what Cookie is up to at the dog park and they can’t do anything normal, they have to put blonde wigs on as to be in disguise to Cookie. Cookie spotted Bethenny and Julie, hysterical. These little vignettes are entertaining me tonight. At this point I have to add that twitter was starting to blow up as most reactions were that they could do without all of the “fluff” in this episode. Really? I think we are all so jaded lately with all of the made up drama on other Reality shows that we only expect the worst to be played out. I say you can’t have it both ways. I get that Bethenny wanted to entertain us with a good laugh. Do I think that this was a ‘real’ moment? No, but glad she thought of doing it. Truth be told Cookie is like her child, remember the days when you pick your child up from a play date and the Mom says, your ‘child’ was a joy to have over and you are wondering if they are talking about your ‘child’?

Jason and Bethenny discuss going on a much needed vacation, and about Bethenny’s birthday. Through this discussion you see that they have a real connection and discuss their sex life or lack of it and I love how Jason says we are having sex on your birthday. Bethenny goes onto say that you don’t give other people gifts on their birthday, but Jason smiles and knows that it will be ‘guaranteed’. It started to sound like a conversation at that has come up at my house from time to time. My money is that this is a real conversation that most couples have at one time or another. Bethenny goes onto say “I grind my teeth rather than my husband”. This is a humorous intimacy conversation, a little uncomfortable watching as you feel like you are intruding but you have to admit it, we all have had this conversation at time or another. If you are talking about the lack of intimacy with your spouse then it means you want it with each other and not on the outside. I’ll have to ask Dr. Amador about that. “Guaranteed to have sex for your birthday”. Bethenny goes onto say that you don’t give other people gifts on your birthday and Jason responds with I know it’s a gift for me.

Bethenny has the closet designer over so that “she wants to see the suffocation” that her small closet is. This discussion goes on about how organized she is and she need places for all 50 bathing suits, I have 3 and think the 3rd one is a guilty pleasure. This is just the beginning of the maneuvering to get a bigger closet at the new apartment. We go onto see Jason’s closet and the snooping begins. I knew they wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary there. Bethenny gets out the girls whether they sleep in the buff or not. Believe me the man that loves you doesn’t care what you sleep in, he wants it, and he wants it with you.

Bethenny and Mariette the Interior Designer are at Venfield and what I got out of this is a promo for the shop and yet Bethenny pulls out tying into the relationship theme as she asks the guys if they are partners, they say they were but broke up and now just business partners for 20 years. In the interview she says, umm is working together a recipe for disaster?

Bethenny takes the Team to a CPR class and a self defense class to make sure that everyone is safe, what I got out that is kudos for having everyone learn how to be safe, and loved Dwayne’s shirt: skinny girl guy. When Dwayne is asked how many children he has he says 4 or 5 and you just want to spit your drink out as he says this with such conviction. As they leave the CPR class he says to the plastic dolls on the floor “I’ll see you over the weekend”. Wow!

After she finds out that her Mother sold a story to the tabloids she meets with the architect and contractor about giving up the man cave for extra closet space. Amazing to me that they have purchased a huge NYC apartment and have to give up a room for closet space. I know, I know the NYC dwellers will say that is common, but really? In an apartment of this size the closet space wasn’t already done? You can see that Bethenny is really worried about telling Jason he has to give up his space and by putting it on the contractor to tell him will make it easier. I don’t think it bothers Jason as much as it bothers Bethenny.

Bethenny’s mother sold a story to Star Magazine. Her mother trashes her by saying all these negative things. Marriage won’t work for her, work and money comes first, Skinny Girl was her mother’s idea.

Bethenny has been estranged from her mother since she was 14. Bethenny goes onto to say that she hates her mother, that’s very deep. So deep that I would love to have a one on one conversation with her about this. As a mother I have such love and compassion for my sons yet, I see Bethenny struggling with her Mother and that makes me sad. And, by seeing the articles that her mother has put out there makes my heart hurt for both of them. Seems like Bethenny’s mother has an ax to grind with her and that makes me even sadder that a mother would feel such hatred towards her child. Our weekly session with Dr. Amador is about Bethenny and her mother this week. I say ‘our’ session, as the weeks go on, I feel like I am in therapy also. Bethenny tells Dr. Amador how her mother has “reared her ugly ways” again. Bethenny goes onto to say how she likes having her Monday alone time with Bryn; they go out together have mommy and me time. Love how she felt the need to add that they have salsa and chips, yet Bryn doesn’t have the chips as they are a choking hazard. Bethenny you are always thinking ahead.

Dr. Amador asks Bethenny what she remembers about her time with her mother and Bethenny goes into saying that she remembers restaurants. She goes a little into how she saw her mother and father beating each other up and this was very uncomfortable for me due to personal reason, but proud of Bethenny that she has the guts to put it out there. Didn’t it sadden you that she felt the beating went on so much that it doesn’t bother her as much as it should. Bethenny felt alone at an early age and still stays with her till this day.

At the new apartment the whole discussion about the closet comes up again. I am pretty sure that Jason doesn’t care about the man cave as much as he cares about having the office completely separate from the house. He states over and over again that he wants the office separate from their private life. After 2 years of marriage I’m learning that compromise is key.

The Skinny Girl team sees the new apartment for the first time. The only thing that I feel bad for the team about is that the new office has no windows in it, they do get a bathroom, if they are going to be working till midnight, and they should at least get a window. Roller skating in the new apartment is priceless and I can imagine that it was exciting for Bethenny to do that as she has worked hard towards getting this ‘space’. When Bethenny shows off and does a cart wheel on the floor she puts a huge dent in it couldn’t stop laughing. Guess it was alright as they are going to put new floors in.

So what did we get from this episode? I got that Bethenny and Jason really want this marriage to work. Work as it can for them. Bethenny there is no ‘normal’, do what is right for you and Jason I say. They are still reeling from the new success of Skinny Girl and have to learn how to handle it all. They are coming up on their anniversary and I say you have made it through the rough parts for now and what they have crammed into two years usually happens over 5 to 10 years with other couples. Hang in there you two I am pulling for you!!!!

Thank you all for reading these recaps every week. Feel free to keep the conversation going and comment below.

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