Beyonce Crops Kelly Out Of Aaliyah Picture, She’s Labelled A Hater

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Kelly Rowland posted this picture of her and former bandmate Beyonce Knowles, with Aaliyah, in honour of what would have been the late entertainers, 35th birthday yesterday. Beyonce then posted a picture and cropped Kelly out. Then instagram went bananas, well not really, but Beyonce was labelled a hater among many things. What do you think?

#weloveyouAaliyah #tbt – Kelly


God bless baby girl – Beyonce


I didn’t think anything of it, meh, I’m not a stan or a non fan. All the women are talented in their own right. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Mixed Chick

    I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently everyone else does. Kelly didn’t crop out Beyonce, so why did Beyonce crop out Kelly? May she was trying to one up Kelly as she posted it first who knows? May be it was being malicious. But Beyonce is one of the biggest stars on earth, there is no need for egos.

  • MonaLisa MsPremier

    Being that she is the biggest star right now I don’t even see how she managed to have the time to think of doing something so trivial. This was intentional, my life isn’t as nearly as fab as Bey’s and I barely have time to filter a picture let alone do some cropping. #unnecessary B

  • Mona BeBlessed

    B needs to stop if it was intentionally done. If she did do it as a malicious act I pray for her because what goes up must come down. Being a hater of what suppose to be a “friend” get U nothing but ridiculed. Now if she didn’t do it maliciously then some ppl need to get their lives …

    • M Woods

      LOLz Did you not hear kelly rowlands horrid song dirty laundry?!? She is no friend! She is fake and I hope Beyonce keeps an eye on her and watchs her like a hawk. kelly rowland shouldn’t be trusted!

      • LaTonia B Collins

        Kelly can b trusted and the truth hurts. Kelly is just telling the truth. When Beyonce is around everything has to be about her. Destiny Child was always about Beyonce and never the other members. Look what happened to LaToya Luckett when she had a disagreement with Beyonce. She was replaced. Kelly was just telling the truth!

        • M Woods

          No you a lie, that heffa shouldn’t be trusted. She is a phony friend. When Beyonce is around everything is about her simply because she is a the real star and everyone always has their eyes on her. kelly rowland is just her lap dog. No one but her stans want to see her face. All kelly rowland ever did was ride Bey’s coat tails amyways!. Of course Destiny’s Child was all about Beyonce because Destiny’s Child was Beyonce. LOLz All of the others girls in the group were put on basically because Beyonce is responsible for the groups over all success. Beyonce was the driving force behind everything. Destiiny’s Child didn’t need latoya or latavia as you seen Beyonce made that group one of the best selling groups of all time without those two heffas in it. Them leaving the group was a good thing. They didn’t add or take away anything to the group. All eyes were on Beyonce then and all eyes are on her now because she is a true star.

  • Cassie

    I’m not going to say she is a hater persay but both pictures have different meanings in my opinion. Kellys version shows them taking a picture with someone that they admire, whereas Beyonces picture looks like a picture of two peoplewho have been girls for life.

  • Chloe

    I thought they were best buddies,since you always see Kelly and Beyonce in picture every now and then,you would think that Destiny Child was only those two.Michelle must be happy she isn’t apart of this drama..I am not going to say anything negative about this..Don’t know the reason behind this and until Beyonce or Kelly speak of it then as for i am concern its the media making it out to be some thing..By now every one should know how the media is and how they egg on fights and hearsay….


    I don’t think she a hater it’s not about Kelly it’s about Aaliyah birthday stop making it about Kelly it’s just a picture everybody has they way of saying happy birthday grow up

  • FormerBeyonceFan

    No I don’t think she can hate on Kelly when she has way more.. But I do think Beyonce needs to go grab the Alter of a God serving church begging for mercy and not let go with her Satanic self. The way that she’s displaying her self is not the Beyonce we’re accustomed to, saying she tried to do an album for the adults that followed her from Destiny’s Child. When was the last time she thanked God as she used to do? Well not everyone believes in the baphomet she’s allowed to take over her life. He’s in her XO video (watch closely)… She’s now wearing waaayyyy to much black in her videos, and many of her dances correlate with 666 or some way of representing Satan/serpents. Beyonce has let me down. It saddens me that so many women and young girls look up to her. SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M Woods

      You sound mentally unstable. Walk into your local mental health facility and request an evaluation. Poor child looney. SMH

      • knowleqdeBaby

        How does she sound mentally unstable . it seems to me your the unstable one , if you anythinq u would know that a majority of the celebrities practice satanic acts , do ur research stupid .people like you are the reason that they get away with whar their doing today

        • M Woods

          The internet is filled with a lot of nuts, just as the world in which we live and apparently the both of you two wack jobs are nutty. You two sick freaks need a mental assessment and mental evaluation performed ASAP. I feel sorry for those people who are around you on an everyday basis. I hope not to ever run into you two wackos.

          • Michelle Cooke

            What’s “mentally unstable” is being so obsessed with a celebrity that couldn’t give two shits about you, and commenting on every single post defending them as though they’re paying you.

            • M Woods

              LOLz you need an assessment done as well. Sit down and shut up!

              • Michelle Cooke

                You shut up.

                See how easy that was?

                • M Woods

                  Get that assessment done ASAP! It would serve everyone well. I will not argue with a mentally unstable individual, so if you do choose to reply back, you will be ignored. Now, I wont tell you again, sit down and SHUT UP!

  • Divalicious_ego

    ABSOLUTLY BEYONCE IS A HATER…it would have been bad had Kelly not posted the picture…however, since Beyoncé posted the same pic and cut Kelly out of the picture AFTER Kelly posted the picture Beyoncé was definitely throwing shade…

  • M Woods

    Beyonce is absolutely not a hater! Beyonce shouted out Aaliyah on her instagram page and I’m sure the primary focus of the pic was to showcase both her and Aaliah. I think the uproar from both aaliyah’s stans and rowland’s stans is very stupid! kelly cropped out Michelle in a pic she had posted on her instagram, but no one isn’t saying anything about that, now are they?!! Those idiots are some dumb b**chs, point blank! The hater out of Bey and kelly rowland, is kelly. I know you people remember her horrid song dirty laundry? Not only did she reveal what a big hater she is, but how she was raging and jealouse over Beyonce’s success. That heffa still jealouse of Beyonce’s success and it’s highly visible through her plastic smile. She revealed what a phony mutha**ka she is. kelly rolands stupid fans need to be thanking Beyonce for putting her on. We wouldn’t even know who kelly rowland is if it weren’t for Beyonce, her parents and the opportunity they gave her when they allowed her to be in the group Destiny’s Child. kelly wouldn’t have the fame nor fortune she has now if it weren’t for Beyonce and her parents. kelly rowland and her stupid fans need to be grateful for that and grateful that Beyonce even still f-c*s with her after she pulled that publicity stunt with her pathetic song dirty laundry. I can’t stand kelly rowland, f*ck her, rolandstones, aaliyah’s stans and every other lil b**ch who isn’t rockin with the best! #BeyHive

  • chocolab

    beyonce WISHED she had one ounce of aaliyah’s beauty n talent…that was cropping was intentional. as usual she was making about HER n not celebrating the life of a friend who passed away. anything that can keep her name n our mouths, gd or bad, she will do it…cant stand her one bit

    • M Woods

      LMAO Aaliyah wasn’t even that talented musically. She was just average and her exterior beauty made up big time for where she lacked musically. Not many really cared if she was a great singer or not, they just liked to look at her because she was gorgeous. She was a great actress, I’ll give her that. Beyonce not so much, she’s just an ok actress. Beyonce had always been the better artist and the most talented music wise, before and after aaliyah’s death. Aaliyah is so over-rated, but it’s because she was beautiful and her death made her that more over-rated.

  • PiNk

    Bey copied “stole” a lot of imagery, cd cover, hip moves from Aaliyah….had she been alive I’m not sure Bey would have been as popular.

    • diamonds4eva46

      I see your point but i believe had aaliyah been alive beyonce would still be popular because aaliyah was transitioning into acting …just like tupac was b4 he died.

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