Brandi Glanville Under Fire Again For Tweeting Half-Naked Photo Of Sons

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Brandi Glanville just can’t seem to get it right. After fans slammed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star a few weeks ago, for joking about her “a**hole” son on air, the mom of two is under fire yet again after tweeting a picture of her sons in their underwear. After fans ripped her apart for the “nasty” picture, Brandi came back swinging.

The latest mama drama started innocently, when Brandi posted this photo of her sons with Eddie Cibrian, Jake, 7, and Mason, 11, building a desk.

Proud mom Brandi wrote, “My little helpers are trying to build Jake’s desk!”

Brandi Glanville-sons-tweet

But Twitter critics were quick to respond to her calling the pic “inappropriate” and slamming her parenting skills. Personally the picture was innocent enough but I wouldn’t post a picture of my children in their underwear on social media especially with so many perverts online.

Brandi responded:
“They both were clothed from waist down whatever! I was naked my whole life- #f*ckoffhaters. It was evening & guess what mine do[wear their underpants around the house]…I guess your [sic] a better person ur your [sic] kids wear more clothes #not. You can’t post a pic or tweet without haters! I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents #gethappy.”

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: Radar Online

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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  • Helenann Cattell

    Why don’t people leave her alone.god there are parents out there who really are abusing there kids. Get a life. I use to let my kid who happen to be girls swim in a neighbors pool in their underware. Stop all ready. She’s a good mom. Try supporting her & stop putting her down

  • disqus_KSeueqR49Q

    Would all the haters been bitc*ing if the boys were in bathing suits? There really is not a difference! Get a life people!

  • Tina

    I can’t stand Brandi but there was nothing wrong with the pic. Unfortunately, we have disgusting pervs that look for that kind of thing. HOWEVER, Brandi FOR ONCE wasn’t being inappropriate. She was just taking pics of her kids in a family downtime moment. No matter what she does, those who hate her will always see it as bad; although, she does give her haters a great deal of ammunition. I may not like her but fair is fair. Relax people. Save your energy for the real violations.

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