Christine Vest, Baby Mama From Dwight Howard’s Tribe, Responds To Critics

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Dwight Howard-Christine VestBaby factory and proud sperminator, Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard keeps churning out baby after baby. He has a child with for Basketball Wives star Royce Reed, who he famously sued to stop her from speaking his name. His most recent conquest, Christine Vest, who is/was an up and coming Gospel singer got tired of being criticized about sleeping with Dwight and having his baby.

And of course as everyone does they go to social media to air their grievances. Christine went to her Instagram account with this message for everyone.

I’m sorry, but I just have to address all the … people … that consider “having a child out of wedlock” a “sin. Having a child out of wedlock is NOT A SIN FORNICATION is the sin, people. FORNICATION. (Is it a sin to adopt a child while still single?? NO!) Therefore, anybody else who has FORNICATED needs to shut ur mouth on this issue because you sound dumb. ABORTION is the sin. Should I have aborted my child to appear as tho I’m not sinning? (Honestly) Anyone who has had an abortion to cover up their sin of fornication needs to shut your mouth on this issue because you sound dumb. The only people that can even SPEAK on this issue are VIRGINS! And even then, THEY SIN TOO! If you want to rebuke me for fornicating, thanks, but I have repented already. But if you’re trying to hurt me by criticizing my choice to KEEP MY CHILD, then you’re worse than me and wasting you’re time because to me YOU LOOK FOOLISH 🙂 Thanks For Reading

Is anyone even bothered about Dwight Howards 200th baby mama. In all seriousness he has had 8 children in 6 years. Why did she feel the need to speak up if people are wasting their time talking to her about it? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Dwight Howard-Christine Vest-son

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braylon howard-christine vest-baby

Christine with her baby boy and Dwight’s son with Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed

Source: Instagram

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