Cops Called To Kenya Moore’s House As She Moves Out

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In the latest twist in the Kenya Moore eviction saga, cops were called to the house in Atlanta she was renting after a call about “suspicious cars” parked out front. Turns out the cars were just movers getting a head start on moving Kenya out of the house.

A few hours after the move both Kenya and her landlord, Conya Weems-Dillon appeared in court. Following court, both Kenya and her landlord claimed victory and both were equally bitter towards one another. After the case was closed, both women walked out of the courtroom claiming to be victorious.

Kenya Moore: “Today’s victory proves that celebrities can fight back and not be victimized by people who wish to lie about them and use their name for the sake of publicity.”

Conya Weems-Dillon: “I am blessed and very relieved she has to vacate my home. She begged me to lease my home and live a pretend lifestyle she couldn’t afford. She will get hers in the end – no doubt. I am disappointed that Kenya hasn’t used her pageant life experience to be more of a model citizen for young girls. It is apparent that she is lonely, bitter and very unhappy.”

Either way, some people definitely celebrating Kenya’s moving out are her neighbors who labeled her the ultimate neighbor from hell!

The biggest victor could be Moore’s neighbors, however, who had labelled the reality star the ultimate neighbor from hell.

“The community is rejoicing,” one neighbor stated.

“The quiet Roswell community is ecstatic that Kenya is finally ‘Gone With The Wind’ and their dog walkers can finally get back to their jobs without being questioned by paparazzi!”

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Source: Radar Online

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  • mamma

    you weep what u sew;;and she is such a bitch any way on the show;;hope thay kick he rfake ass off that next;;;pay ya bills bitch like the rest of us;;;just saying

    • Sissac Kesia

      these women should have section 8 at least I heard when you don’t have a job they pay your rent

  • CC

    too funny!!!!

    • Denise Martin

      Walked away from eviction court AFTER having moved out of the house and claim victory. Now that is a butt-load of denial!

  • Not a Kenya fan

    Too funny! Sad, Kenya doesn’t have a clue. she’s just STUPID

  • Lulu Perez-Bennett

    lmaooo u see when u act like better then the rest smh lol u aint better then me at least i pay my bills lol 1 up on u sweety lol

  • pat

    she needs to be kicked to the curb. She is a wanna be star.

  • missmissymm

    I concur Patti, besides I know Kenya won because these heffa’s here in Atlanta are ruthless and very tacky…So good for you Kenya fighting back these bitter, cheating husbands, weak women here in Georgia!

  • Fake nasty and phony Kenya has been a disgrace!!!!!

  • Sonia Smith

    Being evicted ain’t no joke it happen to the best of us poor or rich… But what she should have done is live beyond her means… She should of slow down on the expensive spending damn it’s only her and her dog… Lol she ain’t no Nene Leakes that’s for damn sure?

    • Hunter Lawson

      Nah she ain’t a Rich B@@@H by any means Fact is no one cara what you have they care about how you treat people you can be the poorest person in the world but if you are kind you have all the riches of the world.

  • Janice Bell

    Now we know why Kenya ask the producers of real Housewives of Atlanta for a raise. LOL Just saying Kenya, stay in your lane. Don’t live above your means. Stop lying, & saying mean things to hurt others. Now you need friends, DO YOU HAVE ANY?

  • sherry

    LOL. Kenya, you better use that “pedigree” you have to make more money in the working world. LMAOOOOO. You got what was coming to you.

  • Hunter Lawson

    Gone with the wind with the realness. Twirl on that my dear. LOL

  • Marilyn Richardson


  • Marilyn Richardson

    she is really gone wild

  • sheredwards1

    She is no role model for my granddaughter. I hope she really does go with the wind some where to a deserted island where she can be miserable by her self!!


    Please… did she twirl off the edge. I don’t like her and hate the fact that she gets to come back to the show. It shows a lot on NeNe’s part that she rehired her.

  • denise black

    you neighbors and dog walkers are really wack wack I say wack yall was just haten on Kenya. what a sad comment now we can walk our dogs with out paparazzi that’s a wack excuse. hell your dog might of become famous or the dog walker might had a look they wanted you stupid people if they were looking for a certain dog for Hollywood or a certain dog walker for a movie you just missed your chance. now how you doinin as wendy says lol just stupid lawd!!!

  • sexybay

    Omg she out of there now gone with the wind. ..she REALLY crazy!!!!!