Desperate Teresa Giudice Is NOT Getting A Spin Off Cooking Show

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In the wake of her federal fraud and prison scandal, Teresa Giudice has said that she may not return to the Real Housewives Of New Jersey but would love a cooking spin off show. Sources are now confirming that the desperate attempt at a spin off are false and will not happen. While some online reports claimed Bravo had offered the reality star a show, sources are confirming that is false. Teresa and her husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice plead guilty to dozens of counts of mail fraud, mortgage fraud, and tax evasion in a plead down deal. Joe was sentenced to nearly four years in prison while Teresa received fifteen months. Teresa is set to turn herself in by January 5th. The source says:

“Teresa hasn’t been offered any new projects with Bravo. In fact, there is a lot of bad feelings where Bravo and Teresa are concerned. The network feels used, and was stunned Teresa said in court documents that the show was a sham. Bravo would never sign Teresa up for her own show after everything that has gone down! It seems like someone that was once close to Teresa is now floating false stories about her, hoping to get back in good favor with her. It’s not going to work. Teresa’s desperately trying to figure out how she is going to pay off the remainder of the $210,000 restitution. With no new job offers out there, it’s going to be very hard for Teresa to come up with the money!”

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Source: Radar Online

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