Nene Leakes’ Friend Diana Gowins Is A Very Well Paid Baby Mama

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Diana Gowins & Nene Leakes

Nene’s bff Diana Gowins got pregnant by her married lover prominent attorney Willie Gary in 2000, they have twins together of which she has sole custody, her child support at the time which was the largest payouts of its time $28,000! Willie Gary went to court and had the payments lowered to $5,000 in November 2005 as she was spending the money on her first child from a previous relationship, private school etc. Diana took Willie back to court child support payments were re-raised to $28,000 a month.

The record shows that Gowins’s habit of spending excessively and mismanaging the twins’ funds preceded the April 2005 order, and Gary asserted prior to entry of that order that his monthly payment should not exceed $5,000. Nevertheless, the trial court approved the $28,000 support payment negotiated by the parties, and neither the trial court nor Gary has cited any evidence that a change in the twins’ needs supports a reduction at this point. Regardless of whether the $28,000 monthly payment is excessive, it cannot be modified based on the twins’ needs without proof that those needs have changed. The trial court, therefore, abused its discretion in modifying Gary’s child support obligation on this ground

Doesn’t this qualify Diana to be a contestant on RHOA – The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Yes I said contestant. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Willie Gary

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  • Demetria Grace

    Yes she would make an excellent houswife. She represents All the mothers that are going after the deadbeats dads to support their chlildren.

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  • Peaches43

    no….she wasnt a wife nor fiance….they were sexual partners…..Gary isnt a deadbeat dad, he is providing for the child…nor in this little paragraph does it mention whatever or not he spend time with his child……I think its an outrage that the courts re-awarded her that kind of child-support….the kids r part hers too…she found herself a cash cow and she is using it to the fullest…in my opinion….

    • mznuthingsurprisesme onthereal

      She is also a mean spirited and vindictive hussy. I don’t ‘t care for her personality at all. The only purpose she would serve on the show would be to keep the drama flowing. Her and Kenya would definitely bump heads.

  • First of all she has no morals or values sleeping with a married man. Then to be so irresponsible to get pregnant.  What does her friend Nene has to say about that? She’s always trowing that in Kim’s face every time they argue. I bet Diana thought he would leave his wife or the wife would leave him. I think it is ridiculous for the court to award that much in child support. Does she have a job or is she herself living off of child support? I’m sure she is.  I don’t blame him for trying to get the payments reduced, shes taking care of another man’s child with the money he provides for his children. Where is this other man? Make him pay his childs private school tuition. I bet her other childs father from the previous relationship dosen’t pay child support and I’m sure she not trying to collect from him either.  Most of the housewives aren’t married to anyone so….yes, she does qualtify.

  • PinkLibraDiva

    If the settlement was re-raised then something isn’t right if they could prove she mismanaged the money. Maybe I don’t know much about the child support issues

  • mawella

    I think he got what was coming to him maybe he will think twice before he lays up with another woman while he is married, now his wife an kids have to suffer because of his actiions, but at same time i dont she should get that much money since she was in the wrong too iits not like she didint know he was married in the first place, so now she has two more kids that doesnt have and daddy in their lives if, anything  they should feel bad about the problems they have cost and be the adults they claim to be an make sure that the kids has both parents in their lives.

    • Pellerinr

      I totally agree but she’s getting that much money because of his salary.he’ s a millionaire so it’s not hurting him. Maybe he will think again before he gets involved with another woman while he’s married.

  • Nomorals

    Nene needs to tell her  so-called friend to “close her legs to married men”.

  • Mstwin13

    Sometimes our mistakes can cost us alot. Plus she didn’t just get money hungry overnight.

  • sweep your own backporch

    Why is this ANYBODYS BUISNESS?

  • JustSayin

    To be honest… I really don’t see the problem. Yes; she dealt with a married man but that is not what is on the table. What is being discussed is the fact that she gets close to $30,000 in child support. Question; if the father of your child made close to 1 million a month… how much money should you get for child support? $400? $1,000? 1 million… and you are asking for 30,000? that is not even close to 30% which is the going rate. So; what is everyone made at exactly? That she had a baby by a married man or that she is getting 3% in child support from him? Its not as if the children are hungry, not in the best schools or being taken care of. Its not as if they get the same network connections because of who their father is… if anything they are being denied because that are considered the “other” children. But let me guess… the blame is on her not him? So; she should be called the hussie, jezebel and other rude names? And; he is just an unfortunate rich man who fell into the arms of a woman over the course of a four year period and had twins? Got it… (side eye)

    • Fay Lucas

      JustSayin…… continue saying.
      Well said.

  • mariea ramsay

    close your legs to married men !!!!!!!lol no house wife for her she is not that inportant

  • Gladys Walls-clower

    She’s not the first one or will ever be the last to open her legs to married men!!! WITH that saying she has children by this man no matter how or what she did to get them. HE, I SAID HE IMPREGNATED HER AND HE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF HIS CHILDREN!!!!! BLOOP!!!!

  • Suzy Marcy Thomas

    So True not the first and not the last she was no fool she got a payday with his Dum Ass But your Kids do grow up and like all stories we will see how it ends .If someone is selling somebody is buying . That ass was brought and sold .

  • bln143

    wondering if nene repeated her message to kim to keep your legs closed to married men!!!

  • Sonia Smith

    Hell yeah they should put her on the next real housewives of Atlanta because she strike it rich with him. And twins at that that’s one rich bitch. She know what she was doing when she slept with him for her 15 minutes of fame. But she should of close of her legs to married men ain’t that the same shit Nene said to Kim she ain’t know that her friend Diana did the same shit know she dumb quite now lol.

  • Sonia Smith

    Wonder what Nene saying know to her friend she was so quick to say those same words to Kim about close your legs to married men. She seem very quite now that the table as turn to her bestie Diane! She had twins by him I she’s happy because she ain’t got to work because he’s her pay check and they turn 21 years old lol.

  • Bruniepr

    It’ll be good to ask NENE about Diane…did she tell her to keep her legs close to married men?