Drita & Lee Picture

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Drita D’Avanzo and husband Lee D’Avanzo

Drita posted this picure on facebook and posted:

I posted a pic of Lee because I have been asked a million times 2 and its starting to get annoying…here is it is.

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  • yvette chavez

    you don’t have to have an attitude about it. He is not all that anyway.

    • JoAnn Dybo

      I Agree with you Yvette Chavez!

    • gwendol11

      I think it was cool of you to post it. Lord knows how annoying some of these folks can be! Love the show btw!

    • aturo

      yvette i have to agree with you i thought he was a dime pieces!!!

    • jo

      this is what happens when u get kinda famous

    • lacey perez

      wtf…she has all the right to have attitude. how is it not annoying when ppl are begging her to put a pic of her ex when she wants nothing to do with him anymore?

  • i love this pic u look so happy girl !!!!!!!!! :) u lok great together keep smiling drita….

  • nicole bryan

    thats lee? u could do better sorry!

  • Tami

    I thought you guys were getting divorced cause he cheated on you while you were married?!

  • Martha Aguirre -Ramirez

    You two make a beautiful couple! :)

  • maria

    for real i was thinking he was going 2 be a fine ass itlan man not at all sorry drita you are to prerry for him leave his ass in jail

  • wanda

    He aint all that!! This is who the fighting is over. Blaaaa, Blaaaaa, Blaaaaa!!!!!

  • deanna

    phhahahahah this is the big Lee?!??!?! Not at all what I expected…. average scum bag criminal…

  • marina

    Wow! Drita that’s funny i never cared what Lee looked liked! you can do better for you and your girls.. not that you asked or needed to know. that’s my humble opinion!!

  • Kelli

    Honestly his face is nice looking but he’s definetly a prick… the nerve to call Karen fat??? Like Drita said, “you didn’t get any food cuz u shouldn’t eat”. What a jerk off!!!

  • Windy

    Look at those hands! banana Fingers! lol

  • I think you all looks good 2gether

  • Ms Ceron

    Gurl, U def don’t need to sweating this dude. U r too fly for him. Take yur losses
    on the chin & start fresh.

  • CarmelK317

    U can do better!

  • NYCHICA2132

    hes not all that bad looking. hes pretty cute. just saying.
    and plus i just believe her marraige with her husband and her life is her buisness and others should just leave it at that. drita do your thing girl good luck to you. if you and lee work it out. great. if not you’ll be still be ok and beautiful either way. ! love ya girl!!

  • lex

    looks like he got a huge hip lol

  • Sicilian Elegance


  • Londiereyna

    good pic, love you drita

  • Mixed Chick

    This recap was spot on! LOL I love this series! The accents are bloody rough. Are those Tanya’s real teeth? They are so big!