Duck Dynasty Cast Before the Beards

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The men of “Duck Dynasty” all sport awesomely wild and bushy beards, but there was a time in the distant past when you could see their (quite handsome, actually) faces before they grew in the shaggy facial hair. Click through this slideshow to see pre-bearded photos of the Robertsons.

Willie and Korie enjoy a day at the beach with their kids John Luke and Sadie.

Check out Willie’s prom photo with his future wife (and Duck Commander office manager) Korie Robertson.

Willie was a star basketball player in high school, but he’s even better at running multimillion dollar companies.

A clean-shaven Willie and permed Korie are beaming on their wedding day. They are surrounded by Willie’s brother Alan (who does not appear on the show, but is still close to the family), Alan’s wife Lisa, and Jase and Missy on the left and Kay and Phil on the right. That’s little bro Jep in the front.

Here’s a photo of Phil and Kay from their high school days. How cute are these young lovebirds? Kay was only 16 years old when she married Phil.

Here’s a flashback photo from the ’80s when Jase and Missy were high school sweethearts.

Left: Willie is all business in the front and party in the back as a student at Louisiana State University.
Right: Nowadays, Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander. As the only Robertson with a business degree, he took the company from a living room operation down by the river to a premiere destination for all things outdoors. While he says “being a redneck millionaire has its perks,” including buying new trucks, gadgets, and swanky suits, working with kin can be a headache.

Left: Get a load of Uncle Si sans specs and beard! Didn’t he look dapper when he was in the military?
Right: The Vietnam vet’s most famous war story is that while serving overseas, his mother sent him a blue mug. Thirty years later, it’s still hanging from his back pocket and he continues to only drink from this cup, every day.

Left: This young boy grew up to become Phil Robertson: Duck Commander.
Right: Phil’s love for the outdoors and duck hunting lead him to create the Duck Commander Duck Call in 1973, forgoing a career in the NFL. During the ten-week duck hunting season, Phil follows a strict routine of no showering, no shaving, and no clothes washing of any kind to ensure a bountiful haul.

Left: Jase and Missy pose for a photo on their wedding day.
Right: Twenty years later and the couple is still happily married.

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  • Samantha Leith

    Funny show, enjoy no cursing or nudity, definitely don’t act high and mighty, LOVE praying on every show. Will continue to watch as long as it’s on.

  • labbie1

    Great show! LOVE that they pray together and are down to earth with each other. I can’t believe how much John Luke looks like his dad! Jase and Missy sure don’t look 20 years older in those pictures! So happy to see this family that has been through so much be so close.