Side Chick’s Revenge: Dwight Howard’s Newest Side Chick Is SIXTEEN! She Exposes Photos & Text Msgs

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A high school student by the name of Debbie in the photo above has put dear old, virile Dwight Howard on blast. She started posting pictures [below], why? Dwight pissed her off, she’s just immature or looking for a reality show, take your pick.

Debbie’s text message imply that she and Dwight had more than a friendship. The text message she posted [below] is a screenshot of an alleged text conversation between the two of them. Debbie refers to the recipient as “Dwight”, Dwight has not been confirmed as the one who is responding as yet, but you can see in the pictures it is him with a bunch of young girls.

Dwight Howard at the time had and still does have a girlfriend, Christine Vest and they have a child together. This is definitely not a good look for Dwight, he allegedly has eight children with 8 women. But if this affair with a high school girl is true, he has a whole new level of problems now.

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Source: Black Sports Online

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