Dwight Howard’s Gospel Singer Girlfriend Christine Vest Gives Birth to His 6th Child

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Dwight Howards baby mama’s alone make a pretty interesting Basketball Wives spin-off.

via Black Sports Online:

We aren’t exactly sure how many baby mamas Dwight Howard has (at least 5 we know of), but according to his first baby mama and confirmed by us, his girlfriend Christine Vest just delivered, what we believe to be his 6th child.

Congratulations to Dwight & Christine on the birth of their baby boy! Bray has a baby brother!

Royce sent her congratulatory message on her Instagram.

Royce ReedDwight only claims his son by Royce, as he has founght her for custody and been embroiled in lawsuits for years.  Dwight hasn’t mentioned Christine’s pregnancy. TMZ broke the news that Christine was in fact giving birth and had the dream VIP birthing suite that was meant for Kim Kardashian, which was booked for 5 weeks latter. It has been mentioned that Christine is a Gospel singer and has been called a holy roller. I’m not sure why. Just because a person claims to be a Christian doesn’t mean they are. 3 baby mama’s would be a turn off for me alone, but hey that’s just me. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Mixed Chick

    Where do I begin. I’ve read that Dwight claims to be a Christian and apparently this latest baby mama is one too. But Christians are supposed to do things that uplift and glorify God. Having children out of wedlock and fornicating aren’t things God is happy with. And before anyone says don’t judge. I’m not judging. Judging is when you don’t have all the facts. Fact: Dwight has sex with his girlfriend and she became pregnant, she gives birth to a son. This is now his 5th or 6th child we think. In today’s world you can never tell anyone they’re wrong. Children are a blessing, but 6 kids and not one marriage AND with 6 baby mama’s is wrong. I am abstinent it’s bloody tough, but I want to be a wife not one of many baby mama’s. Close your legs Christian ladies until you find a man that not only pays for you, but PRAYS for and with you.


      I LIKE THAT last line!

    • Neiceycurl

      Wow, I stumbled on this story because I follow Christine on YouTube. She has a Chanel there and talks about her music and her hair journey. Really pretty girl. I am shocked. I wish her the best. At least he is claiming this baby. Maybe he will marry her, but doesn’t mean he will be with her only.

  • Anoyntd1

    Holly Roller and delivering a baby without the benefit of marriage don’t match. What’s wrong with that picture 1st and 2nd it gives real dedicated Christians who are seriously trying to up lift Jesus a hard time because unbelievers don’t understand Gods forgiveness because his is unconditional. So despite her claims she’s still forgiven and God still loves her and she’s still a Christian without having to go through people’s plan of salvation. Now we can move on to the real problem why is Dwight Howard having unprotected SEX with anybody and why is anybody having unprotected SEX with Dwight Howard. Guess what ladies he won’t be playing long he’s on the market now and nobody is really talking about picking him up so let’s pray he invested well before he ends up in the where are they now documentary with all the previous baby mamas the lower you are on the list the least likely opportunity you will have to collect so let’s do everybody a favor and stop having children by Dwight Howard! How Christian is that!

    • DatGirlNay

      I agree with you. Dwight will end up just like Allen Iverson……SMH, when will these females ever learn. She has no ring, he has 4 other baby mammas, and just like the ones before her she is going to be looking to the tabloids to sell her story to make a quick buck

      • InnocentCorruption

        Allen Iverson had one wife who is the mother of ALL of his children so um I’m not sure how Dwight Howard having four, five, or six children all with different woman relates. The bigger concern should be with why he obviously refuses to wear a condom?

  • Erica Carvajal

    This is what it is for me , this guys is really not all that and these women to me havevno self worth cuz if they did they woulsnt want to be baby mama # 2 or 6 cuz that just mean you dont mean anything just like the other’s, . Please ladies lets get it thogether cuz these rappers and football player’s and basketball player’s dont want shit but want you got between your legs. And dont forget the same way they had u tonite there will be another tomorrow. God bless.