Dwyane Wade Paying $35,000 Per Month To Ex-Wife Siovaughn In Divorce Settlement

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Dwyane Wade & Siohvaughn Funches-Wade during happier times

Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s divorce has been very messy. Siohvaughn’s been arrested, he started dating Gabrielle Union, allegedly when he was still married to Siohvaughn.

Now the divorce has been finalized financially. Apparently, Siohvaughn gets $10,000 per month for traveling expenses, $25,000 per month for living expenses, and a $1 million lump sum at the start of the divorce. Not bad.

Dwyane gets custody of their sons, he is still dating Gabrielle Union, while he get paid $17.1 million a year to play ball for Miami. So Siohvaugh got the money and not full custody of her children. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Dwyane and current girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union


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  • oh well……..what God has for her is for her


  • Well that’s the high price for infidelity ~ so pay the lady and she gets a babysitter too, not a bad deal.

  • nikki

    the kids live with her bc he is always on the road but he got custody. o well she winning


    • Why does she have to had sold her children because they agreed to pay the value of her time in a married where her husband cheated? Also she has young MEN. No woman can teach a boy to be a MAN. She is still a loving mother. She nutured them and it is time for their father to give them the way of MANHOOD. Women need to uplift other women and stop being haters.

    • She didn’t sell her kids she lost in the fight for her kids because he has MONEY POWER IN CONTROL and she got alimony and travel expense so she can see her kids

  • Ed

    $10,000 per month…for TRAVELING??? Wow. And she’s been arrested.

    Good for him for at least getting the kids. Everyone needs a mother’s love, but good for boys to be raised by their fathers.

  • Franny


    • AMEN

    • sameea

      what we pay for new Pus….. when the old get old, but in the begining they love us can’t get enough of us, but clean a dude up then they dont see you no more.

  • It’s called alimony


    • Why does eveyone beleive that the woman is always the better parent or that the children cannot be raised well with their father? That is their father. those are young men and it is a good thing for young men to raised with a strong male. They will still have a loving mother. She did her part and now it is time for their father to mold them into men. FIGHT is a word that should not be used. How invest her money wisely to build growth for her and her children’s furture. No need being angry and spending good money after bad.

    • She should spend that money on herself! Why fight for her boys they will be well taken care of by their father! After all they are boys and they need their father to guide them.

    • WOW!!!!! I can’t believe your serious she raised the kids while he was play ball and hoeing around had her jail been with him since high school and marry 6. Really are you serious!!!!

  • Great

  • Patricia Coakley

    Why so much money to her and she do not have kids. He needs money to take care of the kids to.

    • Are you serious? i tell you what..Let your husband cheat then lie, have yu arrested, take everything leave you broke then stea l your children threaten you and when you finally make peace witht he situation you end up with a fair amount money and fresh start and being able to see your children regularly and they are adjusted and not mentally upset…..let me see if you say what HE NEED….

    • $20,000,000 a year. He has enough money.

    • WOW!!!!! I can’t believe your serious she raised the kids while he was play ball and hoeing around had her jail been with him since high school and marry 6. Really are you serious!!!!

  • Phatima

    Actually she’s nurtured the boys long enough their older now and it’s time for dad to teach them how to be a man…… she should get something she’s been faithful for years and taking care of home… I’m a die hard heat fan but hey a man is a man and if he want’s to lay and play before it’s over …. oh well pay the price

    • Bram

      How do u know she was faithful? I heard she wasn’t and I knew someone that knew her

  • gabby aint gon ever marry his ass with that baggage… hell she could have jus slept with will smith jada woulda been ok with that….

    • Ms. Union is a whore. I am glad to see this divorce is done. i am interested to see how Ms. Union feels about him doing the same thing to her. If will do with you he will do it to you…….

      • Atl-lexie

        No one knows if she was sleeping with him while he was still with his ex-wife. He may have started dating her while being married to his ex-wife but separated there is a difference!!!! Who are you to point fingers we as the public only know what the media puts out there.

    • saintschick81

      children are not baggage! his ex wife maybe but not the children.

  • Karma.

  • I think she got what she wanted the money and the freedom to spend it.

  • $35,000/month is a bit much…$10,000 just for traveling? WOW is all i can say. Well, if they are happy with it, good for them. Its not gonna make or break my pockets.

  • She didn’t sell her kids. Wade petitioned the court for custody and won. But he has to keep up the lifestyle that he provided for her. Unfortunately..

  • Iam not ready to comment on this one yet. Mmm

  • ” Gone head w/ ya bad self!” Let him be the parent. I’m tired of women getting stuck w/ the kids all the time. Live, live and laugh at life because it’s only you to take care of. Live your kids but love the visiting even more. <3

    • TMAC

      That is the most stupid comment I ever heard are you serious

      • yo momma raised you better

        she must be very, very young and inexperienced at life…

    • saintschick81

      yea she extra young. ^ has got to be a deadbeat parent.

  • T

    Funny how ppl say she don’t need all of that for herself! If that was your deal in a divorce not anyone of you would say no ex-husband and judge I don’t need all that! Plus nobody told d. wade he didn’t need all that ass he was getting on the side of their marriage! Gotta pay to play, cheating azz! If he wanted to be a hoe bag he didn’t have to waste her time and break-up his family!

  • I agree with you ronald I read some of the comments and they act like that’s whole lot of money they were high school sweetheart and marry for 6 years
    With two kids she raised while he was playing b-ball and doing his thang. She deserve more than that but if she’s cool with it then who are we to judge

  • Leah

    Why is everyone commenting about what she needs and what she don’t need?? This woman was with D Wade from since the age of 14, when his parents was strung out on crack her parents took him in and raised him!!! They got married and when he made it into the NBA he got a taste of the nice life and women throwing themselves at him (Gab Union) and he fell for it and forgot about his marriage vows. The only reason he ended up with those kids is because he had better lawyers money can afford, and she did not handle the divorce well so he played upon that and claimed she was crazy!! She is still in court trying to get her kids back!! This woman was a good mother until he wanted a divorce all of a sudden she was not a great mother?? She got what she deserve and deserve more cause he dogged her. Just like Chris bosh he was with his first child mother, paid for fertility treatment and while she was 6 months pregnant he kicked her out for another woman now he convince a judge he lives in Texas even though he live in Miami so he won’t have to pay what he suppose to in child support!! These men are sad and not being held accountable, just becasue they are stars they are getting a damn pass!!

    • Trice

      How do you know all of this?

  • Just FYI she cheated with Shaunie O’Neals trainer’s assistant. He was too nice and respectful enough and didn’t put it out there that that was why he filed for divorce. She got caught. He and GU didn’t get together until after their first court date and then they still didn’t go out until the divorce was final. So please check your facts before downing someone.

  • She deserves to be respected we all hear what basketball wives go through cheating,lies, being blind sighted. you need to watch her interview on youtube their are two sides to every story. Many people only heard his side because he is this famous nba star.

  • God bless them all. His ex deserves the money. Wade is rich. Why would any man of his stature leave the mother of his children in despair. How would his kids feel seeing their mom without. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to wades life style. Hopefully his ex can find happiness as wade has. I’m sure he will not keep her from her kids. She had a hard time letting go. I wish them all the best

  • YouCanCallMeMrs.Moore

    How does he end up with the kids?!

  • Stacy Gaddy

    She’s entitled to the money & then some. I remember wade ex wife told Gabriel to stop messing with her husband we are trying to work at our marriage.She didn’t listen to that . She stayed with him. Wade didn’t want to give her any money(.MONEY TALK BULL SHIT WALKS) Union & Wade should be ashamed of them selves. They know they lied. Karma is a Bitch

  • Ronniboo

    Honestly I feel like she doesn’t deserve it. She’s mad at the fact hes wit GU but the whole reason the divorce took place was because of her infidelities with a trainer. Wade and Gabrielle didn’t start dating til after their divorce trial had started. Wtf she needs 10, 000 dollars for to travel? Bih dnt be goin nowhere like that. It was because of her cheating ways they got a divorce she only deserves visitation rights/half custody of her sons and maybe for him to helo witj her bill MAYBE!

  • Ehoney

    What happen to respecting the marriage! For better or worst .Its true we dont know if he cheated ,but he had to be doing something to move on that easy.And I am sure Gabrielle knew he was married but like most whores didnt care.Wade is just as much at fault here. They might seem happy now ,but only time will tell,hope she dont forget she can be replace 2 ! An I hope he know cheating dont make him a man ,fighting for whats right do!Dont forget who was in ur corner before u became who u are today!