Erica Mena Pregnant, Prank? Rich Dollaz Doesn’t Know?

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Erica Mena is pregnant with boyfriend’s Rich Dollaz baby, allegedly. Erica hosted an event in D.C. last night at Bar 7, and showed off what looks like a growing baby bump. Rich Dollaz apparently doesn’t know about it.

Rich tells YBF, “I don’t know about all the pregnancy rumors. Erica was posting pics on IG from Bar 7 in DC and I’m in Houston. So I guess a convo is def in order when we are back in NY. We’re together on and off. Mostly OFF these days.”

Did Erica just have too much pasta or is she indeed pregnant? I don’t know many women who pose with protruding stomachs. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Emmett4life

    I do indeed think she is pregnant.

  • mxnxj

    there’s also photos on that dude in the picture’s instagram (she says its her BF) of her making it rain on some butt ass naked strippers. if she IS pregnant, she’s going to be a GREAT mother.  I think she is doing it to f*** with Rich though because she just got womped on at some nail salon over a guy and her being pregnant wasn’t even mentioned.  She’s just a crazy ass bitch. 

  • Monicasoto782

    She looks pregnant and who allows people to pose with them rubbing your belly if you aren’t? Whatever if she is I hope she takes care of it.

  • Tiffany_danowsky00

    who cares, my bills don’t get paid by caring what these people do or are about

  • poor baby if she is i hope she gets herself together


    Congrats and God bless her and her new family

  • Katiemeeks81

    shes clearly pregnant

  • i feel sorry for Rich..18 yrs of havi ng to eal with this “One Hit Wonder” with no public class~ What a sad example of a Mother she has set for her existing son.

  • How Is She Prego And Was Just Fighting At A Nail Salon ????

  • i cant stand her at all seriously to ghetto for TV. I MISS THE OLD CAST 

  • Ijuanad

    Well after watching the episode last night and she could not get him to pay for her to do a video and called him a cheap ass, then I guess she is gonna try and get him in another way if she is actually pregnant?!!!!  Don’t know too many who will go to those lengths so get attention but the sad part is there are some women  that have nothing but time on their hands.  Rich cut your loses while you can!