Evelyn & Jennifer – Who’s Out The Circle?

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If you’ve notice Evelyn and Jennifer are not really speaking to each other as of recent and according to Bossip, they almost fought during taping season 4 of Basketball Wives!

Shaunie O’Neal had a belated birthday celebration in Miami over the past weekend, and an eye witness at the gathering claims there was a crazy confrontation between Jennifer Williams and her (former?) BFF Evelyn Lozada!

According to the witness, as Shaunie was celebrating her birthday at Philippe Chow, guests Evelyn and Jen got into an intense verbal argument, which ended with Evelyn allegedly hitting Jennifer on the top of the head with a clutch purse! After more harsh words, the two were separated. We’re told VH1′s cameras were rolling and the entire incident was caught on tape.

On December 10th Shaunie and Tami Roman, who is also a cast member, tweeted to each other about the party being “interesting and epic.”

Viewers of the show have watched Eve and Jen’s close friendship slowly fall apart, namely due to the fact that Jennifer went public with some not so nice comments about Evelyn’s fiance Chad Ochocinco. Jennifer and Evelyn also no longer follow each other on Twitter.

If you love drama, then you are going to love when the season debuts in February 2012.

Calls to Jennifer and Evelyn’s reps were not returned – Source: Bossip

They tweeted last week…

Evelyn: My circle of friends gets smaller and smaller & I love it. I don’t have time for part time fake friendships. Keep it moving!

Jennifer: There are such things as REAL FRIENDS!!! Too many to name! Luv u all! #blessed

Evelyn later decided to provide In the Circle t-shirts for her real friends. This season will definitely be interesting.

Basketball Wives season 4 Premieres Monday 20th February 9/8c on VH1!

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  • For one…Evelyn was undermining Jennifer to leave her husband with a smurk on her face…She always threatens Jennifer that she knows all her business and that’s how she thought she could keep a strong hold on Jennifer…Jennifer wake-up Evelyn doesn’t hink your a smart girl she thinks your stupid.She doesn’t appreciate you talking about her man…Even though she can bash other people. Leave that cockroach alone…let her go her marry way. She was looking for a baller she is used to men taking care of her. Which, realistically what woman doesn’t but, she is all about herself…let that chick go. You need to quit…letting her put her damn hands on you. She knew not to F— with Tami. And, how in the hell can she call who’s in the circle and out of the circle when she isn’t anything but a jump-off??? I don’t give a damn if she’s about to marry Ocho, she ran through men with her hoe-ish azz… Shaunie get control of your show….it’s not Evelyns.

  • princesspr

    Let’s all remember what Eric said to Jennifer season one, “You think Evelyn your friend, Evelyn is NOT your friend.” Seems as though someone called it perfectly.

    Also, Eric knew Evelyn BEFORE Jennifer, and how she rolls…..

  • I think its all BULLSHIT to try and boost the ratings for the damn show!!!I feel like the shit is fake and staged now watch they gone be right back BFF’s soon enough!!1

  • Evelyn is so dramatic with this friends bullshid…I will simply say this…. Like you told Royce how you f—— and suck– Ocho really ain’t her business… You are like so brand new all of a sudden. Get up off Jennifer! Jennifer you kind of deserve it because you were afraid to use your voice when Evelyn did some of the other girls wrong…Evelyn you better be careful…unless money is really all you want…because, you can’t mistreat people and think your going to stay on top… If Jennifer doesn’t care for your relationship with Ocho she’s entitled not to like the relationship…calm the hell down….You let it bother you too much. Maybe some of the issues ring true…you want him for his dough…even though now, you have a few books coming out for 6 figures etc…you were a jump-off from the beginning…so, just relax and enjoy the “ride” stop sweating Jennifer. Jennifer eyes may be open now, you wanted her marriage to end and now she sees you for “who” you really are. Yeah Yeah “we” know you were down for your girl….inside you were happy as hell she was miserable and now that your “happy” you want everyone to run and kizz yo tail…”chile please”.

  • Tavia E.

    Jen had this coming to her, she sat around and helped Eve play mean girl and now Karma is biting her in the ass. But she has a reason to be happy; She’s dropping dead weight because it’s clear Eve was never a good friend and her Karma is going to be far worse. By the way I think Eve was so pissed about Jen talking about her dislike for Ochocinco because their damn relationship is fake as hell. She knew all this time that Jen didn’t like him, hell Jen told her the same things she said on the radio to her face! It was the simple fact that the ‘public’ would know that her bff didn’t buy the relationship that set her off. Think about it, your bff knows you best and for the most part what will and will not work for you. Eve was mad Jen exposed the attention seeking relationship for what it is, a sham! No doubt they’re sleeping together but marriage and babies just ain’t happening IMO.

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