Evelyn Lozada Admits She Bailed On ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion

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Evelyn Lozada confirmed that she skipped out on the ‘Basketball Wives’ season 5 reunion because she has no interest in rehashing the past.

When you spend an entire season crying and sniffing over the same issues, I guess even you have your breaking point.  When season 5 of Basketball Wives debuted some people wanted more info on Evelyn and Chad Johnson’s short lived marriage. Evelyn’s storyline dominated the series. But when it was time for the season 5 reunion, Evelyn decided she wanted out.

“Choosing not to beat a dead horse! We all want 2 move on with life. Didn’t want 2 keep dwelling on the past.” Evelyn explained to one fan on Twitter earlier this week.

When she opted to decline an invite for the post-season reunion, that shut down the entire production. Why? It was an abrupt decision considering season 5 was much shorter than previous seasons at just 10 episodes.

There’s no word on whether VH1 will have a reunion with the other cast member, but at this point it’s unlikely. I don’t understand why there wasn’t a reunion, Evelyn isn’t the only cast member. It is unknown whether there will be a season 6.

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