Ex-Girlfriend Claims: Kroy Biermann, Was a Two-Timing Cheater!

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Of course it was just a matter of time until an ex rose their ugly head. Kroy’s ex girlfriend Elizabeth Seward, is claiming that he was cheating on his current wife, Kim Zolciak with her.

via In Touch Magazine:
Former Indiana Pacers cheerleader Elizabeth Seward tells states that she was involved with Kim’s husband while he was courting Kim in 2010.

“It was this whirlwind, love-at-first-sight thing,” says Elizabeth, whose romance with Kroy quickly heated up after the pair met at a party in Indianapolis in January 2010.

By July, she’d moved to Las Vegas, but she says Kroy, who had already met many of her friends and family, was still laying it on thick. He flew her to Indianapolis, where he was training, for a romantic rendezvous and “told me everything you’d want to hear,” recalls Elizabeth. “‘You’re my girlfriend. We’re going to make this work.'”

But just days after returning from the trip, Elizabeth saw pictures online of Kim and Kroy together at Kim’s former co-star Cynthia Bailey’s wedding.

When confronted, Kroy played it coy at first, telling her, “she’s a friend” but finally admitted he’d lied — and told Elizabeth they should stop talking. Elizabeth calls her experience with Kroy “extremely painful” and says she “felt completely betrayed.”

But a source close to Kim says, “She is livid that this woman is coming around after all these years,” claiming, “Kroy was never serious about Elizabeth — he was young and single and playing the field” and Kim is “fine” with that.

I believe this could have happened, but Kroy was on national television flirting with Kim. Elizabeth had to know the relationship was coming to an end especially when he didn’t tell Kim he was in a relationship. Kroy ended the relationship when he was sure what he had was Kim was going to be long term. I don’t agree with his methods, but hey, that’s life. Why is the ex-girlfriend coming out now?
Kim Responded to the story: Another day another stupid story! Meanwhile my husband and I sit back and laugh!

Now Elizabeth has released the text message to In Touch Weekly, that she and Kroy exchanged THREE years ago. Was she expecting Kroy to be impeached?

Elizabeth: “I trusted you.”
Kroy: “I don’t know what you want me to say. I f—ed up. I’m sorry.”

Kroy had started dating Kim in May of 2010, but the couple kept their romance under the radar until Cynthia’s wedding. “Obviously our relationships overlapped,” says Elizabeth. “[I felt] completely betrayed.”

Elizabeth: “This is disgusting. You kissed me goodbye a week ago and told me you loved me.”

Elizabeth says that she was worried about her health since he apparently was sleeping with two women at the same time. “I just wanted,” she says, “for him to be honest with me.”
The “I’m clean” converation sounds like some trailer mess. Obviously no one in this trio practices safe sex, because apparently STD’s HIV, etc don’t exist when you have money. Give it up lady, it’s been over 3 years. Move on.

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  • Kroyboyfan

    It’s ridiculous that this girl is coming out about Kroy now! Seriously, I think she is just jealous that Kroy is making it big and has a family that he loves! This chick needs to get over it.

    • Talk about a bitter ex…this is all so irrelevant

  • PamD

    Everyone involved in this story was single at the time, so there really is no story now is there……..

    • no they weren’t single at the time, that is what the lady is saying.

  • I think she lying, because she came out after so many years and kim and kroy been on tv and magazine, she just want fame and mad cuz she was dump, next story

    • Well, it has not been many years. 2010 kroy was with this lady, he also met kim in 2010. he didn’t marry kim until late 2011. When a woman has been done wrong, no one has the right to tell them when they should come forward, I don’t feel bad for kim at all. She messed with a married man and flaunted that mess on tv seasons 1-3. Allways remember what goes around, comes around.

  • Irate1

    Ok I’m not a big fan of Kim’s but this ex needs to take a few seats. I’m thinking she’s missing the “D”, smh. He got caught in his lie, he probably apologized. He told her that it wouldn’t work n married Kim. Move on! Kroy chose Kim. End of story!

  • I am interested to hearing in what Kim will have to say now. After there is proof he was sleeping with her and this other woman at the same time. I don’t care that she waited so long to release text messages. I think she should have done it sooner. I knew all along he wasn’t the “good ole’ boy” everybody thought he was! When something is too good to be true, it usually is!

    • cc

      I am not even team Kim but who cares who he was sleeping with, he was single and so was Kim…meaning not married….I am sure that happens so many times in peoples relationships…they r kind of out the door on one and going through the door of another….he was young and still is from what I am thinking…but he married Kim and has 2 children now and committed to her other two so that is what matters…not all that other stuff that happened 3 years ago in a matter of a month or 2…I mean we have to be big girls and keep it moving…I am sure so many females have been hurt, but we have to keep it moving and not cry over spilled milk…

  • Kimfrompa

    These texts just show that he was moving on and he was apologizing to his ex for hurting her. She should sit, no, lay down. All these years that passed. Bitch just shut up.

  • Not #teamKim really but honeychild have several seats darling. He doesn’t want you sweetheart.

  • Jersye

    Kim was still seeing Big Poppa back when she met Kroy so I’m sure all this means nothing to her.

  • He apologized. He is with his wife. Move look stupid for trying to get paid off old, meaningless stories. Stop trying to continue to ride his dick now that he’s on a reality show.

  • CC

    Maybe she is going to get a little much needed money for the story so I will give her a pass for that part…But I hope she is past this…he is married with kids, very young kids, babies…so if u r waiting for the kids to turn 18, u will be waiting for a long time….she needs to get her money, and move on with her life. Life is too short to focus on should of’s, would of’s, could of’s.

  • Trae

    Seriously lady get over it. Its been 3 years. Your not the only one whose been played on before and wont be the last. It seems like she is trying not only to get money and 15 mins of fame but her motives appear to be trying to cause conflict in their marriage. She needs to go work on her inner self. She has too many issues no man is going to want to deal with. Grow up lady and move on!

  • Not suprised….he plays pro ball! He had to have a female somewhere in there. I don’t look at him as innocent and squeaky clean….. hell loo at the mess he married!!

  • Mila

    why on earth does she still have these messages!

  • Psycho much! Only a desperate crazy stalker would keep txt messages from 3yrs ago! So what kim’s not mad an it seems like ur just trying to get her upset or make them break up! Besides who is still thinking about a relationship that didn’t last long that happened 3yrs ago or more! I mean really come on son who does that? A desperate stalker thats who! Kim is awesome an so is kroy they r kind an sweet an in love that girl is just jealous!

  • rosepedal0526

    what desperate loser keeps text messages from 3 years ago. Get over it and move on. Like you are the only one that has ever been burned.

  • mzniecy$1004

    really if she really read what he sent her in response she would know he wasn’t that into her, then not just that…what happened? she mad cause him and Kim are actually working so now she wants to try to break them up??? Chile, get your life..

  • SheMeHer

    wow thirst much!! it was three years ago. why is this chick still holding on to texts from a guy who dumped her three years ago.. seriously.. thats to bad. she needs to movew on I wish Kim and Kroy the best ..they look really happy together..(yall know this girl sit and watches Dont Be TARDY everynight..staring eye daggers at Kim the whole time)

  • aqua

    We all know he’s in the NFL but if he never dated kim would people really know who he was no, Ahhh kroy is only wit Kim because he wants more FAM , and Kim only get knock up because ave a child for a younger man she know he will stay , kroy seem fake he always ave a fake Grinch on his face

    • luvsbnagrammy

      Well no one would of known Kim if she wasn’t on RHOA either, so that is irrelevant, Kim said she was “okay” with this, they are happy and love each other, leave them be,why this girl is coming out now is ridiculous and makes her look pathetic, move on girl, I think they are good together!!

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