Three-year-old girl dies from complications of swallowing tiny watch battery when she was just 10-months-old

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Kylie Rose Ricards, from Taft, California, pictured below, was found unresponsive at her mother’s home on August 19 and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her death is believed to be the result of complications from swallowing a button battery two years ago, which left her with permanent damage to her trachea. Doctors have warned of the grave consequences of the tiny batteries, which are commonly found in household devices and gadgets such as calculators and wristwatches. Kylie is pictured below with her mother Victoria Irwin.

In a warning to all parents, Dr. Fernando Fan told KBAK/KBFX that the consequences of swallowing the tiny batteries, which are the size of a nickel or smaller, could be grave.

Kylie lived with the complications for nearly three years, always with a smile on her face, until she was found unresponsive on Aug. 19. She died that day.

Kylie’s story is shared by around 3,000 children each year who swallow button batteries, something a Bakersfield pediatrician called a big problem.

“There are more and more of these swallowing events every year,” said Dr. Fernando Fan. “When [the battery] comes into contact with bodily fluids, it sets up a current. That current on the negative side of the battery – will start producing a caustic agent and then it will burn through the tissue. There are more and more of these swallowing events every year.”

He said parents should instead buy devices that have locks over the batteries.

Thousands of children swallow the tiny batteries every year, which are found in gadgets like calculators

The family is now seeking donations to help pay for Kylie Rose’s funeral.

Source: Baskersfield Now

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    OMG, I never thought but it’s very scary now that I know, I’m so sorry my heart goes out to the Family …………

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      Thank you

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