Happy Birthday Evelyn! Chad’s Gift A Maserati!

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Here is Chad Ochocino’s gift to fiance, Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada who turns 36 today.

Chad’s gift for his wife to be – A Maserati & a Hermès Birkin bag !

Maserati – GranTurismo MC Stradale price tag MSRP $139,900

& a Hermès Birkin bag worth $11,000

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  • kylanj

    This is just why athletes are broke soon after retirement. 

  • ancica2011

    Men will go out of their way to impress a woman as long as they can hold off on saying “I DO.” Just sayin…

  • She should have accepted reasonable gifts and donated with all of these starving children!

    • LuLu_Slim

      Is that what you do? Women kill me; getting mad because your man (if you even have one) won’t even get you a scooter or a bus pass. *smh

    • she could move her mothr out of the “boogie down” but, she is persistent that her mother wants to stay there…

    • when did all the starving children become her problem…let their parents feed them!

  • donnell underwood

    Let my girl enjoy her popularity, ya’ll stop ‘hatin…

  • The car is off the chain…the Granny Bag, not hot. I don’t care if it was 11,000. She’ll have to do “something” to bull that one off.

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