Revenge-Porn King Hunter Moore Arrested And Indicted on Federal Charges

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hunter moore arrestHunter Moore has been labeled the “most hated man on the internet” for his creation of the revenge porn website “Isanyoneup.” The site was a forum where ex-boyfriends were urged to post their ex-girlfriends naked pictures and videos alongside their Facebook page links, home addresses, telephone numbers, and work numbers. After receiving numerous complaints from women featured on the site, their mothers, and their lawyers, Mr. Moore refused to take many women’s photos off of the site. Even after some women claimed that they had never sent the naked pictures obtained by the website, claiming that there internet had been illegally hacked and the pictures stolen from private files. Last year, after the site featured multiple underage girls, Mr. Moore sold his site to an anti-bullying website and pledged he would no longer post such content. Soon afterwards, he launched a new website where he threatened to “ruin lives” and said it would be ten times worse than the previous one. The indictment from the United States District Court for the Central District of California charged Mr. Moore and a friend of Mr. Moore named Charles “Gary” Evens, with conspiracy to “access a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain” and other counts.

According to the FBI’s indictment on multiple occasions, Mr. Moore paid Mr. Evens to break into the email accounts of victims and steal nude photos to post on the website “isanyoneup.” Mr. Moore is scheduled to appear in a federal court Tuesday afternoon while Mr. Evens is scheduled to appear in Los Angeles at the U.S District Court. Revenge porn activist Charlotte Laws has been fighting for Mr. Moore’s arrest for years and says her daughter Kayla is one of the victims listed in the indictment. She says:

“We’re super pleased that the FBI have brought this to fruition. I’ve talked to several of the victims and they are extremely pleased and I know all the victims are going to feel happy and they are going to feel that finally justice is being served.”

Victims and activists have long tried to fight against revenge porn and sexting, but so far few states have workable anti-revenge porn laws enacted. Moore has always defended his website by claiming he was protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The Act states that website owners cannot be held liable for content submitted by users. However, as the indictment indicates, if he paid Mr. Evans to retrieve illegal content he would no longer be granted Section 230 immunity. This is not the first time Hunter Moore has faced court charges, in March of 2013, a judge ordered Mr. Moore had to pay $250,000 to founder James McGibney for defamation damages.

Source: Time

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