Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis | Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

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The premise of this new Jeff Lewis show is that Jeff and Jenni go into a family home and do interior decorating and some renovation and the twist is that they stay with the family for 5 days and help them through their decorating issues.

First thing that comes to mind with the viewers of this episode I’m sure is wow there is an age difference with this couple. There is so what, even though the show is about them, the part about whether they are “age” appropriate is not my concern. It’s all about helping the couple and getting the interior design done and having some fun along the way. Jeff and Jenni will get both jobs done. Love these two together and hope that the ratings for this come up soon as I don’t want to see it be cut short. And for all of those asking, Flipping Out will be back this summer. Thank goodness!

This week Jeff and Jenni are at Bob and Kira’s huge mansion. They are an extremely wealthy married couple in Beverly Hills.

On day 1 Jeff and Jenni arrive at the mansion and the first thing out of Jeff’s mouth is that it’s very gaudy and very expensive. The banter starts right off with Jenni having to carry her own luggage up the stairs. And, so it begins. I never know what to think of these two, are they brother and sister from another mother? Have they been secretly married for the last 20 years? Could be either one.

Bob and Kira give a house tour and we see that there is art everywhere in the front room, well just everywhere in the house. All original pieces of art that Bob the business man has acquired over the years mainly through charity events. There are two items that I am immediately drawn to, 1 is the 1984 Olympic Torch carried by Bruce Jenner and it never gets mentioned but I see an original Leroy Neiman water color on the wall which by the way is one of my favorite artists. Can I please have those two pieces?!?

They arrive into the room that looks like a big storage locker, the only difference is that there is about 4 million worth of “junk” in there and it is located in what looks to be a 20 million dollar home. Jeff says “is there such a thing as a rich hoarder?” There is such tension between this couple over the “junk” in the house. I have only seen bits and pieces of the show “Hoarders” but by the look on Bob’s face, he is a rich hoarder, he is emotionally attached to every single item in the house.

While the foursome is having an exquisite dinner the discussion goes to a mantle in the room that is extremely busy and they continue to discuss the clutter and busyness of it all. The home owner doesn’t think that he is “a rich hoarder”. I think he is and actually feel sorry for him.

As the designer and assistant extraordinaire are in one of the guest bedrooms for the night they discuss just how wonderful it is at this mansion and Jenni reminds Jeff that they are there to do a job, and all Jeff is thinking about is how he “can’t wait for breakfast”.

Before they go into the anticipated breakfast on day 2 of the renovation of the “junk” room into an art gallery, Jeff and Jenny meet outside to discuss what needs to be done that day. Jeff has a better idea; he wants to make it into his bedroom. Jenni is trying to get Jeff focused on the project and all Jeff wants to do is move in and be adopted by the homeowners. After seeing how this couple lives, I want to be adopted by them also.

At breakfast Jeff is very impressed that he got to sleep on a 15K mattress, don’t think I’ve ever seen Jeff smile to big. Fresh fruit served by the “houseboy” and there is Jenni all business and asks Bob if he is ready to give all the “stuff” away. Bob is really struggling with this (classic hoarder) but realizes that he needs to do it to keep his marriage on the right path.

Jeff, Jenni, Bob and Kira get started on the sorting in the “Junk” Room using the standard process of sorting with the trash, keep, and donate piles. I am not a keeper but I can see the true struggle that Bob is going through and see the pain in Kira’s eyes. It is very hard for Bob to go through 40 years of memories. Everyone is struggling to help Bob and keep him on track. You can feel that Jeff and Jenni really care about these people, it’s more than a job at this point; it’s helping a couple get through the clutter. My money is on Jeff to turn Bob around.

One of the reasons I love Jeff and Jenni so much is that they are entertaining, yet at the same time you see two people that truly love each other not only as a business team, but as family. This to me is very much “reality” television, not like a lot of the crap that is out there these days. These two have the best sense of humor out there. These two are on my wish list of who I would want to have lunch with. Aren’t they on yours?

Bob does get through the sorting and he states that at the end of the day his relationship with his wife Kira is more important. Way to go Jeff and Jenni. Giving away the “stuff” was cathartic for Bob. Jenni lets Bob to know that he is doing the right thing.

The “junk” room is now transforming into an art gallery, and Jeff is doing it in such a classic way with a modern twist. It wouldn’t be a Jeff Lewis room if it didn’t have the clean modern look to it. Jeff is having Jenni take the lead on this project and plays up how she has been with him for 10 years and knows what she is doing, smiling all the time and of course we find Jeff sitting outside with his feet in the Jacuzzi and sipping on a drink and enjoying the good life. Jenni plays it up that he is supposed to be inside supervising, but neither one of them can keep a straight face. Back to business, Jenni is managing the workers as this is a real project that has to get done.
And, here comes Zoila, as she comes to the door, she meets the door man, or should I say security man. You see him throughout this episode shadowing Jeff and Jenni. My money is that Bob has him on staff to be sure that no one walks off with anything. Jeff says he is happy to see Zoila, and wants to give her a tour of his new house. The crew is sitting and enjoying a drink and Zoila wants to know if the 200K carpet is a magic one? Priceless!

Day 4 breakfast and we find out at this time that Bob and Kira don’t have any idea that the room is being made into an art gallery and tells them that they have to leave for the last night so that they can finish and not ruin the surprise.

Bob is still apprehensive about this process and isn’t sure how it will help out his marriage. However, he is still going with the plan and taking a mini vacation 2 miles from his house.

Jeff and Jenni go over the punch list and this is the typical conversation that they have on projects. He reminds her that he is the boss and she works for him. Text Jeff if you need anything Jenni. Again, neither one of them can keep a straight face.

There is a 15 million dollar sculpture that has been in Bob and Kira’s driveway sitting next to the trash cans for years and of course Jeff wants it moved up to the patio. Oh and did you hear, it also weighs 2000 lbs. Pretty awesome yet nerve wracking scene watching the crane company hoists it up to the patio.

Finishing touches being done on the new art gallery and Jeff going to have cocktails and a tennis lesson in the morning. He is very happy in his life these days, and that makes me smile. Kira tells it right, time for Bob to get rid of all the old memories to make new ones and remove the clutter. Clutter in the home, clutter in the relationship.
The room is getting its finishing touches with Jeff’s guidance; wonder did he have a good tennis lesson?

Bob and Kira arrive back home and as they walk into the house they immediately see the living room rearranged and Bob’s first reaction is that now the room is so simple and uncluttered. They arrive in the new art gallery and Bob says immediately that “you did good, you did good”. Bob was overtaken by emotion through this whole process. Success! Yep Jeff and Jenni did it once again.

We should all spread the word about this series and help get the numbers up for it. It is reality television at its finest. Feel free to share this blog and please feel free to write your comments in the comment section below. My goal is to keep the conversation going, so comment away.

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  • Melissa Garrison

    Jeff cracked me up in this episode… So smug.. Wanting to be adopted. Did you catch what he said while soaking feet in the jacuzzi, “dad always keeps it warm”! LOL
    Jeff has lived in nice homes but he is dying to be adopted and this episode was much better than the first one-with the cranky couple! I hope next one is just as funny!