Is Porsha Stewart Pregnant?

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart has an awesome body, she shared this picture on instagram with a slight bump. What do you think? Is the lovely, Porsha with child? Either that or she had a big bowl of pasta. The Housewives are under contract and if any major announcement is made – baby, wedding, divorce etc, it is always through a magazine or major website. They have to make their money, so we are not hating. If she is, we will be on the case and announce.

Porsha center, with her sister and a friend

I can’t lie, we at Reality Wives love babies and pregnancies, so if Porsha is, we will be, beyond happy. May be those yams worked. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Eccentricme

    who cares? let her live her life

  • Mixed Chick

    When you sign up for a reality show, especially a hit reality show, everything is up for debate, criticism, hate, love etc. Gossip, speculation, news, etc on reality stars is expected, so “hating” etc is null and void. If you’re asking who cares, you’re an idiot. No one is stopping her from living her life by any gossip. Anyway if Miss P is pregnant, congrats, if not O well! Porsha is fab, although a ditz lol

  • Brittneypatton_2009

    I hope she’s pregnant I think she deserves a child with all she’s been thru, nothing will make her more happy. I will b very happy for her and her husband if she is I love her on the show.

  • I hope so, that would really send Kenya over the edge. With her eggs drying up, she won’t be having no babies.

  • Heytheredalia

    I think she is. The magazine cover she’s on called her a mother….

  • Vuchgg

    She’s an egotistical spoiled bug eyed bitch!

  • Alicia Aycock

    Good luck prey 2 God that u have a baby i were sick of seein u down

  • I love Porsha and her husband and wish the very best for them. I believe she is pregnant because she cried too easy, but then she didn’t look like it on WWHL on 3-17-2013.