Jason Hoppy Files For Primary Custody Of Daughter Bryn

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Bethenny Frankel’s Husband Jason Hoppy Files Aggressive New Divorce Papers

As I figured, Jason Hoppy isn’t going down without a fight.

Things are getting ugly fast between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. About three weeks after Skinnygirl mogul Frankel, 42, filed for divorce from Hoppy, 41, the pharmaceutical executive has counter-filed with aggressive papers of his own, TMZ reports.

Disputing nearly every major detail from Frankel’s filing, Hoppy has a long list of requests: First and foremost, Hoppy wants primary custody of Bryn, the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. (Bravo star Frankel also asked for primary custody.) Just like Frankel, Hoppy seeks child support from his ex, whom he wed in spring 2010, and similarly asks for medical and dental expenses for himself and for Bryn.

Again countering Frankel’s own request, Hoppy seeks “exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence” (their $5 million, four-bedroom apartment in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood). He also asks his future ex-wife to maintain a life insurance policy on herself, making him and Bryn beneficiaries — another detail likewise requested by Frankel. Finally, TMZ reports, Hoppy requests that the talk show host pays his lawyer and accountant.

Of course, we don’t know the reason for the marital breakdown – rumors are Bethenny cheated, Jason cheated, Bethenny is unable to love anyone but herself. I am sad to say, Bethenny’s mother was right.

“Bethenny will soon dump her husband Jason as she is just using him and has gotten what she wants”


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  • Ashdgrl

    I am very disappointed in this & not that it is my business but I agree her Mother may have been right about a lot of things including – did her mother really come up with the drink? Was Bethany really as “abused” and “unloved” as she claims.
    The way she treated Jason’s parents said a lot but I was hoping it was just her being uncomfortable since she had claimed this “no family” childhood but ugh Bethany used to be my favorite but now she is just an annoying ritch beatch who chose fame over family

  • Mustangjk05

    This sure is getting ugly fast. He is going to take her to the cleaners, however I feel for Bryn. The one thing is we will probably never know what happened to cause the divorce or whom is at fault. I have a feeling this one is going to drag on for a while.

  • Luvchocolate88


  • jojogojo

    Sorry to hear they split not surprised  tho.I never really cared for Jason anyway. Wishy washy momma’s boys leave me cold. Man up Jason don’t try to horn in on her pay day grow a pair, find a nice guy and settle down in moms basement. You didnt need to mess up Bethany to prove your stright.

  • Jason will get custody because Bethenny has said time and time again how cold and disspassionate she is due to her upbringing. Jason has been made out to be (thanks to Bethenny) the more mentally stable parent. In addition, Jason has HIS parents to assist him and provide a loving family for Bryn….ijs.