Jenelle Evans Attacked By Briana & Brittany DeJesus In Twitter War

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jenelle evans-briana dejesus
When MTV announced it had cancelled Teen Mom 3, Jenelle Evans poked fun at the girls for being boring. Instantly the cast began tweeting that the only reason Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 series is still airing is because Jenelle is a “train wreck.” On December 29th, Jenelle tweeted a fan “oh, like Briana’s mole” in response to a question. Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus both thought the statement was meant for Briana since she too has a mole. They began attacking Jenelle instantly and in an attempt to calm the situation, Jenelle said that she was talking about a different Briana; her fiance’s ex-girlfriend to be exact.

Brittany threatened to “beat her a**” and revealed that on a MTV press trip they had to share hotels with Jenelle and that their entire floor “stunk” because Jenelle was smoking marijuana. Briana then called Jenelle “trailer trash,” accused her of “sniffing coke,” and “choosing drugs over her son.” When Jenelle said Briana was “spoiled” because she had everything handed to her, she went off on a rant tweeting:

“I know da** well u aren’t talking…..when’s the last time u mothered ur son? Pls trailer trash don’t start. Go keep sniffing coke and keeping showing ur two kids what a horrific parent u are. My mom told me to leave u alone bc ur not mentally stable! Good luck with ur life’ bye.”

I think it was immature of Briana and Brittany to say things to Jenelle. They can’t even be sure that Jenelle was talking about Briana to begin with. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  1. avatar
    Elibelly Reply
    Im thankful they cancelled Teen Mom 3
  2. avatar
    gbaby Reply
    I think they should air Janelle again! She’s awesome!!!! She’s not fake….
    • avatar
      Brittany Marie Chapman Reply
      i think they should too!!
      • avatar
        kestrel Reply
        Well there is a new series soon so they are doing….
  3. avatar
    Ashleigh Reply
    I don’t understand how
    Brianna can call Janelle “white trash” yet it would be over if Janelle called Brianna a “nigger” how is it never racial when another race does this? I’m sick of this double standard!
    • avatar
      Brittney Reply
      She never called her white trash she said trailer trash and that comes in all colors and shapes furthermore Briana is Latina so if she came back with nigger she would look dumb. Why fight hate with hate? Let go the attacker ends up looking dumb in the end. All of these girls need help.
    • avatar
      syndy Reply
      shes not even black are you f***** in the head…hate thats the only thing in peoples hearts now a days smh…get your life plz lol…happy new year :)
      • avatar
        momoe Reply
        A “nigger” can be any person, not a race.
    • avatar
      This is hilarouis Reply
      And 7 dumb f*cks agreed with you…they can’t read either. What sad ass people you and those 7 jack holes are.
  4. avatar
    jennifer Reply
    Im so glad they decided to cancel tm3 .. I dont think i could watch another episode of Briana’s phoney accent n drama .. Jenelle didnt say nothing wrong when she said its all been handed to her .. Little girl you wanna have a baby young by all means thats your choice but dont put your mother n sister in the hole because you wanna lay around on the couch all day .. Get a dam job then maybe you can claim to be mother of the year!!!!!
  5. avatar
    beth Reply
    I agree cuz she even said it wasn’t bout her…like for real..if it was bout her she would of pointed it out and said yes it was bout you and those bitches don’t get it not everything is bout them…rather it’s on Facebook or Twitter or MySpace…. ask the person if it’s about before attacking that person
  6. avatar
    Kayla Reply
    I think it’s funny that the sisters are running their mouths on Twitter without knowing all the facts. Didn’t Briana have a problem with her baby’s father doing the same thing to her? I’m not a fan of Jenelle in the slightest, but it’s also sad that you need your sister to back you up and handle EVERYTHING for you. Be a big girl now, you’re a mother, and you’re in the spotlight. Please give your child something to be proud of when she’s older. Funny to call someone “trailer trash”, when you’re not acting like much more than trash yourself.
  7. avatar
    Jami Reply
    Only decent mom on tm3 was mackenzie. One has anger issuses(alex) katie has lot going for her but she letting a jerk ruin it. Your young, with a baby…course money is a huge factor! Briana I just hear wah waH wah an she annoying. New flash sweeite your a broke girl who lives at home with your mommie . Your mom an sister have to take care of your kid
  8. avatar
    Brittany Marie Chapman Reply
    i thought teen mom 3 was boring im with Jenelle on that one ive watched every one of the shows and it was BORING!!! i think its dumb how they are acting like childish teens you have a kid so stop fighting with ppl online and get a job to help take care of your child!!!!
  9. avatar
    Ursula Reply
    i feel like brittany and briana just wanted to pick a fight with jenelle to stay current. there was no need to jump on her and not even knowing if she was even talking about briana.
  10. avatar
    lorranneb Reply
    the entire show/concept was trash!!! i miss the days when MTV meant music television
  11. avatar
    This is hilarouis Reply
    Brianna let her mother and sister ruin ANY chance of the father being able to even get a CHANCE to take care of his child. Did you SEE how the both of them acted and ranted and raved at her? Hopefully I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.

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