Jennifer Williams’ Attacker Gets Court Date

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Nia Crooks Gets Court Date

A date, June 28th, has been set for Nia Crooks who assaulted Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams on an episode from this past season. The Broward State Attorney’s Office filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Nia Crooks, who is an assistant of cast member Evelyn Lozada, a former friend of Jennifer’s.

During the incident, which aired on Basketball Wives on the 16th April, Nia threatened to slap Jennifer, “Do you need to be slapped in your face?”

Jennifer replied, “I wish you would,” Nia proceeded to get up out of her chair, walked over to Jennifer and slapped her right in her face.

If convicted, Nia faces up to a year in jail.

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

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  • Msalisac

    Dats bullshit

    • SMH

      What’s BS is Nia putting her hands on her.

  • Phyillysfinest6

    I bet you Jen drops the charges! Ijs

    • Diva Dee

      If Jen drop the charges the state has picked them up.. And the sad part is they have film of Nia putting her hand on Jen, so she has no defense. I cannot understand how the producers of the show did not think about all that before airing that show..

      • It adds drama and we all know the show wants drama. Shaunie is pimping these girls out for a paycheck. 

  • Latanyathebomb

    Jen should hve never pressed charges she asked for thar slap.

    • deschl

      why ain’t I surprised, latanya, shameeka, lakeesha, jameeka, ranisha and every ghetto name out there would go along with grown women fighting, smh we got a long way to go as a people, it’s called class get some

      • SMH

        Names have nothing to do with the person and everything to do with the parents. I’m Latanya and I disagree with her. #smh@stereotypicalpeople By the way, I have a PhD. and will correct your “ain’t” and “got.” I do agree with you in that we most certainly HAVE a long way to go.

        Jen definitely did the right thing!

        • LaMiah

          Agreed! I have been told my name (LaMiah) is ghetto and I too think Jen should have pressed charges.  How old are these women running around bullying other people and putting their hands on others.  I have a 10 & 7 year old that I’m trying to teach to be better citizens.  I’m trying to teach them to use their words and common sense, be a leader not a follower, don’t instigate, etc. Other random lessons.  Pretty much all the lessons I’m trying to teach, it seems like these women represent.  When are we going to have a damn show that shows women encouraging each other instead of tearing each other down!

    • Renaissance93

      Are you serious?? Smh……

    • Jmusic45

      I’m with Tawanda.  Jen should have pressed charges.  Nia didn’t need to be there.  she got her brief moment on t.v., and  you know BW producers probably told Evelyn to bring her there to bring some drama for the ratings cause they know she was pissed off at Jen, Shaunie’s name maybe on that show, but she don’t put those scenes together.  when Nia said something about slapping Jen, she should have stayed put, and could have just kept talking, but those producers knew she was probably going to get up anyway to get over there to Jen to get in her face.  If it wasn’t her, then it would have been Evelyn who got up on the table later of course.  Nia should not have been there. She isn’t even part of that group, but who cares?  just another show showing young black women how these so called “wives” who are not married to anyone:  ex-wives, ex-fiances, girlfriends that it’s okay to behave this way, and fight in the public over anything.  I look at the people’s faces in the restaurant when Evelyn gets starts and it’s so embarrasing.  I’d have her picture up at every place that if she comes through the door, turn her away.  She needs to change.  No wonder her daughter wants to go to school away from where she is.  At least Tami is going to counseling. I’d rather rather Mob Wives.  Jen just needs to walk away, and let this show go..Shaunie too.  Can we see some positive shows about our women than this mess we have on these days?

    • Tazz

      Jennifer didn’t asked to be slap really did you seriously watch the episode like millions of us did.  If i recall it right BUM BITCH NIA said you must you need to be slapped.  I ya said that to me I would of would of said the same thin Jennifer said, I WISH YOU WOULD.  That is not asking for it, and besides didn’t NIA and everybody else see/listen when Tammi and Shaunie especially Tammi because she had an issue with it, were talking to Jennifer about the letters that they all received from her lawyer stating basically if she is harmed /touched in any way charges could filed and or they will be sued. She (NIA) should of been women enough to call ask for the damn keys back like a lady which she definitely is not, no instead she wanted to think she could be EVIL EVELYN.  she deserves what she gets.  and for evelyn to get mad at jennifer for calling nia a bum bitch which she is , but she could call royce the same thing

      • Snugz

         BUT Jen did say “Yep” right b4 her saying I wish u would…… Is yep not welcoming a smack 2 the face???

        • CANDY


          • MsDaize

            Not to be a stickler but none of them are basketball wives.  Half of them were never even married to thier basketball “husband”.  So I think Nia fit in just fine.  It does not however give her the right to slap anyone even if Jennifer got up and begged her in plain english.  At what point will people learn to keep thier hands to themselves? That’s what we are trying to teach our kid’s right? Since when did the adults forget how to do it?

            • Very well put LaMiah!!!  My sentiments exactly, this entire situation is an unfortunate one!  I know we only see part of what really happens and only the most foolish bufoonish acts are televised; but as adult women we should be able to have a little more self control.  Reality television has become a showcase for adult women to relive their childhoods, yes childhood because their behavior is quite childish.  Sure I want to walk up to people that piss me off sometimes and smack them right across their faces for things they may have said or done, but since I’m an adult I know that there are repurcussions for such actions and I control myself.  Jennifer was not at all blameless in this matter, but she is following the proper course of action.  I just hope they all grow up and do better because my daughter thinks these women are cool, that makes me a little angry with all of them!!!  SMH

        • Diva Dee

          No it was not welcoming a smack.. When Jen said YEA!!! To Nia she was warning her,
          Yea, if you put your hands on me (Jen), I got something for you…. Jen said it
          correct, Put them white folks in their lives,
          and let them deal with that foolishness.

          Bottom line Nia was trying to act like she was “Billy
          Bad A$$” in front of the other ladies. 
          5 Minutes of fame about to turn into a life time of pain for her.  She may serve jail time, now she has a felony
          on her record, and she may have to pay Jen for the assault. Was it really worth all of that??? No. I’m
          glad Jen pressed charges, if she had not, the violence’s would still be going

          Those ladies are a bad example, Shaunie could have done more
          to stop that mess, but nooo, and she was making money off that foolishness
          until the supporters started pulling their commercials.

           Now they all want to act like they have good senses and now
          how to act.. Why must it have gotten to that level????????
          In the words of Jennifer Williams, Let the white folks fight her battle……

    • candy

      y she shud not press charges how u feel if some slap u nia was tryin to impressed evenlyn and she gonna serve her time by herself regardless if some say i wish u wud slap me that mean u do it then u pay and that exactly wat she is goin and do sit in jail and think about ur consequences they shud press charges on tami to ghetto hoe like puttin ur hands on people u gonna think twice before u do it  

    • Shortandsweetlil

       If someone say to you i wish u will push me off the roof would you do it? Same thing,she shouldn’t had got up from that table walk around it and put her hands on any one…good for her!!!

    • It doesn’t matter. If you put your hands on someone who has not physically hit you it’s assault. She could spend a year in jail and be away from her children and family. If she’s working she could lose her job. All this because Jennifer said “I wish you would”. People don’t think about the consequences. 

      • Jesusis

        I agree, I am sorry that the same has not happened to evelyn and tami the need to go to jail then lets see how bad they are. They both have daughters how would they like there daughters treated as they have treated the younger girls on the show. tami especially who could be some of there mothers at least she looks like she could, i am surei am not  far off in that. evelyn looks no better. they are both bullies and bullies should go to jail when they attack people

    • Ethel Pierre

      Are you serious? She did not ask for that slap at all.  Everytime there was a gathering, there was an excuse to stick it to Jen. Nia was that 2 minutes of fame worth it.  Evelyn put her up to it.  No doubt.  Shaunie is a fake bitch.  How she gonna charge Jen up at the reunion like she did.  Boo, Boo you did not get purse hit and slapped in the face. Did you?  Jen was the victim. 

  • Pwoodfork

    That’s where bullies belong IN JAIL!!!! Sorry Nia next time learn to keep your hands to yourself.

  • Naomigon718

    Take the f****** slap and learn how to fight don’t be a cop caller. Snitches get stitches and whind up in ditches!!! Smh hood style

    • deschl

      you are the reason why our kids are being killed with no repercussions and our neighborhoods are crumbling, people move out because they don’t want to be around people like you and leave yall slow asses to run it and the poor old people who are stuck can’t even come out and sit on the porches how that hood style workin out for your ignorant azz, how about cleaning up your hood, white folks laugh while you wallow in squalor, Jen a lady not one of your baby mama hood rats she educated she don’t need to learn how to fight she above your slow mentality, get a job and not one cleaning up hotels or front counter at mickey dees mr. keeping it real hood style, the rest of the world laughs at the joke you are


        Wow speechless I’m on Jen side but that’s heavy.

    • Remi

      I guess classless people stick up for each other

  • Dreamgirl02005

    That’s good, learn to keep your hands to yourself instead of trying to get ratings for the show.

  • Pooh

    She got wat she asked for Nia don’t deserve jail time for this

    • Cokiemelt2000

      I see you are childish and immature too…. Wow!!!! You might need to join the coward crew click chick….

      • @Cokiemelt2000, hopefully one day when “Pooh” goes to her place of work she is not struck in her mouth without warning, hopefully “pooh” doesn’t have a mother or elderly grandma that comes in to work one day and somebody bust her mom dead in the mouth piece without warning, then she will remember this comment she made about Nia & Jenn

    • SMH

      SMH. Commit the crime. Do the time.

  • Melmiek

    I hope she gets slapped in her face while shr’s in jail! Raggedy Rump!

  • Easyres

    Teach her to not put hands on people.

  • Cdrea01

    ok jail time i think she learned her lesson time tto drop the charges.

  • Who asked to be slapped, come on now.Nia had NO business there and if she wanted her keys, then all she had to do was pick up the phone. This is what her ass gets for doing Evelyn’s dirty work. In real life, you don’t go around putting your hands on people…her whole conversation during that episode was Jen’s new friends…jealousy is an ugly thing…she needs to be taught a lesson and I hope that her defense is not going to be that Jen asked to be slap…she will surely get some time if that’s the case.

    • Tawanda you are on point, couldn’t have said it better my self!  Now according to Florida Law 784.03
      (1)(a) The offense of battery occurs when a person:

      1. Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the
      will of the other; or

      2. Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.

      (b) Except as provided in subsection (2), a person who commits battery
      commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082
      or s. 775.083.

      (2) A person who has one prior conviction for battery, aggravated battery,
      or felony battery and who commits any second or subsequent battery commits a
      felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or
      s. 775.084. For purposes of this subsection, “conviction” means a determination
      of guilt that is the result of a plea or a trial, regardless of whether
      adjudication is withheld or a plea of nolo contendere is entered.
      Now we don’t know if Nia has any other convictions she can use that defense”Jennifer asked her to slap her” but it will never hold up in any court of LAW….lol…The Judge is going to say Nia well if someone ask you to shoot them and kill them, that doesn’t give you the right to KILL them.  She will either have to serve time  6 months to a year and probation.  I would have done the same thing!!

    • Imadiva218

      I’m telling u!! Bitch change ur locks, or she can’t afford to go to Walmart & switch out her door knobs or pay some body to do it! “My keys my keys” what ever bitch u just wanted to be on TV & u got a total of 2mins & now its causting u more than just changing the locks, & who cares if Jennifer lived with her or not, Jennifer don’t owe her nothing that’s why its called a favor, u know what she is a bum bitch!!

  • MiMi

    Trying to figure out how she asked for that slap?
    I commend Jen for keeping it classy and pressing charges. These women behave like louts and should learn to keep their hands to themselves.

  • Shantaniquefranklin

    If doesn’t matter if somebody ask you to slap them don’t put your hsnds on nobodies body cuz had jennifer did that nia would have fought her I feel like you big enough to hit somebody you deserve to be punish how you think jen feels this was suppose to be a friend of hers

  • Mickeynmese53

    “i wish u would” does not me ok slap me…it means bitch if u do then u accept any consequence that follows, weather I stokp to ur level n we fight it out or weather I press charges on ur classless ass. Jen u did the right thing cuz eve boosted nia up it was unnecessary n if u did have her key the stupid bitch shud have just change her locks…u probably lost the key by now anyway…eve n them other low life skanks need a life instead of sweatin Jens nutsack

    • Ewilson7550

      Omg you nailed it right on the head sane things I was thinking!!!

  • Pollardjennifer85

    Old stupid azz hoe!! Watever was going on wit Jen & Evelyn is their damn issues. But here comes dis irrelevant azz Hood booger tryna get sum damn air time. Jen should hopped on dat hoe head! Bitch nxt time u get sum tv time learn how 2 look up to damn part like the rest! Jen ain’t gotta f*** wit y’all hoes if she don’t want to! I hope she do go 2 jail! c how hard she really is lol

    • Innercitideli

       Ans See how good of a friend the hoochies who puffed her up contribute to her defense fund!

  • Mickeynmese53

    N f*** bein a snitch…at sum point in life u have to grow up n having a hood mentality wont get u anywhere in life…when u got kids or sumthin goin for urself why fight n have a record over sumthin stupid…so yes nia deserves jail time or sum serious community service hours but dont feel sorry for nia she is grown n has to lean keep ur hands to urself everybody aint raised like a dog who just wanna fight. Be an adult n have adult convos…squash the BS n keep it movin.

  • Thugmami78

    Jen didn’t ask to be slapped she simply kept it Hood sayn yea…I wish a bitch would…but nia did it! Jen is not a fighter and nia knew this si dats y she initiated the slap cuz if it was a Hood chic that said yea come slap me bitch nia woulda continued to sit there and just argue…tsss she knew jen was an easy target..punk bitch and I mean tht for nia!!

  • Darbyshayla

    Give her jail time judge please….u gotta pay the price for your actions honey……lol

  • Sasha17 Rc

    Thats what.the hell her bummy ass get she is a straight bum from harlem

  • Real Talk

    Jen is not built for that life she shouldn’t invited her to slap her. Jen is so fake running off at the mouth and go what she ask for. If you can’t take it stop running your trap. That even worth going to court for

    • Cokiemelt2000

      People should be able to say whatever they want… Bus, was in violation when she placed her hands on Jen point blank!!!! So, now Bus needs to pay the piper. And normally when its time to pay the piper, you don’t never have quite enough to do so… So deal with it!!!

    • SMH

      It was worth going to court for. She said, “…I wish you would.” She didn’t ask to be slapped. I hope Nia gets the full year.Maybe her behind will think the next time.

  • Shay

    She needs to go to jail. They need to make an example out of her. Keep your damn hands to yourself. Why was she even there in the 1st place. Im commend Jen because through the whole season even though she was bullied she never came down to their level. Thats why those chics are pissed because they know they behaved like idiots!!!

  • I hope Nia doesn’t have any other prior convictions!  If she does she is facing Jail!  I bet you won’t put your hands on anyone else crazy heifer.  I would have done the same thing!!!!  In the clip if Jen’s lawyers are smart as I’m sure they are it show Jen trying to restrain her from hitting her a second time.  Jen never invited her to hit her….Nia said,”do I need or do you want to get slapped? Jen said,”Yeah! I wish you would.  So Nia made her way over toward Jen.  For all Jen know she could have been going to the bathroom or going to get something else and if you notice she slapped Jen from the side with her left hand.  I hope she gets time for doing that though because no one deserves to be hit.  I’m sorry she is faced with such a thing but I bet you next time she will think, hopefully!!!

  • You could tell Nia thought she would score cool pionts for that slap now she could be facing jail time. THIS IS A GREAT LESSON FOR THE YOUNG FEMALE VIEWERS. Good move Jenn, nobody should be assaulted by a co worker.

  • Angelface431

    I can honestly say jen did too much for pressing charges over a “slap” c’mon now she should have just defended herself. Now don get me wrong I’m not a messy trashy female. I have self respect and I carry myself like a lady not a ghetto girl. (I’m currently working for social work) any ways a real women won’t let no female “punk her” jen talks a lot of crap & think nobody is gonna touch her then when they do she runs to the cops. That is a bitch move point blank. If she is so “classy” as most of you guys say then she would have kept her mouth shut from the BEGINING. You can’t go running around talking shit about ppl then cry when something is done to you. Man up & shut up!!! If somebody slap me then ima handle it the right way. Hello wake up ppl its called self defense. Jen could have fought back & everything is recorded so it would have shown she is defending herself…. then after that she could have called the cops but defend yourself FIRST!!! & yes for the ppl who might try to rebutal this…. if someone is attacking you, you have the right to defend yourself & you will NOT go to jail. Well at least in CA.

    • Kgreen

      Your just like them! There comes a point in life when you don’t fight anymore. That’s so high school. The only way to deal with a stupid ignorant person is to put the law in their life, fighting them back is what they want you to do! Smh!

      • Angelface431

        Pls don’t tell me who or what I am like! You know nothing about me & you right they do need to act grown but if jen is so classy then she wouldn’t have been talking shit. Point blank jen brought this on herself they are all messy. But don’t talk the talk If you aren’t gonna walk the walk. And just like I told my daughter if somebody in school hit you, you better hit they ass back then go tell the teacher. That’s just the way I handle things. And for the record since you think you know me. I’ve only been in ONE fight my whole life & that’s only when I was in 9th grade. So don’t tell me I’m messy like them until you know my story!!!

  • Lindawilliams0928

    That hoodrat belongs in jail…dumb b*otch! U got yo 5mins of fame…u can thank EVELYN 4 ur jail time…u r definitly a non mutha effin factor! #sayjailbird

  • Miesha Lennon

    U commit da crime u must do da time! A lesson 2 b learned Nia keep ur hands n ur pocket & sum friendly advice next time u try a stunt like dat to get ur shine on da air please please hve someone help u with ur hair & clothes because u looked a boiling hot mess lmao she should hve extra charges added jus for dat!!

  • Jestme4sho

    Ha she slapped the bullshit out of her, and that’s what she get! She talk to damn much. It’s just like a punk bitch to talk tuff then call the cops. Don’t want to get popped on? Then shut the f*** up

  • Sunshynes90

    That’s what the hell mia gets I aint mad at Jen at all. Them bitches need to mind they business and leave Jen alone!!! How you gone get mad at somebody because they DONT want to f*** with ya’ll low budget ass you all sound ridiculous!! I understand EXACTLY what Jen means when she says she wouldn’t have a relationship with an athlete u DONT see why its so hard for you bottom feeder bitches to grasps. Like she said she can and will f*** with whoever she chooses athlete included BUTTTTTTT she wont get into a relationship with one and be looking stupid like yo dumb ass Eve on national TV talking bout you would have a 3 some just to keep a nigga …and its not that ppl don’t have them all the time its the fact that its THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS not on damn TV cuz you and your man are attention whores. Jen was right about everything she said about Chad and its not cuz she’s jealous its cuz its the damn truth and everybody knows it.

  • Preyes1965

    Not a year in jail but a year in an animal reserve because that’s exactly what she is …… a wild animal.

  • Imitchell0919

    That’s what she get… She’s a grown women and mad about nothing… Her reasons for being mad at jennifer is because Evelyn keeps talking mess about her… She should learn the consequences behind violating another persons space… Evelyn is lucky she didn’t touch her cause she would be in the same position tv show or not you should never put your hands on someone else unless your defending yourself…

  • I think this was a setup by the producers! I have never seen Nia on this show but all of a sudden she shows up for this one episode. Then you never see her again. Bullies picking on the weak that is all this is. She deserves jail time! Nobody has the right to hit you!

  • Thimikia

    get over it! Jen its not that serious

  • Nia was trying to become famous point blank bottom line.There was no reason for her to be there behind some keys..I’m not buying it…….Jennifuh is making 7 figures so I highly think she gonna break in Nia’s 2bedroom walk-up in Harlem.A publicity stunt on Nia’s behalf. 

  • Melminor2506

    The same thing should be happening to Evelyn cause she did threatend to do something to Jen in the same show. Hopping on tables she better be glad she didn’t make the physical contact her ass would be going down as well.

  • Parkerdash29

    I absolutely feel no sympathy for Nia.  You are sad and crying….?!  Good!!!  You get what you get.  I hope you have fines and jail time after putting your hands on somebody and expecting them to let it go like it was nothing, or as if it never happened.  I’m sure you Nia isn’t totally crazy… I bet the *itch knows who she can smack like that without getting a foot broke off in her *ss!  I would have beaten her with a chair, fists, dishes, shoes, she would have caught more than she gave with this angry black woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Shoka

    Suzie had charges pressed against her for attacking a woman during a previous season.  Now she’s a bit less confrontational–she uses words instead of physical attacks.  Pressing charges could help Tami some too, instead of the enabling that goes on.  

    As for Evelyn’s upset about Jen’s snobby comments to Nia,  Evelyn pays the little salary that keeps Nia in that low income status.  So, of course Evelyn took Jen’s comment about her income status personally, because she could pay Nia more.  After all, Nia is more than just her assistant–she is a friend.  Evelyn was likely convicted in her heart when Jen made that comment. She could be more generous.  

  • Imadiva218

    I hope that bitch does go a yr in jail for slapping Jennifer! I mean she’s trying too hard to be in Evelyn’s circle, & just like she was quick to jump in & help the Jennifer look alike, I wounder if Evelyn is going to be quick to help her with her fees & court costs, defending her ass! Pffft I bet she left that bitch on her own! & Tammy’s ass needs to stop it she’s fkn billing Lil country home girl, I’ve never seen a black red neck before this is the 1st for me cuz anything u say to Tammy’s ass she takes a left turn!! I’m just saying!

  • Mslana85

    I dont wish anyone to be sent to prison but in life there are consequences and next time this will teach Nia keep her hands to herself…

  • Destinybos5297

    damn if she covinicted she got a year in jail smh she should have never slap jennifer

  • Aurisims1217

    thats what her ass get wanna put hands on somebody

  • Iam2dep4u

    She didn’t attack Jen, she slapped her lying ass…..She’s ur typical bitch who thinks they can say what they want & have no consequences……..I would have whipped her ass but she to scared to come to Detroit!  Stupid bitch!  She’s a dumb ass valley girl who will be broke in 2 f****** years

  • Mariecruse1

    Getting what she deserves!  Keep your hands to yourself.   Ghetto women always want to hit somebody.  Go to college and get a real job and stop being Evelyn’s flunkie…  Hope she gets a year in jail….


    Jennifer is nothing more then a trashy bag in an expensive dress and bad weave.  She was begging to get slapped and once that happens she calls the cops and presses chargers but it took her 4 months to do that when the cameras were rolling. What a low life. 

  • MyParty

    So glad that this is going playing out in the courts.  She should not have been there in the first place, what & who is she PLEASE.  She got her 15 minutes of FRAME now go to jail or due your probation quietly!!!

  • SeeingitAll

    Jennifer is so full of it, she stated on the reunion that it’s out of her hands-the charges and all. She was in control when she ran her scary no fight back ass to file the charges from the get go. I think she was so so very embarrassed that she didn’t know what else to do. What was that she was doing in the video above after Nia slapped her? Really, what was that…fighting back, the most movement I say was in her skirt swaying back and forth. wow really? Although, I don’t condone fighting or slapping people either. Glad to see Jennifer is gone from the show because she is truly ghetto.
    Enough said.

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