Jerseylicious | Season 4, Episode 14 Recap

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Gatsy 2 Go Going Gone?

Here we go again Mrs. Giove is up to no good. I am all for promoting the new salon but seeing Anthony’s bald head on the highway will be hysterical! She has asked Alexa to come in and create the billboard. Alexa’s ideas are always over the top. She creates the billboard to have naked people with hair flowing and Anthony in the middle. Her next idea has a group of customers around a table kind of like a mob dinner and then there is Anthony’s bald head right in the middle. Alexa finally gets Anthony to agree but let’s see how it turns out.

Alexa and her boyfriend are getting really close. And I give him credit he has a lot to put up with being with her. They are going furniture shopping for their new place and it is all going well until Alexa whips out her phone with her demands. She explains that she has a plan worked out that includes choices on where she wants to get married and what ring she wants. His head is spinning and I thought exactly what he did. Where is the surprise of the ring and the joint decisions? Slow down Alexa you are going to make him run for the hills!

Back at the Gatsby Gayle is so excited that her new product line is coming out and her partner company is having a big launch party in Ney York and invites everyone from the Gatsby. Which I am sure will lead to some kind of fight. Gayle informs the salon that everyone should be there but, Olivia and Tracy realize that it is on the same day they have to style the models for Anthony’s billboard. They try and explain to Gayle that they have a commitment but they will try and do both. Gayle gets into her usual ME ME ME and tells them that she is putting Miguel and Crystal in charge and Tracy and Olivia’s jaws drop.

Alexa’s boyfriend decides to bring her best friend to pick out a ring. Of course he is gay husband and helps pick out the perfect ring. Danny wants to pick out something close to what Alexa wants but he does want her to be surprised.

Olivia and Tracy talk to Anthony about the Gatsby event and he gets mad also. Anthony tells then that he has sacrificed a lot already and they can go work at the Gatsby. At this rate they could both be out of jobs at both salons. Olivia and Tracy go to eat together. That’s a shocker! They are brainstorming to figure out what they are going to do. They feel that Gayle does not have a problem giving out there jobs. They decide that they will do both. They actually figured it out with no saliva being passed to each other.

Miguel and Crystal take charge and show Gayle they are going to do a great job and they want to step up and not be assistants anymore.

Danny gets Aleaxa’s friends together and tells them he has bought a ring and he is ready. He wants advice on how he should do it. But they all have conflicting ideas. Come on Danny do it on your own. Alexa should get surprised forget about what she says.

It is finally the day when the billboard is being done and Anthony wants clean lines and less craziness. This billboard is going to look like a guido last supper. Tracy is worried that they are going to be late for the Gatsby launch party but Olivia tells her not to worry. Tracy sends Miguel a message that they are running late and Gayle is about to blow. Anthony and the models look ridiculous. Philly’s mom is out of control. Olivia and Tracy are on the way to the Gatsby party and Gayle is not happy. They finally arrive and Miguel takes over. Tracy and Olivia are treated like they are water girls and put to the side. Gayle sends them to work the crowd. The fighting begins and the assistants want to take over. They are flipping it and acting like divas. I love it!!

Danny shocks Alexa because he romanced her and he did not ask her to get married. He wants to do it on his terms and she thought that was great. He is the perfect guy let him romance you. He is so sweet.

Overall the Gatsby had a great Launch and it all worked out. Anthony also had a great billboard done. They went with the normal picture and it worked out well.

Next week
Danny finally proposes the way he wants. Tracy gets asked to go to Frankie’s house for dinner and Gigi flips out.

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