Jerseylicious | Season 4, Episode 8 – Recap

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Catfight on the Catwalk

by Melissa Cherenfant

Can we expect anything less when we are watching Jerseylicious? Tonight on Jerseylicious there is more fighting than ever.

Frankie and Gigi have reached the end of the road. And I have to admit I am happier than ever!! I had such hopes and dreams at first but now I am thrilled it’s over. Therapy is not the answer for them. Breaking up is. I use to think that Frankie was the problem but he’s not. It is definitely Gigi. She comes home and the first thing she is talking about is a few pieces of mail on the coffee table and he is making a mess. Isn’t that where most people look at their mail? She needs to give it up. I seriously wanted to hit her with the mail. I was thinking to myself Frankie must never be around her family. Because, how did they not know they were living together.

Therapy did not go as planned and Frankie found out she never told her parents that he moved in and he stormed out. He said he has had enough and it is over. I seriously wanted to jump up and down because I have had enough as well. Gigi went back home expecting him to be there which she was crazy to think that and found a letter and her keys. The therapist did hit it right on the head. He said that you can be nice people but you are not meant to be together and that is the case with them.

The new Anthony Roberts Salon is under way and for once Anthony and Mrs. Giove are in agreement. They were having some design issues and decided to bring in Alexa to help. Alexa did have some nice ideas minus the mural of the angels and lion fountain but, budget wise she is out of control. Mrs. Giove did not have the heart to tell Alexa it was too much money so she had Anthony do the dirty work and to my surprise Alexa did not go off the deep end. She actually changed it up so everyone would love it and it was under budget.

Tracy is back and the fighting has begun. Gatsby To Go is on its way to making Gayle more money which we all know she loves. But a great idea of a fashion show almost goes towards disaster. Olivia always comes up with great events to promote business and Tracy always shoots them down. The setup of the fashion show started out great. Until, Tracy had to open up her big mouth about Olivia’s picks for her street looks. I can never understand how Tracy is always talking about high fashion when she DOES NOT WEAR IT!!!!! Olivia wears some crazy outfits but they look nice on her. Tracy needs to stop wearing those animal prints because she is starting to look like one. She needs to tone it down. Let Olivia do her thing. If it wasn’t for Olivia you would still be making plastic jewelry in your living room. Even with the fighting the fashion show turned out great.

I am so happy that at least one hairdresser is happy. Doria is pregnant and announced this week she is engaged. I am so happy for her. I also like that she remains private her outside life is not a Gatsby factor at all and that is probably why her relationship is so strong!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Next week on Jerselylicious will we see Frankie? I think not. Gigi is going to tell her co-workers it is over between her and Frankie again. But, this time it’s for good. I hope!!

So do we all think Christy is pregnant also?? Her stomach does look a little big under that shirt she was wearing tonight. And, Gail announces that she is getting involved with the Fashion Societe’ and looking at the preview it doesn’t ’go so well and I think Alexa is loving every minute of it.

Next Week “Bye Bye Frankie”
The Gatsby, Glam Fairy and Anthony Roberts battle to work with New York fashion experts; Gigi seeks closure after her breakup with Frankie; Olivia gets help going green.

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