Joe Giudice To Stand Trial On Oct 29

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Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, is scheduled to stand trial on Oct. 29.

Joe, is accused of obtaining a driver’s license using marriage and birth certificates that belonged to his brother. Joe’s license was suspended at the time after he crashed his truck in 2010. Penalties for the charges, which include forgery, are up to 10 years in prison.

In New Jersey, obtaining a false driver’s license is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Feinstein has argued that because Giudice has no prior criminal convictions, he should be eligible for probation. He has said the state is taking a tough approach because of his celebrity status.

Passaic County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann has denied that there is any vendetta, saying the allegations against Giudice are serious.We reported that in July, Joe rejected a plea deal for five years in prison. What are your thoughts, post your comments below.


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  • Ssjjkk88

    Don’t think he should go to prison with murders, etc. but he should be fined, do community service and have an ankle monitor. Taking him away from his girls will only harm them and they didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Vhinds

    Taking him away from his daughters can only benefit those girls. His so called “parenting” is lower than atrocious. Prison would afford his daughters a needed break from his influence.

  • jess

    send the prick to jail

    • Monalissabr


  • Dearjjz

    Like he would say: So what? Who cares??

  • Traci Ringen

    He snd his wife are the worst parents ever!! Him going to jail, where he belongs, will only benefit his children. So tired if these 2 people. Their 15 minutes of fame should have been over long ago!!!

  • 5 years is too long, when they can get probation or very little time for Vehicular Manslaughter. What is wrong with our justice system. 

  • Las6640

    Im sure tre talked him into everything.i feel for him having to live with someone so self centered.

  • Cshelton4427

    Both of them are demented and need help.  I just feel bad for the kids.

  • Guest

    I will judge NJ if he gets years in prison when murders and rapists sometimes get a slap on the wrist & people like Lohan continually screw up & face no consequences.

    This is his first offense, give him house arrest, fine him, make him do a lot of community service & years of probation.

  • boss13

    This is bullshit- it is a vendetta by the prosecution. It was his BROTHER not a random stranger so WHO CARES!?!