Joe & Teresa Giudice To Take Plea Deal – With Joe Facing Minimum Five Years in Prison

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joe giudice teresa giudiceReal Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice’s are close to a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office that would include jail time for Joe. A source close to the case says that if the plea deal is reached; Joe will have to serve a minimum of five years in a federal prison while Teresa will have a maximum of five years probation. The couple had been charged with 39 counts of fraud in October of 2013 and an additional two charges were filed in November causing them to face up to fifty years in prison each. In addition, the couple will have to pay up to $11 million in restitution and Joe will not be deported according to the plea deal.

After pleading not guilty to the charges, Teresa opened up in November saying: “You’ve got to keep living life and being positive. You can’t just curl up in a ball and crawl into a hole. What’s that going to do? I want the kids to enjoy their childhood. And to be the best mom I can be.”

The source reveals that Joe and Teresa are scheduled to appear in a federal court on Tuesday when the judge will decide whether or not he will accept the plea deal.

The plea deal will not keep Joe, who’s not a US citizen but from Italy, from being deported. After the conviction, US immigration officials will decide if they want to proceed with sending him back to Italy. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: InTouch Weekly

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

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  • Mixed Chick

    Teresa said they were not guilty. If they are not guilty why are they pleading guilty?? I’m not going to lie and said I did something if I didn’t.

    • KimmyBOO

      Oh course they did it. Come on she’s not stupid she knows exactly what her husband does and she has as much say as he does.

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      She knew exactly what she was signing — one was she passed herself off as a real estate agent — for what = she does not have a license in that — and then the money from the show she did not claim it — She was not born yesterday — she was born stupid though — Now who is making their parents sick — It certainly is not her brother and sister in law any longer — She had her parents turn their backs on Joe and Melissa — So those two are worse than bank robbers

  • Christy Beckman

    Yay I’m so glad she doesn’t have to go to jail also..atleast the kids will have one of their parents..I really doubt Teresa had any knowledge of any of it, I just don’t think she has that high of an intelligence level..js

    • Carla Jean Fugate

      She is so greedy she probably made him do it all!’

    • Robin

      Teresa received one or two mortgages in her name only. She would have had to be face to face with the banks to sign. Yes, Teresa knew exactly what was going on.

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      I am upset that she is only trying to get 5 years probation — she claimed she was in real estate – and never had a license — she knew exactly what she was signing — she is not blind — The money made her greedy — I believe they should both serve time — her just as much as Joe —

  • Teresea Avant

    I think we need to do away with plea deals

    • Christy Beckman

      I hope you don’t ever have to defend yourself in court for anything..

      • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

        Let’s face it – we do not have to defend ourselves in court — Anyone who defends themselves has a fool for a lawyer so the saying goes — The plea deal should never have taken place — They are both guilty and us as US citizens have to pay for their trial and now pay back the money they embezzled — it is a rotten shame that they coped a plea and the judge might have to take it under consideration — Teresa should serve some time — and Joe should serve more than 5 years

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      I agree with you to a point – plea deals should not be made in rape cases – or murder cases — But these people knew exactly that they were screwing with the lenders and all — This is to Chisty Beckman

  • Malena

    How are they gonna pay $11 million in restitution, does she get to keep the house?

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      I hope she does not get to keep the house — she is going to have this played out this time around on the RHONJ – But not the full trial — to bad I would rather hear what she has to say about the Judge finding an innocent — or so she claims her and Joe are innocent — and giving Joe jail time and her house arrest — that means the show, if it goes on will have to be filmed around her house — No more drinking either

  • happywifehappylife

    Atleast the girls get to keep one parent home. So will teresa still be on RHONJ if she is on probation? she wont be able to drink.

  • Kathy Wallace

    I am so sick of these two yes there guilty I never heard of an innocent person saying I’m not guilty but I’ll take those felony charges anyway they need real jobs

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      I agree Kathy == I am innocent but I will cop a plea bargain — WHY are you kidding — Your innocent you should just go with the flow

  • bln143

    all those counts of fraud, and she will get max of 5 years probation!!! if it was just a regular citizen…not a wannabe reality personality…we would get the fricken book thrown at us! she is as guilty as he is. and no normal person who is truly innocent will plead guilty!! some say it’s good so she can be home with daughters…yeah, like she is some wonderful role model!!! give me a break. i can only hope the judge does not accept the plea deal. you do the crime…in this case, many crimes…you do the time!

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      My sentiments exactly — she should serve the time just as well as Joe — but they are not even getting that much time = what the hell are they getting == one 5 years probation and the other 5 years to serve == Good time He is out in one year == Please this system is making me sick — I hope this is all a lie — and the Judge does not look at the plea deal at all — Really they need to pay for what they did == 41 counts of fraud and other charges == Really she needs to serve some time == The girls are better off without her == she is a thief and she got caught

    • CARAMEL96

      I agree with 100%. They need to be stripped of all their luxuries to pay restitution.

  • janie

    All this does is reward liars, thieves & all around nasty people! 11 million dollars to pay back? Is this at their convenience? Do they get to keep the house, vehicles, furnishings, the house on the beach and anything else their black hearts desire? Wow! That’s real justice and so fair to the rest of us who work hard & live check to check! It’s despicable!!!!

    • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

      I agree == and some of us have to work two jobs each to get by == and she is getting away with it all

  • KJ

    I doubt Teresa has the brains to mastermind anything.. she cant even write her own blogs… Joes showed his control with her and she just did what he told her to do. Even if she felt it wrong, Im sure he made it clear it was his way without option.
    He’s a scammer and con, thats obvious. Although I feel she should have to give up the house and get into something more modest. I don’t want to see the Kids suffer but they also need a reality check and getting into a “normal” setting without all the bling. That would be best. and I’d like to see them stay with Teresa and GET COUNSELING while Joes gone. She needs to wise up and divorce his cheating lying and con artist ass and start fresh.

  • desertwidow

    put her in jail too.

  • Jodi Beckham

    I’m astounded that so many people don’t understand the judicial system. Roughly 20 percent of those that have been exonerated confessed to the crimes with which they were charged and convicted. Most of those involved persons who had actually gone to trial, but we have no way of knowing how many there are who merely entered guilty pleas through bargains and never appealed as a result. Although we hear and read about criminal trials, the reality is that only about 5 percent actually go to trial and the balance are resolved by plea agreements. A plea will guarantee a much shorter sentence. Despite protestations of innocence, the defendant seeks guidance frequently from a defense lawyer who would much prefer a quick deal rather than a long drawn out trial. All Lawyers are required to put this draconian choice to their clients — a guaranteed short sentence versus a potentially long one — possibly life in prison. The reality is that without plea bargains the entire criminal justice system would come to a halt. Charges would be tried ten years after they were made. The only solution is vigilance by all those involved. The prosecutor, defense counsel and the court must be satisfied of the defendant’s guilt before urging or accepting a plea. I recognize that there is no avenue to absolute certainty because the knowledge of guilt or innocence lies with the defendant, but all involved must strive not to imprison the innocent — even those who profess to be guilty.

    • bln143

      i understand the judicial system and i also understand it is broken, especially when it comes to those in the public eye. it’s not a plea bargain to give joe 5 years of a possible 50 years and deportation or her just 5 years probation! that is a gift!! and it is a slap in the face to those of us who work hard all our lives. someone, not in public eye gets caught selling a bit of pot and they get more than joe would get out of this plea bargain. a proper plea bargain in this case of over 40 charges would be half the normal prison sentence, not 1/5 of it!

      • Denise Martin

        Perfectly said bln. We are all suppose to be hysterical about Theresa’s children but our prisons are full of women who fought back against abuse, got more time then Joe, and left their children orphans or with an abuser. I agree with bln I felted repulsed when I read this!!!

    • Patricia Collins

      Wow, thanks for the lecture Nancy Grace

  • Patricia Collins

    What “I” don’t understand is how Joe could’ve lived and THRIVED here without being a US Citizen???!!! Maybe this explains all the fraud and tax evasions tho, for if he didn’t file, (and used other names) the IRS wouldn’t know he was here, #1, and #2 That he was an illegal alien living here. I think if you live and thrive here in the US that you should AT LEAST pay your taxes like every other American does! That’s insulting and a thumb in our eyes.

    • Angelica915

      …and as to the masterminds that they are, to cover their tracks in their illicit crimes, they were stupid enough to go on National TV. I wonder which one is the brains of this operation?

  • Beach Harrison

    WHO CARE’S…I don’t

  • Clux44

    I came here in 2000 from England and it has taken me nearly 12 years to become a US citizen for which I am entirely grateful. My husband and I came over together because he was successful in gaining employment as a senior manager for a hotel company. I was not entitled to work here so volunteered as an EMT until we both obtained our green cards five years later.
    Although having a green card meant that I could legally work and live in the US in my own right; I was not a citizen. At that point I was classed as a legal resident and I suspect that this is what this couple are classed as at the moment.
    As a resident we can work and own property. We are not entitled to vote, but we MUST pay all taxes due both here and in our country of birth. If we leave America for more than 12 months (I think it’s 12 months) then we lose residency and cannot return to live and work here.

    Citizenship can only be applied for after being a legal ‘green card’ carrying resident for five years and takes anything between a year and three depending on how busy the immigration office in your area is. Applications are not joint, my husband and I have to apply as separate entities. I had to take a citizenship test and have two interviews by an immigration agent. At these interviews, proof of being able to speak English is supposed to be a requirement.

    It took eleven years before I was approved by immigration to become a naturalized citizen. Even though we initially came to live here due to my husband’s job, it just so happened that I took my pledge at the citizenship ceremony a number of weeks before my husband. In fact, he had not yet had his interview and was asked to come with extra paperwork that proved he was not just married to me (now a citizen!) just to obtain citizenship. That was hilarious.
    At the ceremony, we were asked if we wished to change our names (!) and pledged that we would, if needed, ‘fight’ with the US military, in case of war. It also meant that we had exactly the same rights and duties as anyone that was born here, and cannot be deported if we commit a crime.

    Interestingly, immigration offices have required numbers of applicants that they must push through the system to become citizens, every month. In my town the target was 1200 people a month.
    I am grateful and thankful for what is the greatest honor of my life, and will do everything I can to be a valued and respected citizen. Thank you for having me.!

    I hope this helps in better understanding the process.

    • CARAMEL96

      Teresa is U.S. citizen. Joe is not a citizen.

  • Angelica915

    I thought the Justice Department and INS deports illegals if they commit a crime? Will that be the case for Fatpig Joe? Keeping my fingers crossed! :-)